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Panel Discussion: Diaspora, Transnational Belonging and Giving Back

In recent years, there has been increased recognition of the potential of migration in stimulating development in countries of origin. Migrants living in diaspora can contribute greatly to the development of their countries of origin in many ways; through remittances, diaspora entrepreneurship, transfer of skills and knowledge as well as competencies, which can have a positive impact on the national economic growth. Research suggests that diaspora identity is characterized by a transnational sense of belonging with attachment and commitment to both the homeland and the country of residence. This panel discussion proposes to explore what drives diaspora members’ generosity and passion for their countries of origin, how belonging is nurtured across continents and generations and what “giving back” looks like in practice.



Patrick Awuah

Patrick Awuah is the founder and president of Ashesi University, a private, notfor-profit institution praised as one of Ghana’s Patrick_Awuahfinest institutions of higher learning. Patrick left Ghana to study in the United States of America in 1985. While abroad, he worked as a Program Manager for Microsoft. After living in America for almost two decades, he returned to Ghana in 2001. In recognition of his service to Ghana, Patrick was awarded Membership of the Order of the Volta in July 2007. The Order of the Volta is one of Ghana’s highest awards, given to individuals who exemplify the ideal of service to the country. He has won many prestigious international awards including the MacArthur Fellowship and the McNulty Prize. In 2015, Patrick was named one the 50 greatest leaders in the world by Fortune Magazine. He has also twice been recognized by a PricewaterhouseCoopers survey of Ghanaian CEOs as one of the ten most respected CEOs in Ghana.


Christabel E. Dadzie

Christabel Dadzie works as a Program Specialist in the Social Protection and Labor Global Practice at the World Bank Group. Christabel E. DadziePrior to joining the Bank, she has worked with for USAID and within the UN system. In 2011, Christabel, founded Ahaspora Young Professionals (Ahaspora – “Aha” is a Twi (Akan) word for “Here” and “Spora” is a stem of Diaspora.), a group of young, Ghanaian professionals who have lived or been educated outside Ghana and have returned home to make a difference. Ahaspora now counts over 1200 members, who have pledged to use their knowledge, skills, and resources to give back to their Motherland Ghana. http://www.ahaspora.com/


Arnold Sarfo-Kantanka

Arnold Sarfo-Kantanka is an entrepreneur and youth advocate. He is Chair of the Future of Ghana project and founder of multiple Arnold Sarfo-Kantankaaward winning company Me firi Ghana & sister charity WAM Campaign. In 2010, Arnold who was born, raised and lives in the UK, launched the WAM (“What About Me?) campaign, which connects young Ghanaians in the diaspora to selected grassroots organizations in Ghana. The objective of the WAM Campaign is to support the educational development of children and young people through diaspora volunteering. Arnold’s other pioneering initiative, The Future of Ghana is an annual project dedicated to showcasing, nurturing and mobilizing Ghana’s talent in Ghana and abroad for the development of the country. The impact of Arnold’s work has permitted him to represent Ghana during the 2013 World Economic Forum and speak on platforms such as TEDx SOAS. Arnold was invited to Buckingham Palace to meet HRH The Queen of England and Prince Charles for his contributions to the Ghanaian community.


Kobina Graham Kobina

Graham is a lecturer, writer, blogger, and DJ on Ghana’s growing arts scene. Born in London and raised between there and Cape Kobina GrahamCoast, he is a University of London School of Oriental & African Studies (SOAS) graduate. As a DJ, he was part of London’s Amplified collective, with whom he supported artists like Erykah Badu. Moving from London to Accra a decade ago, Kobby has since experienced everything from being a security expert and heading a market research department, to being a journalist with Ghana’s biggest media group and becoming one of the first people paid by the Ghanaian government to work in social media. Deeply passionate about popular culture, counter culture, and writing, he currently teaches Africana, communication and critical thinking courses at Ashesi University. He is also co-editor of nKENTEn – an experimental online magazine that exists at the intersection of Ghanaian popular culture and politics – and the former editor of DUST: a pioneering Ghanaian magazine that combined creativity with social awareness-raising content.



10.00 – Start  Opening and welcome remarks by Ambassador Leslie Kojo Christian, Chief Director, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration (MFARI)  


Statement by Ms. Sylvia Lopez-Ekra, Chief of Mission, International Organization for Migration  

Video  Presentation on IOM’s Migration for Development in Africa (MIDA) and Temporary Return of Qualified Nationals (TRQN) Programmes, Daniel Sam – IOM  


Video  Presentations by panel members:  Patrick Awuah  Arnold Sarfo-Kantanka (by Skype from the United Kingdom)  Christabel E. Dadzie  Kobina Graham

13.00 – Closing and light lunch

Ghana Ministry of Foreign Affairs Diaspora Engagement Conference

Since January, we have been working behind the scenes to ensure youth have a voice as part of the Ghana governments Diaspora engagement strategy and policy they are developing. In January, in partnership with our charity the WAM Campaign we held the Future of Ghana forum, and as a result we developed the Future of Ghana Youth Engagement Policy Brief. Since then we have been engaging the powers that be to ensure the views of the Diaspora youth have been heard and actioned.

As a result, we have been selected to attend a consultative meeting, which has been arranged to engage the European Diaspora with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Diaspora Support Bureau in developing Ghana’s Diaspora Strategy in Brussels from the 27th-29th October 2014 in Brussels. The aim is to foster dialogue and interaction between the two nominated Diaspora groups from each of the six designated European country representatives (including Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, The Netherlands). MIEUX experts Ms. Stella Opoku-Owusu from AFFORD and Mr. Kingsley Aikins from Diaspora Matters will guide the discussions and provide input.

The purpose of this consultative meeting is to provide opportunities to the Ghanaian diaspora to share their views, input and recommendations on the future of the Ghanaian Diaspora Engagement with Ghana’s development and add to the Policy vision/structure and implementation. The meeting has been organised within the Migration EU expertise ‘MIEUX’ project framework. This is a joint initiative between the European Union and the International Centre for Migration Policy Development which aims to enhance the capacities of partner countries in the management of all areas of migration.

As part of our research, evaluations and engagement via our past December volunteering initiatives, we in partnership with our charity the WAM Campaign will be representing the voice and feedback of the Diaspora Youth.

Hopefully on our return we will be able to share feedback and some possible collaboration as to how we aim to launch our Future of Ghana initiative and our charity (WAM Campaign) aims to grow and facilitate more volunteering opportunities throughout Ghana all year round.

WAM Campaign Policy Brief: We don’t just talk we look for solutions!

Following on from the WAM Campaign & Me Firi Ghana Networking Forum – We present…… The Future of Ghana’s Youth (A Policy Brief)

When a group of like minded individuals assembled in East London on the evening of the Thursday 30th January for the WAM Campaign in association with Me FiRi Ghana networking forum event. It set off an passionate debate on the challenges on youth engagement in the diaspora towards Ghana’s development.


The Networking event provided a platform for young Ghanaian Diaspora – primarily aged 18-35 years – to network, discuss and be more informed about ways in which they can proactively connect with the development of Ghana, with a special guest panel consisting of:

Emma Orefuwa: Manager for AFFORD’s, Africa-Gives

Mr Kofi Addo: Head of Trade & Investment, Ghana High Commission (UK)

Francesca Danmole: Commonwealth Students’ Association Consultant, Commonwealth Secretariat

Carl Konadu: Commonwealth Youth Sport for Development and Peace Working Group Coordinator, Commonwealth Secretariat

However the objective of the event was for the WAM Campaign to develop a Policy Brief which addressed the current barriers preventing young people from being involved in Ghana’s development, ways to overcome such barriers, providing a set of recommendations on how diaspora organisations, the Ghanaian government and youth can work together towards a more active and constructive involvement in Ghana’s development.


Now after all the views and suggestions have been collated and examined the policy brief by the Director of WAM, Arnold Sarfo-Kantanka has been published. As well addressing the barriers in engaging in Ghana’s development whilst suggesting recommendations. The brief highlights the work WAM has managed to achieve, voice the opinions of Diaspora Youth that WAM managed to collate from the event and through evaluations from past WAM programmes ensuring the right eyes and ears are aware of the work of the charity.

The policy brief is available on the WAM Campaign website – http://wamcampaign.org/news/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/WAM-Campaign-Policy-Brief.pdf

For any enquires concerning the Policy brief, please contact Ben Anim-Antwi at bantwi@mefirighana.com

For general enquires concerning the WAM Campaign charity, please contact  info@wamcampaign.org


Introducing Cortez Treats…. Confectionary with a twist!

Do You have a Sweet tooth ?



There are many Ghanaian food companies who offer quality delicasies. However few of them are like Cortez Treats who are  a unique confectionary company providing you with everything to indulge your sweet tooth.  Their creative cake and sweet designs are guaranteed to catch the eye and light up any special occasion.

Their mission is;

  • To put an innovative spin on modern day classics
  • To provide delectable treats for everyone to enjoy
  • To create a homely atmosphere for everyone to feel welcome
  • To provide a service that is second to none

Me Firi Ghana recently caught up with Vanessa Boadu aka Ms. Cortez the founder CEO of Cortez Treats. Who reveals her thoughts on Ghanaian food and culture as well as her future plans for the company. Check out the interview below;

Why/How did you decide to start Cortez Treats?

My passion for cakes and the way in which they can be crafted to form masterpieces  firstly drew my attention. I started off baking as a hobby, yet I soon saw the potential to use my talent to provide a service. In short, to be able to create something, whilst enjoying what I do. Since then, the business has expanded to the extent that we now not only provide cakes for occasions, but we offer treats for corporate events, luncheons, galas and dinner parties.

Speaking of treats, what is your favourite food?

You might have to laugh at this one but my favourite food is pizza. I should have really said something like an exotic avocado and mango mix, yet I cannot pull away from a good old slice of dough, tomato sauce and lots of cheese (I guess it’s all about good taste and simplicity)

How sweet is your sweet tooth?

Incredibly sweet! I suppose I have used this to my advantage as it means I can forever try out new recipes and not treat the wonderful world of confectionery treats as a chore. I especially love creating carved cakes because I get to nibble on the shavings, but do not tell anyone that! Haha!

What is your favourite cake design you have personalised?

What a difficult question, so many cakes, so many designs.  I find that each cake is individual to the clientele’s requirements and undoubtedly; I always try to add my own twist on their design to give it that authentic Cortez Treats feel. However, if I was forced to pick a winner, I would say the 4-tier navy blue wedding cake we created with a white rose cascade 


 How important is it for Ghanaian culture in the UK that Ghanaians establish their own businesses here?

I feel that for every nationality it is good to represent an aspect of their heritage. Ghanaians have an incredible sense of solidarity and it would be good to see more of that as Ghanaian entrepreneurs rise up and network effectively to produce businesses of longevity. 

What do you love about the Ghanaian culture and what has motivated/led you to be involved with the WAM Campaign?

The Ghanaian culture is incredibly colourful and vibrant, yet humble and pure at the same time. Having volunteered with the WAM Campaign in the past, it was a pleasure to have met Ghanaians, and other nationalities alike that possess a deep-rooted allegiance of patriotism, focusing on advancing the country.

What are your future plans for Cortez treats?

There are so many great ideas that my phenomenal team and myself have planned for Cortez Treats. Let’s just say you might be seeing our name on a global scale very soon. Watch this space…


Any words of wisdom?

One thing I have learnt is that you have to be yourself. The market is saturated with people trying to make a name for themselves, yet individuality, focus and of course amazing tasting goodies will get you a long way!

How can people get in contact with you?

People can find, follow and share on our social media pages, as shown below.





For queries,orders, comments and reviews, we can be contacted by email: corteztreats@gmail.com

Final words from VanessaTo all Ghanaians and the diaspora, I would like to say to  keep being proud of your fantastic heritage, hospitable and friendly nature. Also, never forget the example and the inspiration provided by the great Cortez, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, whose tenacity,resilience and determination has changed and shaped the world. We’ve learnt to fight, win and demonstrate to the world that we are prepared to lay our foundation.

Ben JK Anim-Antwi (@Kwesitheauthor)


Future of Ghana Networking Forum: WAM Campaign 30/01/2014

The Future of Ghana is in our hands ! – Time to build a network, mobilize and aid Ghana’s development

Have you always wanted to volunteer in Ghana or to get involved in helping to solve certain issues affecting our Ghanaian society? Then this is your chance to get involved.

What About Me (WAM) Campaign, in association with Me FiRi Ghana brings you the Future of Ghana Networking Forum. This event is aimed at providing a platform for young Ghanaian Diaspora primarily aged 18 – 35 years to network, discuss and gain more information about ways in which they can proactively connect with the development of Ghana.


WAM, a charity which facilitates volunteering programmes for young Ghanaians in the Diaspora to work with orphans and other vulnerable children living in Ghana, will also share its experiences, successes, challenges since it begun its work 4 years ago.

The forum which takes place on Thursday, 30th January at the Rich Mix, Shoreditch, will be filmed for coverage for VOX Africa on Sky & DSTV and shared online through social media.


Come and let’s together find ways to make our motherland a better place. The event runs from 18:30- 21:30 Greenwich Mean Time not Ghana Man Time, so don’t be late!

Date: Thursday 30th January

Where: ‘Rich Mix’ –‐ the cultural hub of London, 35-47, Bethnal Green Rd, London, Shoreditch, E1 6LA

Time: 18:30–‐21:00 (GMT)

 For more information on the WAM Campaign please visit the website – http://www.wamcampaign.org/

Maclean Arthur (@atoparties)

GUBA: What is the significance?

The most prestigious event on the British/Ghanaian calendar takes place on the 16th November 2013



The feeling of being recognised for your talent amongst your peers is on which cannot be understated which is just one of the reasons the Ghanaian UK Based Achievement Awards is so important. The one of a kind event founded in 2009 by Entrepreneur Dentaa Amoateng  is the only award ceremony to specifically recognise Ghanaian achievement. Now in its fourth year it is more popular than ever with a stellar list of supporters and sponsors including the British High Commission, Cherie Blair, Namcy Dell’olio, Invest in Africa and MoneyGram to name just a few.

There are 12 award categories this year including; Blavo Young Entrepreneur of the Year, African Fashion Fusion Designer of the Year, Arik Air Young and Talented Award & British High Commission Charity of the Year (which Me Firi Ghana’s charitable arm WAM Campaign won last year).


Me Firi Ghana’s very own creative Director Samuel Mensah has been nominated for the Rising Star Award for his amazing work with the design industry in the UK. So he is definitely one to look out for in the coming years whether he wins or not.

GUBA is a non-profit organisation which donates proceeds towards charitable schemes operating within the Ghanaian community. What is particular significant about GUBA is it’s charitable arm, the GUBA foundation. Not satisfied with just showcasing and celebrating Ghanaians on a yearly basis Dentaa and her partners went further by creating the foundation alongside the awards realising that there were also various needs in the community that needed addressing. Their present focus is autism. With the aim wanting to change  peoples perception to see autism ‘not as a disability but as a different ability’. They want the community to be open; to be honest; to support one another and want to give them access to all that they need and they truly believe they can achieve this.

Essentially what the GUBA’s have done is create a platform where British Ghanaians can be celebrated. Which in turn has created a culture of aspiration amongst the Ghanaian community in the UK safe in the knowledge that these will be celebrated on a yearly basis creating a  network of achievers. This is bound to create a legacy in our community which will be felt for years to come.

GUBA Awards & Foundation Me Firi Ghana salutes you!

This years event is set to take place on Saturday November 16, 2013 at 6:30 PM – Sunday, November 17, 2013 12:00 AM (GMT) at the Park Plaza Riverbank Hotel, London.

Tickets for the event can be purchased at http://guba2013.eventbrite.com

Ben JK Anim-Antwi (@Kwesitheauthor)

Me FiRi Ghana Founder goes to India! – Part 1

In 2012 Me FiRi Ghana Founder won the Young Visionary Award for the INDIAFRICA global competition. As part of the Young Visionary Award we won last year November, the INDIAFRICA Team arranged for the “African” winners to be flown to India for a two-week trip. The purpose of the trip was to bring together young people from the African continent and India to exchange and share ideas as to how we can collaborate and co-create a future for our nations and youth populations at large.


Why focus on youth?

Well did you know that…

60% of the African continent’s 1.3 billion population are said to be under 25 years? and

50% of India’s 1.2 billion population is said to be under 25 years?

As part of the trip we were privileged to travel around different parts of India and experience sights and things such as

  1. One of the 7 wonders of the world; the Taj Mahal in Agra. A building that changes colour depending on the amount of sunlight it receives. A building formed out of white marble. A building built by a king just because his most favored wife on her dying bed asked him to do something in memory of her; imagine how much money this guy must have had!
  2. Not far from Dehli we also took a tour around a 7 star hotel, built by the British. It was amazing! The views from the balcony, the horse and carriage entrance, the rose petals thrown on you as you enter, the list goes on, but why was I there
  3.  The hotels we stayed at were in Dehli, and Hydrabad were first class; the food was amazing, the rooms were impeccable and the food was amazing (I think I said that twice lol)
  4. Our Founder was moved with compassion when he visited the orphanage in Dehli. He was on a high as we had just ome back from visiting the worlds largest film studio complex (where I got to meet Arni) but thought that was all so meaningless when he got to interact with the orphans at this centre. “When I say I was moved with compassion it was because these children were just so happy. It wasn’t about what they had – the material things per se – but that they had each other. There was such a community spirit about the way they interacted with each other. Plus it was kind of cute as they called me “brother” and said I had big muscles 🙂 ” The orphanage reminded him and reminds us why we do the work we do with our charitable arm The WAM Campaign – www.wamcampaign.org

Work Experience With the WAM Campaign

Everybody was so upset about the placements they got. But I wasn’t. I was counting down the days where I would be shown the true face of business. I’ve known Arnold a long time now, I knew that working for him wasn’t going to be like working with a brother; where they let you off everything . THIS WAS GOING TO BE SHEER HARD WORK. It’s only been a week and I tell you I have done overtime more than your mum has done in a year.

Everyday seeing the same people at the office and telling them ‘Good Morning’ has been a blessing. Really and truly I have enjoyed every moment of it. From first stepping into the Lounge and Arnold got me to do some impossible ‘Thinking outside the box game’ I have actually thought about business differently. Seeing how many people in their business are striving is incredible to watch.

Meeting the gentleman was scary because this guy don’t joke. (Watch out for him though he is coming). I hate communicating, and asking him questions was like asking the security guy for a hug, I repeat he doesn’t joke. He said that he doesn’t like ‘Dreams’ because you are not going to fulfill them. You have to think BIG and map it out.

My second meeting was with Andy Ayim, and he was cool. But until he opened his mouth, he wasn’t sugar coating anything. The things this guy said was like pure water ( Not the water that is flowing in the Thames oo) he was not hiding anything, he was just being clear. He was serious.

My third meeting (Yes i had like 3 meetings this week) was with Samuel Mensah. He is Arnold’s Genius. His mastermind. His thinker. But he had some REALLY good ideas and I enjoyed that meeting the most, because we came up with some good ideas (you better watch out). Then Joseph came and things got jokey because that guy comes out with the most random things ever. It’s so funny.

Thursday. Thursday. Thursday. I was hoping this day wouldn’t come. If I tell you I hate socialising with people that I don’t know, well now you know. Samuel Kasumu founder of Elevations Network. Top man right there and his wife Barbara, Chief Executive of Elevation Networks. Now that is hard because business with your spouse can either break you or make you, and it made them. Not everyday you get to meet Ken Livingstone. He has more humor than me, and that’s a lot. It was an interesting day and I had to network with people for WAM, but i was more successful than what i thought it would be. But all in all this week has been one of the best weeks I’ve had this year.

And obviously i’m the Youth Ambassador for MeFiRi Ghana.  

Event review – FashionMist 2013

Fashion Mist 2013


1st June 2013 marked the 3rd running of Fashion Mist, and the weather was as fabulous as the event as guests were welcomed at London’s luxury high end Hotel Russell in London.

This year Fashion Mist chose to support the cause of GUBA’s award winning Best Charity WAM Campaign, via supporting their aims of raising funds for 90 young students in receiving NHIS card standing for Ghana’s National Health Insurance Scheme. WAM supports orphans and vulnerable children in Ghana by providing flexible volunteering programs in Ghana during December, as well as fundraising opportunities in the UK.

From 12.30pm, the Fashion Exhibition opened the floor.

MUA Director and one of FM’s casting Directors Chanel Boateng, a well-known YouTube makeup guru hosted a 45 minute seminar during the exhibition, empowering women who wanted to break into the industry and teaching a basic tutorial from face chart, preparation and insight in the colour wheel.

On display were beautifully intricate product designs, bought to us by a stream line of fashion designers, and product designers flaunting colourful and distinctive items to arriving guests. The building hosted London based designers, as well as internationals that flew in from Ghana and Belgium all in the name of a beautiful cause. Items on display ranged from Arhin Armah handmade kente cushions, special mineral formulated jewellery, lovely ntuma notebooks, House of Aranu clothing, Ntuma baby clothing and more. Eyes shone at the creative beauty and vibrancy of the printed fabrics and at the unique diversity of the displayed items. It was a beautiful way to showcase and expose Africa’s fashion and those behind the work.

Towards the early evening, doors opened, with a musical interlude of drinks at reception, and the night commenced as guests arrived to witness the fashion showcase. The evening’s showcase was Egyptian themed, which was finely positioned and articulated with large roman styled golden pillars at the entrance of runway.

The evening was hosted by Nigerian comedian/ entertainer A. Dot, who was accompanied by Fashion Mist 2013 Brand Ambassador/ International Commercial model, and first ever Miss Black Britain Rachael J Williams.

With guests seated, the night kicked off with guest artist performance by TWI Teacher, who hyped the audience up into mode. A Dot and Ms Williams then introduced the designers as models smashed the runway. The runway hosted the collections of ten top notch Ghanaian fashion designers showcasing both women’s and menswear. The models ripped the runway as they cat walked in their distinctive styles of walks, in 7 inch plus heels. MUA Designers and stylists did an excellent job with the models, who came in all shapes, sizes and built. Our Fabulous designers in the house were as follows;


1st Collection – Sarfo

2nd Collection – Miss Ray Couture

3rd Collection – Tribellery

4th Collection –MAF Couture

5th Collection – Kolture Apparel

6th Collection – African Apeiron

7th Collection – SA4A

8thCollection – Nkya Designs

9th Collection – Wusuwaah

10th Collection – Acote

Halfway during the night, Mr Arnold Sarfo–Kantanka an entrepreneur, operations director of WAM Campaign and global poverty ambassador took to the stage and shared the of WAM. Mr Kantanka enlightened the audience on the journey of WAM Campaign and described the types of children WAM worked with and conditions they resided in. Furthermore he outlined the visionary aims to tackle the issues witnessed in Ghana – cleaner water via a water tank, classroom furniture and equipment, NHIS cards(30GHcedi), and paint for classrooms. He finished off with a viewing of his MTV base interview, after having met Sir Richard Branson.

Following from the inspiring talk, an auction and raffle was held, and items up for grabs included an Atlantis Necklace made of Onyx labradorite and Rose Quartz stones worth over £150, Sa4a handbag, sparkly high heels and a Size 6-8 evening gown wear with a fish tail dress detail. The raffle session drew five lucky prize winners, who collected their special treat which included a pair of Beautella Boutique donated earrings & dinner for two and more. The night then continued to round two, with more collections on the runway. Then followed a comedy act by A Dot, which seized the moments of laughters and smiles amongst the audience. Towards the evening an astonishing Man ‘The Photographer’ from the audience volunteered to enlighten the prospect of the night by revealing his current living condition, as well his contribution of amazing historic work of talent. The Gentleman initiated shots across Africa to include Ghana and Nigeria in his visionary Shots: ‘The Moment of The Photographer’.

Finally the evening rounded with special guest performance from Ghanaian artist Praye, who whipped up the audience with their ‘Angelina’ hit. At the end of the show everyone networked and mingled with models and designers alike.

Events such as this are wonderfully fabulous to come and witness – it really is about seeing our true potential, raising the profiles of every individual, from models on runway to MUA’s stylists, artists, hosts, photographers, assistants, managers and managing team, directors to those in training as well as guests. As attendees you are building a bridge of networks and connections towardsthe next future steps in life.

All in all together, we helped support the Cause of WAM Campaign!

WAM Quote: We believe in “People, helping people”

Fashion Mist 2013 was a success, and definitely looking forward to next year’s event!

Please leave your comments below!

By Trey’C

Fashion with a cause

 FashionMist 2013 – Let’s Go!



For all of you out there who love African inspired designs, make sure you mark the 1st of June on your calendars! FashionMist is back, and this year’s event is going to be bigger and better than ever before!

Taking place at the Russel Hotel in London, FashionMist will be showcasing the best that Africa has to offer in the form of beauty products, womens/menswear, accessories, footwear, and children’s wear.


The event will feature a free exhibition showcasing the designs of Gita’s Portal, Kizmet Designer Jewellery, Ayikai Couture, Arhin Armah, Heritage, House of Loulee and many more. A seminar will also be hosted by YouTube make-up guru Chanel Boateng, offering beauty and styling tips as well advice on breaking into the industry. The fashion show, which will be a ticketed event will showcase the extraordinary talents of designers such as Afriqan Apeiron, N’kya Designs, Miss Ray Couture, Kolture Apparel, Wusuwaah’s Diary, Acote Design, Sa4a, Triballery, and M.A.F Couture.

Celebrating the creativity that Africa has to offer as well as championing a cause, FashionMist has teamed up with international commercial model Rachel Williams as an ambassador to raise funds for the WAM Campaign, a charity established in the UK that aims to help vulnerable children as well as orphans in Ghana. Raffles will be held throughout the day, of which proceeds will go the charity.

With A-Dot the comedian hosting alongside Rachel and Twi Teacher among those providing entertainment for the night, FashionMist 2013 is an event you do not want to miss!


Tickets for the fashion show can be bought  here 

For more info on FashionMist visit:



By Yaa Nyarko