Volunteering in Ghana

National Volunteer Day 2015


National Volunteering Day, which also falls on Founders Day, is a day specially set aside to encourage as many volunteer activities in Ghana as possible. Organised by GhanaThink’s Ghana Volunteer Program (GVP), the idea is to encourage the Ghanaian people to use this holiday, which falls on September 21,  to create, support and join volunteer activities. September 21 or Founder’s Day has been chosen as it’s one that doesn’t have specific activities.

There are many ways to take part in National Volunteer Day. You can join an existing volunteer group in your area and partake in volunteer activities they have planned for that day, or you can get together with your friend and colleagues and create a new volunteering opportunity.

Once you’ve got your group name and know what you aim is, you can register with GVP, who can then help with things like finding more volunteers and connecting with others.

So if you’re looking for an opportunity to get involved in some volunteering work or even have an idea for how you can help your community then this is your chance. You can register to take part in National Volunteer Day here and you can find more info about GVP here. Happy volunteering!

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