Weekly Insight: Ola The Poet – Dark


The mirror reflects me. My shadow resembles me. The outline manifests my overall being an the dark infill is a carbon copy of my mind set.

If the sun was to shine on me. Do you think my shadow will glimmer? Would it twinkle a bit and show the light that’s in me? Or would it highlight my insecurities and fears?

Have you ever tasted cordial without dilution? It feels like an attack
on your taste buds. Similar to acid water shredding down your inner
mouth piece leaving you empty. Water is the best component, It has no enemy. But the sweet taste of something so rife is better than a light that dimmers in the dark. Would I glimmer in the dark?

Have you ever been so overwhelmed that you step out of your self? In a zone where only you communicate feelings of despair and faith, where understanding is clear but the only recipient is you? Where inadequacy becomes your bestie and lies become a favourite past time?

Have you ever been afraid of dreaming? Where your knitted thoughts are weaved into a realm of freedom? Where heartbeats follow the sound of your drums and fear isn’t a language. Have you ever felt empty? Like nothing else matters? Have you ever dreamt?

During the day your shadow is transparent because of the sun yet in
the dark it is a reflection of you when night falls. Did you know that you were the Sun and that your shadow only appears when you believe that darkness is where you reign?

Did you know that a King/Queen reigns during the storm, when the
clouds are dark and thunder hits with lighting bolts, did you know
then, only then you rise above your shadow and become THE LIGHT.

Only in your shadow will the outlines embody greatness, with trickles of anointing your mirror will show a reflection of struggles and pain.

So when you walk in the dark. Your shadow will exhibit your life through its outlines and they will see the light which reigns.

Only in darkness will light reign.

You are THE LIGHT.

By Ola the Poet