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Introducing Dislabelled


MeFiri Ghana caught up with Dislabelled to find out more about their plans to improve the special education system in Ghana. Dislabelled is a non-profit initiative, seeking to change the notion that people with intellectual and physical challenges are unable to be a productive part of society. The charity aims to take on this task by improving the special education system in Ghana. In 2012, Founders Nana Ama Akowuah, Efua Asibon and Sedinam Worlanyo joined forces to create an effective curriculum for special education. After visiting a few special education schools, the trio noticed that the main issues with the system stemmed from a lack of resources along with the lack of support that special educators had.  


Some of their shocking discoveries were that there was no necessary training required tumblr_inline_moo4ffqfv71rtmfyy to teach at special schools, there were no test centres for students to identify where they stood on the disability spectrum and there was a massive stigma faced by people with disabilities. This sparked the girls’ determination to make a change.


Since this discovery, they’ve held multiple events to combat these issues. To name a few: ‘ThisAbility,’ which was a two-week summer programme at an Autism awareness centre, enabling children to take part in exciting activities, including engaging in arts and crafts. ‘SustainAbility,’ a meeting with teachers from a variety of special schools in Ghana, to share their concerns and thoughts on how to improve the current system, and this year the charity is implementing these changes based on the feedback they were given.


tumblr_inline_moo4n2Gc9t1rtmfyyThey’ll be hosting a one-week intensive teacher-training programme held by experts in the special education division, to give teachers the opportunity to be equipped in their roles as special educators. We asked Co-founder Nana Ama what her proudest and most exciting moments were since building the charity:

“We had a mural painting at the school where we invited new stations and opened it to the public to showcase artefacts the children had made and the dances they had learnt. It was such a great experience,” she said.

Since it’s birth in 2012, Dislabelled has already made an immense impact in improving the special education system in Ghana and is already changing people’s perceptions on disability. They have achieved this in a short space of time through social media campaigns, events, volunteering and not only researching the issues but also providing solutions with their commitment and passion for the cause.


In the future we can expect Dislabelled to break new ground by tackling problems faced by those with special needs in the country including the employment and health sectors. We’re excited about this charity, and can’t wait to see what the future holds for their journey in revolutionizing the special education system in Ghana.


By Wilma Sagoe (@WilmaSagoe)


A Message from the Editor: MFG Blog is a finalist for UK Blog Awards 2015

We Make the Final Shortlist in Most Innovative Category  for 2nd year running!



It is with great pleasure that I can announce that the Me Firi Ghana blog has made the final shortlist for  UK Blog Awards 2015 in the best organisation blog Most Innovative blog category. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our readers who voted for us. I would also like to thank all of our talented writers/bloggers;  Jermaine Bamfo, Wilma Sagoe, Adwoa Asiedu, Nora Mitersky and Myriam Osei  who continue to produce informative, engaging and relevant content. Our fate is now in the hands of the judges.

All shortlisted blogs will be judged by a panel of respected panel experts in each industry category.  Shortlisted Individual’s and x10 Shortlisted Organisation’s will be Judged by the professional panel out of the 14 industries. The winner’s will be announced at the Awards evening in April 2015

To see whom we are up against see the following link – http://www.blogawardsuk.co.uk/most-innovative-shortlisted-finalists/

Thanks for your support!

Ben Jk Anim-Antwi (@Kwesitheauthor)

Introoducing… VVX Group

Art work at its innovative best!


MFG caught up with the creatives behind innovative art brand VVX Group….

Kojo Marfo, 25 and Koby Martin, 26 have joined forces in creating the company, showcasing original and distinctive artwork.

The pair held exhibitions in the Belgrade theatre attracting over 600 visitors from across Coventry and have also worked alongside big brands in London such as Adidas. With the vibrant and captivating colours, we had to ask the artist behind the pieces, Koby, where he got his inspiration from. He said: ‘The music I listen to, my every day experiences and my spontaneous personality reflect my work and the colours I use.’ The brand sets out to push boundaries in the art market, by creating distinctive and unique pieces, and marketing them in original ways. Kojo said ‘ There isn’t really anyone doing what we’re doing and we guarantee you’ll find something you can relate to.


Currently based within Coventry, the pair plan on building their enterprise by collaborating with different sports brands and musicians to create album covers and other original pieces.

Check out their website: www.vvxcreativegroup.com for more information

Koby Martin and Kojo Marfo aka VVX Group Me Firi Ghana salutes you!

Wilma Sagoe (@Wilmasagoe)