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I was speaking about languages the other day, and it was interesting to see how people approach language and the reason behind it. I said I speak four languages. Truth! But I can read and write only two of them – English and Italian. I can speak and understand Fanti and Twi, but there’s so much work to be done around them because I don’t understand all things – i.e. proverbs.
My knowledge of these languages has been subject to needs and circumstances beyond my control for the most part.

Take English for example, I learnt it because I needed it for university. When I got accepted to study in England, that was a necessary move. When it comes to Italian, I had to learn it because my parents moved me to Italy when I was 8 years old. I had to go to school and live there (against my will lol) so I had to learn it. Before the age of 9, Twi was the only language I spoke fluently. I started learning and understanding Fanti properly when I started living with my dad (he’s Fanti, he refuses to speak Twi lol). I’d speak to him in Twi and he’d respond in Fanti! Some people argue that Fanti and Twi are the same, but they are not, although they are both Akan languages. I often think about them as Spanish and Italian: they both come from Latin, but have evolved differently. If one speaks Italian, one can kinda figure out some Spanish and be alright.

I think from the age of 10 or 11, in my household we spoke all four languages interchangeably (I had a little English going because my parents spoke it to my sisters and I sometimes).

In all this learning, credit goes to my parents for making sure I did not lose our native language. I have friends whose parents chose to speak only Italian or English to them. Some parents were tapping into their children’s knowledge to learn the language themselves – i.e. Italian. I believe the intention was great, but the result not so much because some friends ended up losing the ability to speak and/or understand our native languages.

I definitely want to work more on my Akan – Twi in particular. There are concepts that can never be translated into a Western language, because Western philosophy and ontology are different from Akan ways of being; and I think, because language is the medium through which concepts and ideas are formed, one can never understand a culture fully, unless one knows the language. I think Twi sounds fun and hilarious, Fanti sounds sweet, maybe that’s why some Takoradi boys got girls for days but anyway I digress.

Interesting fact: I don’t know how to count numbers in Twi. I’m learning now.

By Benjamina E. Dadzie

Another future hit in the making?




After dropping his “Finally Finally” album last year and consequently embarking on village tours in Ghana, the “Kill Me Shy” hitmaker has jumped on the Ghana and Afrobeat Chart again. His “1Step 2Back” hit single which was officially launched in Scotland about two weeks ago is currently on number 7 on the Global Afrobeats Chart with P-Square and Camp Mulla still battling the Number 1 position. It wasn’t a surprise to the populace when it entered the Showbiz and Citi Charts just a week after its release in Ghana.

Dr Cryme is very impressed with the media support and indicated that his next release party will be in Takoradi on September 21 at Paragon Night Club and Tarkwa on September 22. He mentioned that he will love to do an equitable promotion and enable the song sink into the Ghanaian showbiz system simultaneously. The song which is a very impressive Afrobeat, combines very good rap lines and is very easy to dance to.

Dr Cryme has a lot of awards to his credit including winning UK’s prestigious Golden Heart Award with D’Banj in 2011.The E-Jam Records CEO, Korsah-Brown indicated that there will be consistency in the release of singles as requested by fans. Next to be released will be a song that almost leaked in the UK, Dr Cryme featuring Sway entitled “You and I. Two Videos will also be dropped in September namely, “More Fan” and “1Step2Back”.

Edem is back again!!!

EDEM “Over again” Track Hits the Airwaves IN Ghana!!


EDEM’S latest single receives Massive Hype in GH..

Edem is known for his popular  hits such as: ‘U Dey Craze’, ‘Bra Fremi Fremi’, ‘Nyornuviade’, ‘Give It Up’ and many more. Edem has done massive collaborations with other Ghanaian acts such as Ghana’s pride Samini, the tongue-twisting Sarkodie, the ‘mad’ artist Kwaw Kesse and many more.

However his fresh new track ‘Over Again’ is receiving massive hype everywhere in Ghana – Tema, Takoradi, Kwahu, Accra. This tune was played and played, especially during the Easter festivities. There have been rumours that the official video for this song is yet to be shot again due to the quality, however that is yet to be confirmed.

The rapper uses pidgin dialect in the song which gives it that fierce sound, making it easy to relate to. I love the fact that Edem does all his music in the local Ewe language and he is the most notable rapper in the dialect at the moment. Yess! “ The most notable rapper”

Check it GUYS



Ghanaian Culture: Takoradi To Takeover?


 One place in Ghana that has steadily emerged over the years is the city of Takoradi. Sekondi-Takoradi (as it is sometimes named), comprising the twin cities of Sekondi and Takoradi, is the capital of the Western Region of Ghana. It is Ghana’s fourth largest city and an industrial and commercial center. The chief industries are timber, plywood, shipbuilding and railroad repair. It lies on the main railway lines to Accra and Kumasi and it has a lot of beautiful beaches which also attracts tourists worldwide.

It is a place I have yet to visit but somewhere I have heard so much about. There is talk that within a few years it may become a significant city in Ghana and may hold the key to Ghana’s growing economy. One of the reasons for this is Oil! The City is currently named (although not official) as the Oil City of Ghana due to the massive discovery of oil in the western region of Ghana in 2007 and has attracted massive migration from people all over the world. When I was in Accra in December 2010 I met several Chinese businessmen all of whom said they would be stopping off at Takoradi at some point! (Which tells its own story).

Takoradi is changing and is no longer being looked at as the “old industrial port city” it once was. Instead new villas with wide verandas are being built, transport Industry is improving and the city centre is to be redeveloped with high-rise buildings to provide more space for new businesses attracted by the oil find.

But then there is always a flipside to economic boom. As the city becomes more lucrative so does the demand for investment and resources. Which usually means one thing; rising prices! Residents of the city have already spoken of rising rent charges since the oil find in 2007. Ultimately the discovery of oil and the emergence of Takoradi as the central industrial hub can only be good for Ghana. But there will be winners and losers, the emergence of Takoradi may be described as a gift and a curse. But what do you think ? Is Takoradi inevitably about to become a major Ghanaian city and overshadow Accra and Kumasi? How will this affect the people in the western region? and does anyone live or visited Takoradi and if so what are your views on the city?

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Ben JK Anim-Antwi