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Volunteer in Ghana: Help!

Hi Guys, a young man approached us and has a sincere vision and passion for Ghana . Please find below a lil message regarding his endeavour as part of his University course which it will be great if we can all support.

Volunteer Architect: I hope to give Ghana something to be proud of yet something to call their own.

My name is Edem Kpodo and I have recently finished my 3rd year studying BA Architecture at Kingston University. This is a seven-year course that requires me to do a year’s work experience and then apply to study at post-graduate level.

I plan to gain architecture work experience in by volunteering building projects in rural parts of Ghana. Through this experience, I will learn firsthand, sustainable building methods using local materials in innovative ways. I have researched the way organisations such as the ‘Sabre Trust’ and ‘ARUP’ have developed places in Ghana for young children and it is truly inspirational.

I want to use architecture creatively to bring out the best of Ghana; not only to gain an experience for myself, but to give back to others in the process of doing so. In Ghana, culture is expressed in many ways such as music, fashion and art; I strive to pioneer to bring architecture to the forefront.



In 2009, I visited Ghana for the first time in fifteen years, I was so surprised at how much the cities had developed, and the rate it was developing. I wanted to be a part of this, and this hunger to give Ghana something to be proud of yet something to call their own continues to grow. I want African countries to use their past in their architecture but mostly in their life, as they cannot reject what they have experienced but certainly reject the mistakes made by the west and grow as people.

My message, as one who was born in England with Ghanaian parents, is that “You (Ghana) are known as the Gold Coast so allow yourself to shine”. I want to highlight and emphasise the beauty of a place to those who are very familiar to it. My grandmother is from Cape Coast and my dad spent his secondary school years there, so going to Shama, which isn’t far from this area, really hits home when thinking about who I am helping.

I am greatly inspired by the work of David Adjaye and what he has decided to do in Africa.  Whilst in Ghana I also plan to make a portfolio full of pictures and sketches to document the process and show what I learn each day. I will take on board fully the advice others give me and watch the way they work as I am very keen on seeing how the local skilled builders work and how they go about doing what they do.

In order to raise funds I am seeking funding opportunities and doing a Sponsored Run around an athletics track as many times as possible.

My goal is to raise a minimum of £2500 altogether.

3 months in Mpraeso in the Kwahu region cost:£880

2 months in Shama in the Western Region will cost£1100

Date of run: 10th September 2011

Location: Tooting Bec Athletic Track

Please sponsor me on PayPal: Edem Kpodo Architecture Sponsorship using emailEdemkpodo@live.com

Date of trip to Ghana: 19th September 2011

Please help me to make this possible and feel free to contact me for more information.

Thank you so much!