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Introducing Catherine Arhin..

The Woman behind Arhinarmah

Me Firi Ghana caught up with Catherine Arhin the founder of Arhinarmah.  An ambitious lady in her  early thirties. Catherine was born and raised in West London, but her family originate from Assin Kumasi in Ghana. She gives us an insight into how she got started, her love for her culture and what’s next.

1) What is Arhinarmah and how did it begin? Arhinarmah is London based homeware/ home decor brand offering African accented products for your home such as handmade cushions, lampshades and bespoke furniture. We also offer a upholstery service, and provide bespoke pieces of furniture from scratch (including the wooden framework). All our items are handmade to order and we use traditional methods of joinery in the production of all our pieces . We’re based in London where I head up a team of 5 staff.

Arhinarmah was ‘conceived’ in January 2012. I developed it after working for a variety of private and public sector organisations over a 10 year period. I wanted to apply my first hand experience in business to create an entity that was a reflection of my cultural identity. My parents are Ghanaian, so I’m fiercely proud of my heritage and culture. At the same time I’m very much a Londoner and take great pride in having grown up in this city. London is one of the world’s creative hubs. It’s a veritable melting pot of cultures and ‘old England’ is synonymous for its quality in relation to textiles and production methods. The label combines the quality, with the colours, symbols and vibrancy of Ghanaian culture.

 2) How did you discover and  explore your creative side? It was always there. As a five year old I would draw on walls whenever I ran out of paper. As an 8 year old I would write stories involving my classmates – they loved them so much the teacher would keep them in the book corner for everyone to read. As a teenager I harboured dreams of being an interior designer, a stylist, a hairdresser. I’m always experimenting with colour so my house is a show home – each room has it’s own colour palette. My living room was Navy well before it became popular. I suppressed my creativity for a long time after I had my son and never considered going into a creative industry as a ‘serious’ profession. The expectation when I was growing up was for me to become a Lawyer, Doctor or Accountant. I feel that people often have to make a decision between taking up an occupation that ‘pays the bills’ versus taking on a ‘softer’ occupation that they might enjoy. I did that for a long time.

3) Could you talk us through Arhinarmah’s collections? They are all named after places in Ghana or people who have had an impact on me in some way;

The Joseph collection: There are three generations of ‘Joseph’ within my family. My Grandfather (the label muse) was called Joseph Armah. My Mother was called Josephine, and my son is also called Joseph.

The Jamestown collection: Jamestown is the Ghanaian coastal town that my mother’s family settled in after relocating from Aburi.

The Accra Collection: Features a distinctive Kente print pattern – and the bright colours represent vibrancy, hustle and bustle of Ghana’s biggest city.

4) What do you love about your culture? Ghana: The colours. The textiles. The symbols. The tradition. Afrobeats. Old school Ghana parties. London: The mobility. The choice. The diversity.

 5) How has Arhinarmah become involved with WAM, & why must others also get involved? This is demonstrated in the inspirational talks that I get involved in (in schools and at start up networking events) and also in us being awarded the Blue Butterfly by award winning organisation Positive Luxury. We began donating on a monthly basis to the WAM Campaign from June 2013 mainly because it shares many similarities with our organisation (ie affecting positive change and having a connection with both Ghana and the UK).

6)With Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, what would you highly recommend from Arhinarmah?I’d recommend any of the items in our Ashanti collection. We product lampshades and cushions in this print and it’s red which fits in with the tone of the occasion. From a male perspective it’s one of our best sellers so women *hint hint* – so don’t let Valentines Day be one sided – get him a unique gift that he’ll really cherish this year.

 7) What do you want to achieve from Arhinarmah? I’d like to achieve the respect for African fabrics in the home and ethnic inspired home decor that you see for well established luxury brands such as Missoni or Versace home. My grandfather’s name was Joseph Armah – he was (and still is) the muse behind the brand. I’d like his name and legacy to live on through this venture. I never intended for this to just be about ‘selling cushions’ – from day one, my intention has been to create a worldwide homeware label that people with an interest or affinity with Africa can truly be proud of.

8) What does the future hold  for Arhinarmah? We are now looking at branching out into the US and Europe.

9)Could you share with us any words of wisdom? Create the highest grandest vision of yourself because ultimately, you become what you believe.

10) How can readers, find out more about yourself and Arhinarmah? You can find our products at www.arhinarmah.co.uk . We’re on all social media channels Facebook: @arhinarmah/London, Twitter:@arhinarmah, Instagram &Pinterest: @arhinarmah, Linkedin:@arhinarmah and we’re also on Google+ and Linkedin 11)

Tracey Kusi (@moitreyc)

Message From the Editor: MFG Blog is a finalist for UK Blog Awards 2014

Thank you for your votes!




It is with great pleasure that I can announce that the Me Firi Ghana blog has made the final shortlist for  UK Blog Awards 2014 in two categories. We are shortlisted for best organisation blog in the Arts & Culture and Most Innovative blog categories. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our readers who voted for us. I would also like to thank all of our talented writers/bloggers; Maclean Arthur, Jermaine Bamfo, Tracey Kusi, Adwoa Asiedu, Nora Mitersky, Myriam Osei and Afia Sarpong who continue to produce informative, engaging and relevant content. Our fate is now in the hands of the judges.

All shortlisted blogs will  be judged by a panel of respected individuals in each industry category from Monday 3rd February 2014 – Monday 24th February 2014.  The winners will be announced during the Awards Ceremony on Friday 25 April 2014.

To see whom we are up against in our categories and who will be judging them, the full shortlist is on the UKBA website and can be accessed using the following links;

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Ben JK Anim-Antwi (@kwesitheuthor)

Event review – FashionMist 2013

Fashion Mist 2013


1st June 2013 marked the 3rd running of Fashion Mist, and the weather was as fabulous as the event as guests were welcomed at London’s luxury high end Hotel Russell in London.

This year Fashion Mist chose to support the cause of GUBA’s award winning Best Charity WAM Campaign, via supporting their aims of raising funds for 90 young students in receiving NHIS card standing for Ghana’s National Health Insurance Scheme. WAM supports orphans and vulnerable children in Ghana by providing flexible volunteering programs in Ghana during December, as well as fundraising opportunities in the UK.

From 12.30pm, the Fashion Exhibition opened the floor.

MUA Director and one of FM’s casting Directors Chanel Boateng, a well-known YouTube makeup guru hosted a 45 minute seminar during the exhibition, empowering women who wanted to break into the industry and teaching a basic tutorial from face chart, preparation and insight in the colour wheel.

On display were beautifully intricate product designs, bought to us by a stream line of fashion designers, and product designers flaunting colourful and distinctive items to arriving guests. The building hosted London based designers, as well as internationals that flew in from Ghana and Belgium all in the name of a beautiful cause. Items on display ranged from Arhin Armah handmade kente cushions, special mineral formulated jewellery, lovely ntuma notebooks, House of Aranu clothing, Ntuma baby clothing and more. Eyes shone at the creative beauty and vibrancy of the printed fabrics and at the unique diversity of the displayed items. It was a beautiful way to showcase and expose Africa’s fashion and those behind the work.

Towards the early evening, doors opened, with a musical interlude of drinks at reception, and the night commenced as guests arrived to witness the fashion showcase. The evening’s showcase was Egyptian themed, which was finely positioned and articulated with large roman styled golden pillars at the entrance of runway.

The evening was hosted by Nigerian comedian/ entertainer A. Dot, who was accompanied by Fashion Mist 2013 Brand Ambassador/ International Commercial model, and first ever Miss Black Britain Rachael J Williams.

With guests seated, the night kicked off with guest artist performance by TWI Teacher, who hyped the audience up into mode. A Dot and Ms Williams then introduced the designers as models smashed the runway. The runway hosted the collections of ten top notch Ghanaian fashion designers showcasing both women’s and menswear. The models ripped the runway as they cat walked in their distinctive styles of walks, in 7 inch plus heels. MUA Designers and stylists did an excellent job with the models, who came in all shapes, sizes and built. Our Fabulous designers in the house were as follows;


1st Collection – Sarfo

2nd Collection – Miss Ray Couture

3rd Collection – Tribellery

4th Collection –MAF Couture

5th Collection – Kolture Apparel

6th Collection – African Apeiron

7th Collection – SA4A

8thCollection – Nkya Designs

9th Collection – Wusuwaah

10th Collection – Acote

Halfway during the night, Mr Arnold Sarfo–Kantanka an entrepreneur, operations director of WAM Campaign and global poverty ambassador took to the stage and shared the of WAM. Mr Kantanka enlightened the audience on the journey of WAM Campaign and described the types of children WAM worked with and conditions they resided in. Furthermore he outlined the visionary aims to tackle the issues witnessed in Ghana – cleaner water via a water tank, classroom furniture and equipment, NHIS cards(30GHcedi), and paint for classrooms. He finished off with a viewing of his MTV base interview, after having met Sir Richard Branson.

Following from the inspiring talk, an auction and raffle was held, and items up for grabs included an Atlantis Necklace made of Onyx labradorite and Rose Quartz stones worth over £150, Sa4a handbag, sparkly high heels and a Size 6-8 evening gown wear with a fish tail dress detail. The raffle session drew five lucky prize winners, who collected their special treat which included a pair of Beautella Boutique donated earrings & dinner for two and more. The night then continued to round two, with more collections on the runway. Then followed a comedy act by A Dot, which seized the moments of laughters and smiles amongst the audience. Towards the evening an astonishing Man ‘The Photographer’ from the audience volunteered to enlighten the prospect of the night by revealing his current living condition, as well his contribution of amazing historic work of talent. The Gentleman initiated shots across Africa to include Ghana and Nigeria in his visionary Shots: ‘The Moment of The Photographer’.

Finally the evening rounded with special guest performance from Ghanaian artist Praye, who whipped up the audience with their ‘Angelina’ hit. At the end of the show everyone networked and mingled with models and designers alike.

Events such as this are wonderfully fabulous to come and witness – it really is about seeing our true potential, raising the profiles of every individual, from models on runway to MUA’s stylists, artists, hosts, photographers, assistants, managers and managing team, directors to those in training as well as guests. As attendees you are building a bridge of networks and connections towardsthe next future steps in life.

All in all together, we helped support the Cause of WAM Campaign!

WAM Quote: We believe in “People, helping people”

Fashion Mist 2013 was a success, and definitely looking forward to next year’s event!

Please leave your comments below!

By Trey’C

Introducing you to…



MeFiri Ghana speaks with N-A, the master man music producer behind azonto-funky tune – ‘Shine Your Eyes’, by Kwamz n Flava ft Starboy Willz & King Zion. Bursting with curiosity and questions, we were fortunate to speak with Mr N-A.


MFG: Tell us your real name?

N-A: Nathan Nana Kwasi Agyemang, simply known as ‘N-A’.

MFG: How young are you?

N-A: I’m 18 Years old.

MFG: Where were you raised?

N-A: I grew up in Wood Green (North London).

MFG: Are both your Parents of GHANAIAN DESCENT?

N-A: Yes!!

MFG: Are you a student?

N-A: I’m in my first year studying, Event Management at Coventry University.

Shout out to #TeamCOV!

MFG: What do you do exactly?

N-A: I’m a music producer

MFG: Who do you represent?

N-A: I’m currently working alongside AfroBeat Movement (ABM Events), consisting of the likes of DJ Abrantee from Choice FM. They organise urban events in the UK and overseas bringing Afro beat artists from the UK and Africa.

MFG: Where did the creativity start?

N-A: I’ve always been deeply interested in music but I only realised my real love for the actual instrumentals. If I personally feel that a beat isn’t good, I wouldn’t listen to the track! And so I decided to make my own beats! I’m influenced by producers like Timberland, The Neptunes, S-X, Skepta & JME, Appietus, and Killbeatz just to name a few.

MFG: Where did the opportunity of beat making come from & how did seeing yourself featured in the video feel?

N-A: When I was 15 I downloaded a demo version of FL Studio 3 but it was frustrating because I couldn’t actually save the beats. However I managed to get my hands on the latest FL Studio 10 and I’ve just taken it from there. It was my first time being in a music video, so I was a bit shy but it felt good.

MFG: What response did you receive?

N-A: I’ve received positive comments from both my friends and family, and most importantly they all adored the tune! Many upcoming Afro beat artists and promoters have followed me on twitter since then.

MFG: Can you imagine yourself doing anything else apart from your desired Passion?

N-A: No. I love making beats.

MFG: Share Your Best Motivation Line?

N-A: “Yesterday you said, ‘Tomorrow’. Just do it.” (I got that from a Nike advert!!!) J

MFG: Are You Proud To STATE “MeFiRi GHANA”

N-A: Yes of course.

MFG: Do you think your Culture has influenced your chosen pathway?

N-A: 100%. I grew up listening to hip life all my life with artists such as Daddy Lumba, Kwabena Kwabena, KK Fosu etc. Producers such as Appietus and J-Q, It was only right of me to make beats which are influenced by my African heritage.

MFG: Why & what do you Love about GHANA?

N-A: Everything! From the Fanta Orange in glass bottles to the Fan Ice, Tom Brown, the beautiful beaches, the weather, the football team, my family back there. And of course I love the music! I love being Ghanaian because it is such a peaceful country and there are many of us in London and so we can all relate and enjoy the same things.

MFG: What do you want to achieve from what you do? And what will You Do with it?

N-A: I aim to become one of the most versatile producers ever. I also make hip-hip and RnB type beats. I’d also like to be an event organiser.

MFG: What have you to offer Ghana?

N-A: The best of modern African music!!!!

MFG: Did you attend ‘The Ghana Youth Day’ 2012?

N-A: I didn’t attend but I heard about. It was held in Tottenham, and its purpose was to engage the youth in activities and encourage them to achieve their goals without resulting to crime. Which I believe is a major concern especially in Tottenham.

MFG: When next are you touching down in Ghana & who would you like to work with?

N-A: Not sure yet, but I would like to work with two producers Killbeatz (‘Antenna’) and Garzy (‘BoomBoomTah’) and any of the popular Afro beats artists there.

MFG: Where can we catch up with your latest Movements?

N-A: www.twitter.com/N2theA

soundcloud.com/N2theA – (HipHop beats)

www.youtube.com/OfficialN2theA – (Afrobeats)

MeFiri Ghana salutes you Nana for breaking through the music industry at a very young age. You are acting in role as a ‘Youth Ambassador’ to the young Ghanaian generation

As you are proving to other youths that nothing is impossible. Opportunities are lurking around everywhere. GOD has done the beauty in your work. We love to see your talent being exercised; we see how you have envisioned offering Ghana a part of you, which hopefully will sustain Ghana for the better. This type of action roots for a bigger, better and developed GHANA. Creativity is at the heart of you, keep embracing that.

By Trey’C

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Introducing you to…

GHRBS: Adidas Ambassador & Student Athlete ‘Glenn Owusu’



Champion, Athlete, Ghanaian, 20years old, personal best, Adidas, Pride of Haringey and determination are some of the words entailing a story describing young student athlete Glenn Owusu. MeFiri Ghana is excited to bring you an exclusive interview featuring Mr Glenn himself, who chatted away inspiring moments, blossoming with empowerment and passion.


MFG: Tell The Team Your real Name?

GO: Glenn Kofi Owusu-Aborah

MFG: How Young Are You?

GO: I am 20 years young

MFG: Where were you raised?

GO: I grew up in North London, in Broad Water Farm Estate, a place I have lived ever since birth.

MFG: Tell ‘MeFiRi GHANA’ – are both your Parents of GHANAIAN DESCENT?

GO: I can confirm that both my parents are of a Ghanaian descent, both from the Ashanti Region from what I can recollect.

MFG: What exactly do you do?

GO: I’m an Aspiring Athlete studying Sport Exercise and Health Sciences at Coventry University, also proud founder of ‘Universal Smiles’, my Charity.


MFG: Who do you represent?

GO: Within the last year GOD has blessed me with the opportunity to work with popular sports brand Adidas. They helped to sharpen up my status via providing me with the opportunity to become the ‘PRIDE OF HARINGEY’. Adidas also guided me towards the launching of my charity. ‘Universal Smiles’ was launched by myself and some friends, includingTottenham Hotspur striker Jermain Defoe and highly known rapper Wretch 32.

MFG: How did Your Charity ’Universal Smiles’ kick off?

GO: I believe God had planned what is now unravelling. I became more determined to follow my passion when sadly I lost a close friend Godwin Lawson in 2010. His death brought in a sheer drive to pursue something positive and inspire my peers and others. I have always been blessed with being good with words and ‘Universal Smiles’ seemed to be a perfect choice to describe the work we are doing.

MFG: How did seeing yourself around Haringey billboards & buses feel?

GO: They were and will be moments in my life I will savour forever. Honestly I was humbled and very grateful to everyone who helped me get to that stage.

MFG: What response did you receive?

GO: It was a great feeling to receive all the nice messages and congratulatory remarks from everyone and I am blessed that God had this planned for my life. I’m grateful.

MFG: Can you imagine yourself doing anything else apart from your desired Passion?

GO: One day by GOD’s Grace I aim to open an orphanage in my motherland, welcoming all those who are in less fortunate position than me and you. I also see myself running for GHANA at the upcoming Olympic Games if granted the opportunity. Pray For Me

MFG: Share your Best Motivation Line?

GO: “One thing that I have desired from the Lord, that one thing will I seek for”

MFG: Are you proud to STATE; “MeFiri GHANA”?

GO: This goes without saying I may have been born in the UK but my heart is 100% Ghanaian. I can proudly say “MeFiri Ghana”Now, Tomorrow and Beyond. Mi Y3 Ghana Ni!!!!

MFG: Do you think your Culture Has Influenced your chosen pathway?

GO: I think it has moulded me into the person I am today as I was brought up by a family who lived by culture and abided by it in their everyday lives. We persevere till we get to our destined goals and do not settle for anything other than the best.

MFG: What do you Love about GHANA & Why Do you love being GHANAIAN?

GO: Nothing is better than the food we make! Ghanaian food is one of the main attractions to me, and every Ghanaian is well fed! That is a well-known fact! Lol. I love being a Ghanaian simply because I enjoy and support the values we have, the relationships we have with each other makes each separate family come together to be one big family. I love the unity that we show as a nation.

MFG: What do you want to Achieve from what you do, & what will You Do with it?

GO: My future aspirations come in abundance – I want to graduate from my university with a good degree, I also want to ensure that our charity can excel from one step to another and at the same time I want to be able to represent Ghana at an Olympic Games.

I have a national Gold Medal to my name and an abundance of other Gold medals and records to be proud of but nothing would make me more fulfilled than representing the motherland in the Olympics. With this I hope to have an effect on a diverse amount of different groups in Ghana and work towards getting recognition for all the work we do as a team.


MFG: What have you to offer Ghana?

GO: I have my determination, passion and desire to offer Ghana, I have an ambition to make people’s lives better and inspire them to become someone in life and let them know that whoever you are and whatever your circumstance, there is always an opportunity out there for you. I believe I owe Ghana a lot for providing the traditions and culture that I have based my life on for the last 20 years.

MFG: Did you attend ‘The Ghana Youth Day’ 2012?

I was unable to attend Ghana Youth Day unfortunately, I am aware it provided a positive correlation with the aims of my Charity which is why I am so determined to work with Me Firi Ghana.

I am fully aware of it purpose which entails responding to the recent sad death of all these young men with potential to be someone in life,so reading the purpose of what the Ghana Youth Day aims to do is a very inspirational and motivational thing.  It makes people glad to be a part of such a great organisation.

MFG: When next will you touch down in Ghana & who would you like to work with?

GO: I am due to be in Ghana next year and I am currently searching for a number of different orphanages in Ghana to bring the whole Universal Smiles aspect, which will be a success.

I would like to work with a varied range of people who are already Ambassadors of Ghana. Currently I’m exploring the different avenues in which to do so. GOD is so wonderful, I happen to be very close to the both 2011 and 2012 winners of Miss Ghana, who both entail ideas of making their mark in Ghana. I am also in awe of the work upcoming musicians are engraving, artists in the form of Vibe Squad, SKOB and all the other upcoming talented people. I would be very happy to work with them and make them the face of the charity.

I would also like to work with the sports ministers and get more information as to how I can run for GHANA.

MFG: Where Can We Catch Up With your latest Movements?

GO: I am never too far away.

Follow me on twitter: @gowusu24

Facebook: Glenn Kofi Owusu.


*Glenn Owusu MeFiri Ghana salute you, continue to deliver your VIM drive and exceptional excellence in results. You are and will continue to act as a ‘Youth Ambassador’ to our youthful Ghanaian generation. Your life so far entails a track of success and beauty, we pray for more success in your favour. With Glenn’s tale, many other youths will be inspired by his pure devotion. *

An honour to GHANA.

May Your Soul Rest In Perfect Peace

‘Godwin Lawson’


By Trey’C

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Introducing you to Ghana’s finest DJ Kess

Ghana’s Only Female Recognised DJ…‘DJ KESS’


Who said it was a man’s world? It’s a woman’s world too! Big Brother Africa accredited her as one of the Finest Female DJ’s alive in Ghana – she’s known as Dj Kess, however her real name is Nana Kessewa Adu. She’s currently living in New York and in the process of setting up a record label in South Africa. I had the privilege to converse with Ghana’s baddest Female Dj and she explains her break through into the male dominated profession.


MeFiri Ghana: Tell is your name, and age?

DJ Kess: I am known as Dj Kess however I was born as Nana Kessewa Adu. Erm in terms of my age let’s just say, I was born in the late 80’S (laughs) on the 6th of November.


MFG: So Tell the Team, Where did grow up/or where were you raised from?

 DJK: I actually grew up in the western region of Ghana in Takoradi, thereafter I moved to Accra after high school to further my education.


 MFG: So Tell MeFiRi GHANA, are both your parents of Ghanaian descent?

DJK:  Yes, both my parents are of Ghanaian descent.


MFG: Tell us what is it that you do?

DJK: I am currently a DJ and a TV Presenter, I host a music video show called Airtel Magic Moment.


MFG: Tell us the Company Name you work for?

DJK: Currently I work with YFM and ETV.


MFG: In relation to what you do, what/who influenced you/ how did it start?

DJK: To be honest it really all started back in high school, my strong love for music, it all further developed and grew on from there till now.


MFG: How much do you love what you do?

DJK: Honestly so much to the extent whereby I cannot see myself in any other profession.


MFG: So Tell us what are your future aspiration?

DJK: I would like to pursuit a career as a sound engineer, to promote Ghanaian music as well as entertainment.


MFG: What events have you worked at so far?

DJK: I have worked at Big Brother Africa as a DJ, COPA COCA COLA as a DJ, in Nigeria, the RED LIPSTICK concerts and the fabulous Shontelle concert in Ghana.


MFG: Was it difficult in the first stages to engage with your hobby as a female?

DJK: It was extremely difficult purely because of people’s ignorance and intolerance to thinking a female cannot DJ, it’s all down to perceptions and thoughts.


MFG: What reactions did you receive as a female DJ in the music industry?

DJK: I received a huge amount of positive reaction, the one that portrays I’m proud of you.


MFG: What keeps you going?

DJK: I get my motivation from the fact that I am the only recognised female DJ in GHANA, this keeps going so hard.


MFG: Tell the Team, are you proud to state “MeFiRi GHANA”?

DJK: Yes of course I am very proud to associate and call myself a Ghanaian.


MFG:  MeFiRi GHANA want to know what do you Love about Ghana & why do you love being Ghanaian?

DJK: Purely because of how beautiful GHANA is, our country is so peaceful and friendly. These qualities I believe are find to find within an African country.


MFG: Have you heard of MeFiRi GHANA before?

DJK: Yes I have, I believe the visionary aims of company is exciting and excellent, I support it 100%.


MFG: What advice would you give to other females heading in your footsteps?

DJK: Ladies everything is possible if you put your mind to it, stay focused and you’ll achieve. Do not let anyone or anything put you down, as I have been there and done it. It will not be easy, but make the road a journey and finish it, as some will not make it to the finish line.


MFG:Where can we catch up with your latest movements?

DJK: You can catch up with me and any updates  on Twitter. Follow me @DjkessGH


The time speaking with the young Dj Kess was truly inspiring. MeFiRi GHANA wishes you the best success in your career as a DJ, respect as well as continue to support and encourage you. As you are the only recognised female Dj representing for GHANA this makes you truly special.

We congratulate you in your break through to success – you have proved to ladies heading in your footsteps that all things are possible with determination.

MeFiRi GHANA Salute You.

Feel Free To Leave Opinions Below Please

By Trey’C

Introducing you to Ghanaian Youth Yaw Kyei

Yaw Kyei  in Youth Parliament

 ‘Opportunity Grabber’

16 year old Yaw Kyei was given the unforgettable opportunity to sit in youth parliament where he experienced life as a politician.

To become an MYP (Member of Parliament) you have to be elected by other young people in an official UKYP election, so if you are think you that person for the role, take this opportunity and look into it further. Any young person who is a resident of the UK, and aged between 11 and 18 years old (inclusive) has the right to stand for election as an MYP and the right to vote for their MYP.

I was delighted to speak with Mr Yaw himself, who shed some light on his experience with us. Kyei also tells us a bit more about himself as a Ghanaian Youth.


MeFiRi GHANA Interview 16 year Old Yaw Kyei

In his Words;

“I offer myself to Ghana. Once I finish my Pharmacy degree, I hope to move back to Ghana and live + work there for some years. Help out where ever I can and give back to such a great nation”


Me Firi Ghana: Tell us your name and age, and where your currently schooling?

Yaw Kyei: My name is Yaw Kyei, I am 16 years old, Currently in Year 11 attending Centenary Heights State High School, Toowoomba, QLD in Australia.


MFG: How did you come into contact with the opportunity?

YK: I got into Youth Parliament after a school notice was read one morning. I was excited and decided to nominate myself. I chose Youth Parliament because I wanted to make my parents proud, make a difference in my community and represent Ghana at a state level.


MFG: So what is your connection with Politics?

YK: I am not really too deeply into politics, however the adrenalin one gets by arguing something they stand for pretty much appealed to me, this was my urge to stand and represent.


MFG: Share with us something motivational?

YK:”I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character.”

Martin Luther King Jr.


MFG: Where did you grow up?

YK: I was born in Kingaroy, QLD Australia; I was raised in an Adventist home. After spending several years there, my family moved to Toowoomba where my father got a job working for Queensland Health as a Social Worker, and my mother started working as a chef at a boarding school.


MFG: Are both your parents of Ghanaian Descent?

YK: Yes they are both of Ghanaian descent.


MFG: Can You Speak a Ghanaian language?

YK: I cannot speak fluently, but can understand and greet/respond to “simple” phrases/questions.


MFG: Are You Proud To State MeFiRi GHANA?

YK: Always and forever.


MGF: What makes you love being a Ghanaian?

YK: I love the people in Ghana. The great landscape and the friendly smiles all Ghanaians share. We’re such a giving people and don’t expect anything in return. Like anyone, I love and endorse my ethnicity to all. I’m proud to say I’m Ghanaian because I know in my heart, that it’s the best country in the world.


MFG: Have you heard of MeFiRi GHANA before?

YK: I haven’t heard of MeFiRi Ghana before, but my sister has told me lots about it.


MFG: Tell the Ghanaian Youths, where they can connect with you?

YK: Find me on Facebook, Yaw O. Kyei II, I love to chat and get to know lots of people


MFG: What have you to offer GHANA?

 YK: I offer myself to Ghana. Once I finish my Pharmacy degree, I hope to move back to Ghana and live + work there for some years. Help out where ever I can and give back to such a great nation.


Yaw Kyei delivers a fruitful positive image in his words and responses, and as a Ghanaian youth he has taken advantage of opportunities in his way, and is working around them to build his successful future as a Pharmacist. Of just 16 years old, he thinks and dreams large, which is the way forward. He’s already planning ahead to what he has to offer back home in GHANA which is a big move. Many Ghanaian youths can learn from Mr Kyei and use his tactics of grabbing and making use of opportunities available, as we never know where they may lead us to.

Mr Yaw through his responses articulates himself precisely through his intelligence as a young Ghanaian youth, ready to take on the challenges our world may bring. However he seems very subtle yet powerful in thought, simply through his determination and with lack of fear he will fight through any difficulty or obstacles he may face. This is the spirit we set and want our youthful Ghanaian generation worldwide to inherit and carry as a tool to success.

We wish you the best success in your education and with your future career to become a Pharmacist. We believe in you, and continue to make GHANA proud.

If interested in becoming a member of youth parliament, then ask your local authority, or type into Google Your country city/Town with ‘member of youth parliament’ and you should get results.

For Ghanaian youths based in the UK for more information visit; www.ukyouthparliment.org,uk

What do you think of yaw Kyei?

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By Trey’C

Black History Month!!

Ghanaian Culture: Celebrating 55 Years of


Black History Month in the United Kingdom begins from Monday, 1st October 2012, and ends Wednesday, 31 October 2012.


Why wait upon a month, to Celebrate


Our Year was 57, Not a Mystery!

Embrace with heart, those who left MARKS

Never forget, why we’re still LARGE.

Dr Nkrumah. Gold Coast Leader,

 A Minster, A Lecturer, BEYOND A Preacher

The Blood of Our Land, Suffered To STAND

Whilst The BRITS, Invaded,

From Stripped To TAKEN

Families AWAKEN, to see the SHAKEN



Mothers, fathers, from sisters to brothers,

Divided Apart, SHIPPED AFAR

OUR EMPIRE is enriched with ECHOES of SORROWS

              Yaa Asantewaa, FEMALE WARRIOR, Intelligent LEADER

She Was a Believer

She Guarded our STOOL,

YOU Thought we Were FOOLS!

Soaked in Hardship,

Superiority and SHAME

As the pages flipped, Anger grew Fame

We declared our independence in 57.

Never again to serve

Although the Story seems, delight & Bright

Our Country, still suffers from Fright

In 2012, the evidence shows

Slavery EXISTS, slavery still BOLD

From 1957, GHANA has grown,

GHANA’s still young,

Never too OLD,

Embrace our 55th year, by teaching Other’s about GHANA, whether it be facts, history, or culture, spread and share our history.

Host or organise events/ activities to celebrate our history.



To University Students:

*See what your Societies are running For the Month, in your SU.

*Or Start up an event, & get peeps involved

To College Student’s:

*Host activities in your canteen, or clubs to celebrate

                                                   *See What the College Have Lined Up,

Take Part, and get peeps involved

To Others:

*Be Creative & Unique

* Organise or host, neighbourhood parties

(& have quizzes, snacks (GH foods), Ghanaian Games, and music, make it fun, and invite neighbours, families & friends.)


TWEET The Team YOUR Ideas, for the MONTH!

>>> @MeFiRi_GHANA


By Trey’C

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Ghanaians at LONDON2012

Team Ghana March In ALL-BLACK To Honour The Late President Mills


London is buzzing with the Olympics already kicking off, since the extravagant opening ceremony hosted in London has already set the mood and vibe for the Olympics this year, as shocked audiences worldwide were in amazement gazing at their screen at the talents and energy the ceremony was streaming off with just last week.

In the light of the Olympics, from the 27th of July 2012, a confirmation of over 10,000 athletes from more than 200 countries will compete in 30 venues.

Fortunately GHANA will be competing in the Olympics, where they will be flying our flag in London.

From GHANA We have a cute number of nine athletes representing their specialism of sports that will be flying high proudly our Flag.

Would like to Give Ghana a Warm Welcome to the United Kingdom, London, and want all athletes to know GHANA is behind all athletes in supportive spirits with shackles of continuous blessings of prayers.

Athletes of GHANA stay positive outstandingly confident and faithful in yourselves first then your performances will be delivered to the best of your ability.

That is the key towards Epic SUCCESS!

Ghanaian Athletes Stay Blessed, and be Proud of whatever results or efforts you all emit.

#TeamGHANA2012>>>Here We GOOO!!

From MeFiRi GHANA Team & GHANA! Xxx

Please Leave Your Support & words of Encouragement below>>

By Trey’C

GH Fashion Arise!

GHANA Takes the STAGE As It Hosts Africa’s Biggest & Baddest Fashion Show!


Ladies and Gentlemen!

If you love FASHION in any capacity and form, this event is a total must.

If this summer you know of any FASHIONISTAS, heading out to GHANA for the SUMMER Fiesta, then Please do share this Event, as it will be A BIG WINNER!

Glitz Africa Magazine, who are a Ghanaian owned celebrity/lifestyle magazine, and embrace and celebrate fashion designers across Africa especially in GHANA, have announced that its inaugural Fashion Week will be held in GHANA’s Capital ACCRA from August 17- 19, 2012

The Week Will Not Disappoint Guests At all, it will be highly enriched with Fashion POWER!

The Glitz Africa Fashion Week is tailored to provide a platform for Africa’s Fashion industry to showcase and flaunt its talents, network, celebrate each other and expose them to unchartered markets. It will be a 3 day international event at the Accra International Conference Centre from the 17th, 18th and 19th of August 2012.

The week will open plenty opportunities for young designers & models as well as increase visibility and promotion of brands associated. Glitz Africa Fashion Week will be produced by Big Ideaz Consult and Media Republic.

The Publisher of Glitz Africa Magazine, Claudia Lumor, in an interview said

 “We are one of the biggest and the fastest growing industries in the world in the fashion industry, WHY, well we have the most daring and dynamic young talents who are not shy to push the boundaries of creativity in the industry”.

The Fashion Industry needs various platforms like fashion weeks to sustain its rate of growth and for various brands to leverage and draw synergy from the glitz and glamour to help promote.”

The Glitz Africa Fashion team will be selecting from a list of top designers of African origin from Ghana, United Kingdom, United States of America and the entire African continent to showcase at 1 venue, with 10 fashions shows in 3 days, 40 international models, Seminars /Exhibition and International press.

The WEEK Will BE Blown UP with Fashion Amazement.

The event will be produced by Big Ideaz Consult, one of the leading event support and branding specialists in Ghana. The Glitz Africa Fashion week promises an unrivalled opportunity for various brands to draw affinity with their targets.

The week will unravel with plenty and glorious activities, and so much delight, in store!

An experience not to be missed!

Fashion is a beautiful art of creativity, embracing and celebrating fashion produces positivity and light.

If you do know of any models, designers, tailors or seamstresses heading out towards GHANA around the time, please do share this event.

MeFiRi GHANA, are proud to see GHANA’s Capital, taking responsibility to host this HUGE fashion mist.

Well Done GHANA! We LOVE You!

By Trey’C