Volunteer in Ghana: Arobb Global Network

Arobb Global Network (AGN) is a private limited company with a charitable arm (Aremiah Foundation) based in the UK and in Ghana. They are focused on building the next generation of leaders; giving attention to the less privileged and the privileged alike, giving them the opportunity to dream and the hope of realising their dreams.

They have an upcoming project, known as Mission Yearly 2011 which will be taking place from July-August in Ghana. On this project, they will be taking individuals to Ghana to volunteer in schools, Orphanages, Hospitals, Clothe making/design and sales & marketing while taking historic trips on weekends and enjoying the beautiful culture and activities at night.

The purpose of our annual programs to Africa is to encourage international relationship and lifelong friendships between the travellers and those they work with. Within this purpose is the enlightenment of truth concerning poverty, hardship, hunger, yet the exquisite potential within the individuals we meet on these trips. Previous travellers with us have seen a tremendous growth within themselves and also seen their potentials and abilities rekindled as we presented Africa without the Make-up.

For further queries or to apply to be part of this year’s trip please email us for a form at: or