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Chef Elijah Amoo Addo nominated for the 2015 Future Awards Africa Prize

_MG_7830 (2)Chef Elijah Amoo Addo, Founder and Executive Director of the Food for All Ghana Campaign has been nominated for the Future Awards Africa Prize in Community Action 2015 for his exemplary leadership and hard work towards creating sustainable means of nutrition for the vulnerable in Africa and working with his team to build West Africa’s first food bank in Ghana.


The Future Awards Africa, now in its 10th year, described by the World Bank as “The Nobel Prize for young Africans”, and FORBES International as the “most important youth awards”, is targeted at recognizing young Africans between ages 18 to 31 doing incredible work in various fields; with 11 categories including the ultimate prize, The Future Africa Awards Prize for the Young Person of the Year. It has produced over 150 winners and over 1550 nominees since its first edition in 2006.


Chef Elijah, a professional chef and food stylist quit his job in a prestigious restaurant in Accra, to advocate against food wastage and hunger along the food supply chain, after coming in contact with a mentally challenged man who goes round scouting leftover food from street vendors to feed his also mentally challenged colleague on the street.

Through his Chefs for Change Ghana Foundation, he initiated the Food for All Ghana campaign, a food recovery initiative DSC_5877aimed at creating sustainable means of nutrition for the vulnerable in Ghana and with a vision of building food banks in Africa with the first in Ghana.

Elijah with his team and Trigmatic (Goodwill Ambassador of the campaign) has for the past one year been recovering food to feed the mentally challenged, street kids and vulnerable organizations. They have recovered food to feed over 50,000 vulnerable people and organizations such as the Accra psychiatric hospital, Osu children’s home, Teshie Orphanage, Kinder Paradise and many vulnerable society in Ghana.

Food for All Ghana campaign has been championing their objective of food recovery using programs such as the Feast of Hope, Share your breakfast community feeding train, the hunger marathon and this year, they became the first organization in Africa to attempt the Guinness world record for the longest table on UN World food day, a feat they couldn’t achieve, however they built the longest table in Africa.

IMG_6808Chef Elijah notably called “Doctor in the kitchen” strongly believes that Africa is already producing enough food however inefficiencies within our food supply chain is given rise to huge amount of food wastage.

”If we could recover half of the food going waste along our food supply chain, we will be able to feed the hungry in Africa. Hunger in Africa could be eradicated with homegrown solutions such as Food for All Africa.”


“I have a VISION. Can YOU see it?”…..

Glaucoma leading cause of Blindness

When the 6th World Glaucoma Week was launched in March the president of the Glaucoma Association of Ghana (GAG), Mr Harrison Abutiate, presented some alarming figures. TODAY around 700,000 Ghanaians are living with glaucoma, which is the most common contributor to Ghana’s blindness burden- around 60,000 of people affected are already blind. These statistics make Ghana one of the leading countries with glaucoma cases worldwide

Glaucoma is a disease of the eye and there are many types, however the most common type in Ghana is the most severe form of the disease, called open-angle glaucoma. This type of glaucoma is mainly characterised by damage to the optic nerve and poor blood supply to the nerve, which lead to visual loss and eventually irreversible blindness. Open-angle glaucoma usually presents with no symptoms and therefore often goes undetected until it’s too late, which highlights the importance of attending regular eye screening checks- at least once a year.


Consequently the chosen theme for this year’s World Glaucoma week “Beat invisible glaucoma” reflected the importance of prevention and early detection. The Health Minister, Mrs Sherry Ayittey, rightly pointed out that prevention is not only better than cure but is also much cheaper!

Even though it has been shown that the prevalence of glaucoma increases with age, glaucoma is not a disease reserved for old eyes- glaucoma does not discriminate! A study in a hospital in the northern region found that 21.48% of patients with chronic glaucoma were between 10 and 39 years old. These results are not conclusive and further research will need to be carried out to determine the age group screening should begin, especially for individuals with a family history of glaucoma.

According to Mr Abutiate there are around 250,000 people currently affected who are unaware of their condition, he therefore stressed the importance of intensifying glaucoma awareness and added,

“By so doing, the people will be well informed about the causes, preventable measures, its severity and effects which will make them conscious in making strides to find their status and seek appropriate health care required. This statement really stands out, as it is all about promoting the fact that everyone is entitled to making an informed decision about his or her health.

And Mrs Ayittey, Minister of Health, added

“I want the education to go down to the people of the country, so this rogramme must be held in the marketplaces and the lorry stations where the public can be informed about the disease and not in this small room”.

Mr Abuitate also discussed some initiatives that could be taken to improve the situation in Ghana, which included increasing the number of glaucoma drugs available through the national health insurance scheme, abolition of duties on glaucoma drugs to maximise patient compliance and train more ophthalmologists.

Check out this really cool glaucoma awareness video: The Yvonne Nelson Glaucoma Charity Single feat. Sarkodie, Trigmatic, Iren Logan, Ayegbe Edem, Sherifa, Fresh Prince, Oga-B and many more.

Nora Mistersky (@Ms_Nora_M)

D-Black & Trigmatic

The other day we let you know how D-Black is nominated for a BET award. Well if you are in Ghana and somehow do not know D-Black is performing tonight, well he will be doing so in Kumasi!

He will be supported by Sarkodie, Yaa-Pono and others include Ghanas finest and a favourite of Me FiRi GHANA Trigmatic



Trigmatic: voted “Best Rapper”

Towards the late part of 2010 we were hearing that there was a new artist who was tipped to be a BIG hit. We were also hearing that there was an artist who had a song that related to the Me FiRi GHANA T-Shirts too. When we were in Ghana we heard a song along those lines but we thought we were dreaming.

But Trigmatic also know as Nana Yaw Oduro has released an official video for his hit track MiFri GHANA. Trigmatic is also the recent winner of the “BEST RAPPER” category and received his award at the 2011 Ghana Music Awards (GMA) where he also gave a memorable live performance

Things are definitely just beginning for the award winning artist so stay tuned. In the mean time watch his official video above and spread the word about Trigmatic and be proud to represent and say “Me FiRi GHANA

We are sure you’ll be hearing some more about Trigmatic this year from Me FiRi GHANA