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Reggie N Bollie homecoming!

Ghanaian duo Reggie N Bollie who have taken this year’s X Factor by storm brought the party to their hometown Farnborough on Tuesday, welcomed by family, friends and fans alike.

In fact is seemed the whole of Farnborough turned up to welcome the boys home, singing and dancing in the streets. Reggie N Bollie who secured their place in the X Factor final last Sunday, have brought such life to the show, wowing audiences with their infectious performances week after week.

Check out the pictures below from the homecoming courtesy of Ernest Simons Photography:




































































































Men On Point!: The X Factor Phenomenon of Reggie N Bollie

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines ‘Phenomenon’ as something that can be observed…that typically is unusual or difficult to understand or explain fully; someone or something that is very impressive or popular especially because of an unusual ability or quality.

Reggie N Bollie are a phenomenon, in every sense of the word.

medium_x_WYim5Nb0LTzcC9r-dNcV8Lzfti4tJiHeaQALf6L4UThey first came to our screens as ‘Menn On Point’. The eagle-eyed among us caught on to the fact that the smaller of the duo was Bollie, the man who brought us the classic tune ‘You May Kiss The Bride’. Others will have known that the taller and more vocal Reggie released three singles in Ghana in 2006: ‘Virgin’, ‘For Sale’ & ‘Adoma’. Their thick Ghanaian accents caught our ears as they entered the stage to stand before the judges. We all didn’t know what to expect. Some of us probably even reached for cushions, pillows, or whatever else we could find to hide behind. Their VT didn’t offer much encouragement. It looked like these guys were set-up to be disasters. I still remember the Twitter timeline was full of people from other African nations calling Ghanaians to watch as we were about to disgrace ourselves and the entire continent on live primetime TV.

Oh how those haters went quiet!

Since then, Reggie N Bollie’s progress through the competition has been relentless. At every stage where one felt they x_factor_7th_november_01h38.jpgwould lose steam, they pulled another strong performance out of the bag, winning over more and more fans along the way. From the entire judging panel, to guest stars like Louis Tomlinson – who is a member of arguably the biggest music group in the world One Direction – the humble duo of Reggie N Bollie have been winning hearts, winning acclaim, and most importantly of all, winning the public vote. Support which has culminated in them winning a place in the X Factor 2015 Live Finals on Sunday 6th December 2015.


While their vocal performances aren’t the best, their sheer exuberance is infectious. Every week, they have been the ones to watch. The Afrobeat feel that they have brought to the competition is fresh, new and unusual for a competition like the X Factor which favours the Mariah’s and Whitney’s of this world. This season he has jigged about the presenters, the format and even at one point the announcer, but Reggie N Bollie’s sound and energy have been the fresh air that Simon Cowell has so desperately sought for his show.

reggie-bollie-maiSocial media snapped, crackled and popped with celebration and exclaim from Ghanaians both in the UK and those following in Ghana itself. Funnily enough, with a place in the final, a different set of dissenters have decided to rear their ugly heads.

‘Jokes over’ some have said. ‘They’re a novelty act’ claim others. To call Reggie N Bollie a ‘novelty act’, as a certain red-top tabloid publication trumpeted in their pages the day after the boys secured their place in the 2015 finals, does them the greatest disservice. Novelty acts include those from ages past such as Wagner, acts with no talent who prance about the stage playing the clown. Reggie N Bollie are simply bringing a brand of music to X Factor platform which it’s never seen before and there are many out there who don’t understand what to make of it! In a season where among the other competitors we have seen the twelve shades of the grey we see year in year out on the X Factor, Reggie N Bollie have splashed vibrant multicolour all over the set on a weekly basis.

And that’s why they’re in the Finals. If you wanted to see a barnstorming wild and energetic performance in this year’s live Cheryl_just_danced_with_Reggie_N_Bollie_on_X_Factorshows, they were the ones who were going to bring it. Every Saturday was Ghana Independence Parade live on ITV1. Who would have thought that we would ever see Cheryl Fernandez-Versini displaying her finest Azonto on the X Factor stage? But they made it happen! It’s no surprise that the performance that was called their worst, the semi-final rendition of ‘Locked Away’ was their most laidback performance of the whole series!

Reggie N Bolie have been the great performers, the show-stoppers – black stars colouring the X Factor landscape with a red, gold and green hue. And much of the British public gets them – they get the flair, they love the flavour, they’re enjoying the ride! Reggie N Bollie have injected adrenaline into a format which had been striving for a new lease of life, and brought a new vibe amongst a cohort which doesn’t really bring anything different to what has been seen before. While the others are fighting for a chance to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the pop acts of today, Reggie N Bollie have been running their own race, in their own lane, with their own inimitable style.

maxresdefaultFor the second year running, after the exploits of Fleur East last year, Ghana stands proud once again at the finals of the X Factor. Reggie N Bollie have taken the baton and continued to run fast with it, right to the summit. Will this be second time lucky? Louisa Johnson may the strong favourite, but you never know. After all, phenomena are unusual and difficult to explain…

By Dr. Jermaine Bamfo (@Dr_Jabz27)

Ghanaian Culture: Lets Get Gari Next To Curry…

Thanks to a certain someone and boredom I have really gotten into
watching TV! A couple of months ago I would only watch football and X Factor when its in season, but now I do marathon sessions of HollyoaksEastenders, T4OTB and all sorts and its getting pretty worrying. I had to mentally restrain myself from getting into the whole The Only Way Is Essex hype! I’m like a proper telly person now, it has very much become a big part of my daily routine.


I consciously make time in the day to watch quite a number of programs these days, and I make full use of Catch Up TV on the weekends when I miss any of these programs during the week. One program I never miss is Come Dine With Me!. Love Dave Lamb‘s hilarious voice-over commentary – legendary!. I can do series of it all day and would not be bored and if I miss a few minutes of it, I will be flipping through from Channel 4 +1 through to E4, E4+1 and More 4 to catch up.

My love for this particular program however has nothing to do with my love for food. I am not very hard to impress when it comes to food. I would probably be scoring everyone a big fat 9 if I ever went on Come Dine With Me! But that is not to say I do not appreciate good food. I do but I do not take much delight in eating, if that makes sense. And thinking about it, I cannot figure out why I like this program so much. It must be Dave Lamb and just watching people getting pissed up whiles they cook.

Anyway, I have seen food from a wide variety of origin cooked on this program – Italian, Indian, Mexican, Chinese, Greek, Thai and the list goes on and on. Dishes from every continent, well almost, and I’m yet to see any Ghanaian or even an African dish cooked on there. Well there is a £1000 at stake so I do not expect hosts to be experimenting with something they know nothing about.

So why has no Ghanaian or African dish made it into the class of well known cuisines around the world?


Why and how has Indian, Italian and Chinese dishes become so popular. I do not have to go to India to order a good curry or go to Mexico to get some good nachos. I can go to any well meaning restaurant and order pizzas, curry, chicken chow mein, nachos and gyros.  But I cannot say the same for any Ghanaian/African dish. I struggle to find any Ghanaian/African cuisine that can rival any of these dishes I have mentioned in popularity. Gari, waakyejollof, injera, xalwo. Yeah all of these sound very very unfamiliar but these African cuisines have all it takes to make it into any western restaurant.

So why do these cuisines remain unknown everywhere else other that their places of origin? This I have put down to a couple of reasons. Many African cuisines may be a bit too spicy for foreign tongues. Again we do not serve our food in a three course meal standard, we do not do starters and desserts. We have just one big meal on a plate end of! Another thing is serving dishes with all the bones still on the meat and fish.


On the first point, Levi Roots has clearly proven otherwise. His
Reggae Reggae sauce has been a hit and made it into unlikely places like JD Wetherspoon, Slug and Lettuce and Dominoes! But for all these problems there is a one word solution – ADAPTATION!

We do not have to change the way we cook our dishes in our homes but to make it to the world scene we definitely need to adapt it to the world taste. That is the secret of all of these foreign cuisines that have attained world wide popularity. These foods are tweaked to suit the local taste, wherever its been served. I have eaten curry from a typical Indian home and it tastes well different from the ones we buy from the restaurants. If only we can start tweaking our dishes here and there then our local cuisines can become attractive to many foreigners like all of the other popular cuisines.

So let the African chefs get to work. Lets get the gari next to the curry!

By Maclean Arthur