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Weekly Insight: Ola the Poet

“Modes of Transport”

Understanding that life is what you make it and the meaning of success is how you define it.

Education of the mind whether academic or self taught via experience is not measured by your grades or what you’ve been through but by your persistence.

You see Wisdom hails where faith begins and mental strength comes from those who endure through struggle.

If what is said to be responsibility the ability to respond to situations effectively then problems shouldn’t be in existence.

There comes a time when realisation hits the frontal lobe and faces you head on with reality.

Worrying about how you’re going to reach your destination with no materialistic view of getting there, we forget that we have been given a pair of limbs which translate to modes of transport.

 So see your destination in sight and pave through your journey because as much as life has become difficult even in daily living at least we have a pair of mode of transport to get us from seeing to achieving.

By Ola the Poet

Weekly Insight: Ola The Poet – Dark


The mirror reflects me. My shadow resembles me. The outline manifests my overall being an the dark infill is a carbon copy of my mind set.

If the sun was to shine on me. Do you think my shadow will glimmer? Would it twinkle a bit and show the light that’s in me? Or would it highlight my insecurities and fears?

Have you ever tasted cordial without dilution? It feels like an attack
on your taste buds. Similar to acid water shredding down your inner
mouth piece leaving you empty. Water is the best component, It has no enemy. But the sweet taste of something so rife is better than a light that dimmers in the dark. Would I glimmer in the dark?

Have you ever been so overwhelmed that you step out of your self? In a zone where only you communicate feelings of despair and faith, where understanding is clear but the only recipient is you? Where inadequacy becomes your bestie and lies become a favourite past time?

Have you ever been afraid of dreaming? Where your knitted thoughts are weaved into a realm of freedom? Where heartbeats follow the sound of your drums and fear isn’t a language. Have you ever felt empty? Like nothing else matters? Have you ever dreamt?

During the day your shadow is transparent because of the sun yet in
the dark it is a reflection of you when night falls. Did you know that you were the Sun and that your shadow only appears when you believe that darkness is where you reign?

Did you know that a King/Queen reigns during the storm, when the
clouds are dark and thunder hits with lighting bolts, did you know
then, only then you rise above your shadow and become THE LIGHT.

Only in your shadow will the outlines embody greatness, with trickles of anointing your mirror will show a reflection of struggles and pain.

So when you walk in the dark. Your shadow will exhibit your life through its outlines and they will see the light which reigns.

Only in darkness will light reign.

You are THE LIGHT.

By Ola the Poet

Weekly Insight: Ola The Poet – It’s OK…

It’s OK!

Salty eyes cause blind vision,
The aim of your bullet is to execute,
Now seeing is believing and with those eyes worlds are created with
Pacifics form in the lower deck of your eyelids,
Eyelashes manifest in the gathering of tears,
Droplets like rain and thunder,
As one splatters, the universe becomes separated,

One oval shaped teardrop multiplied in many create an instagram of your life,
The cuts that manipulate their way through my conscious,

Lead me to believe that its ok,
Like a drunk to whisky the sour scent lingers like fish in
Billingsgate market and expose me to honesty,

Once again I am reminded, it is Ok!
No photocopies this time round, the stained cheeks of Remel are tainted,
The occupation of my fluttering eyelashes like ostrich feathers became a chore when salt parted ways with me like Moses and the Red Sea,

Yet! In the mist of euphoria and red eyes, in the moment of synergy
and dynamics,
Of broken esteems and self integrity,
In a corner where drunkards relive bursting flames,
I am told, in a voice disguised as an angel,

It is Ok! To cry,
For waters that settle in vision are interpreted like the imprisoned Joseph,

It is Ok! To cry, the strength of you does not reduce but rather
increase, as a man who cries shows true emotion,

It is Ok! Your value doesn’t reside on your fallen tears, but in you
where redemption holds president.

It is Ok! To cry, for tears show humility and grace.

Grace hails from he who’s image you were made in.

It is OK to cry – let’s them flow buckets full and in time they will
read it like braille,
And every aspect will be highlighted in the midst of witnesses

It’s Ok! To cry – for the release of baggages are fluent than that of
a closed mouth.

By Ola the Poet

Ghanaian Culture: Black History Month

Ola the Poet Manaorlog

October in the UK represents Black History Month. A celebration of history. A time of dedication. A time of reflection. We all have gifts and talents, but how are we using them? How do we express it?

Wayne Rooney does so by playing Football…

Idris Elber does so by acting…

Ola The Poet does so through poetry…

Leave your comments below as you listen to the poem in the video below!

Weekly Insight: Ola The Poet – The Hospital

Today’s message stems from me being hospitalised for a week. The piece below is a reflection of my views on how I saw the hospital environment and my experience. But I’m looking at it through my faith as a Christian. Exploring Real Love. The type of healing Love, that love you feel when you get visitors and good food. Now! Imagine if Love was a patient. Would you treat it?

Love is a patient,

So I’m at the A&E waiting area as an inpatient but am I that patient to wait?
They say ‘Love‘ is a losing game if you play it. As I wait I see a few
sittting down. They look like they have played it.

Three faces in particular. Promiscuity, Trust Issues and Insecurity, In a shy attempt not to acknowledge them we lock eyes, direct in their peripheral I clock a faint picture,
What I thought was an blank canvas was a painfully coloured palet.

One by one they entered the nurses clinic for assessment, each one
moves further the recovery route, willingly!

Apparently they were too ill to still be in the waiting area and hospitals have budget cuts hourly. Unfortunately! I repeatedly got told to wait.

I wasn’t ready for my recovery route. I was diagnosed with a fragmented heart. Broken pieces that were trying to stay glued together by a thread of hope.

So I waited! Time slowed down in motion when rushing. My ears saw the transformations made as my eyes tasted what recovery could be like and my lips, well my lips tingled in sensation to the thought of being free from incarnation.

A&E held me hostage. My mind was set. I wasn’t going to be impatient waiting any longer. I was going to be an inpatient moving through recovery.

I had realised only one thing was stopping me from being an outpatient and that was the blood that was shed for me. For the personification of Love is Christ himself and in him I am healed.

Looking back to seeing Promiscuity, Trust Issues & Insecurity heading to recovery. I noticed the nurses were prayer warriors and the assessment was the translation of their testimony. The recovery route was the belief in his word.

So you see, when we aren’t “READY” we are blind to our surroundings and are comfortable with wasting time. Love does not pay the bills, love does not put food on the table.

On the contrary. Love, pure Love, unconditional Love, given so freely by him inputs the tools you need to put food on the table and pay the bills.

For prayer opens up any formidable gates.

Love is a patient. If it was me. Would you treat me?

Though the FLESH wounds the SPIRIT heals.

Weekly Insight: Ola The Poet – Reality

A wise man once said to me “accept the reality that is because arguing with it is just wasting time“.

I pondered on it over a cup of cinnamon mocha with marshmallows in a hidden coffee shop at the back of Well St, whilst sipping on the taste of heaven I saw two school girls, at 9:35pm and they were walking the streets of Hackney with pride and ease. One had made a boob tube out of her school shirt, wearing pop socks and knee high skirt, the other wearing the uniform as its supposed to.

In my mind I wondered if their parents knew where they were, I also wondered why two opposite appearances could walk the street together and be so free.

In judging a book by its cover, with the cover looking so obvious to
what you perceive the truth to be, I for a second thought about the
girl confidently flaunting her temple. Could it be that she was
expressing herself or that she was intentionally luring male attention to herself whilst her friend deflected it

They both walked passed the window, with their piercing eyes
translating a different story. I continued to sip on heaven, the taste
of the cream resembled what I wanted life to be like, smooth, the
slight bitter taste of the coffee resembled my current equilibrium,
black, bitter yet strong, the marshmallows represented the sweet
things in my life, laughter and good food.

My eyes fixated on my reflection and my mind escaped me to a place I hadn’t been in a while. I remembered being judged on the way I looked. They used to say I was dark, but berries were my favourite fruits so I got sweeter every time the sun kissed me, for a while that was and still is my reality.

I swallowed my last swig of mocha then stepped out the shop and into a world outside of me, I strolled to my comfortable place only to see the two school girls standing at my door. They were a projection of my past. Allowing me to feed into stereotypes and inadequacy, thinking a particular way of life was easier and better because of attention gained. Yet the real thing I was seeking is in the daily bread.

By the time warmth caressed me in my box room they had disappeared into thin air. Loneliness greeted me once again and I pondered on what that wise man said to me. He said “accept the reality that is because arguing with it is just wasting time“. Like a chime it tuned my system long enough for sleep to take me. Nowadays I use that as a template to teach me, not to argue with reality but to change it and tailor it to my future. Realising to affect change you cannot change the now arguing by with it.

Our lives are filled with possibilities that we cannot imagine, but due to current mental state and experiences we become stagnant in that our visions. Reality is that our minds feed our soul, so becoming
fruitful won’t happen if we are stuck in a one dimensional mind state.

We have to keep it moving!!!

By Ola The Poet
Twitter: @olathepoet

Weekly Motivation: Ola The Poet…

“I saw a man once, sitting outside Hackney Central station.
He was wearing a grandad cap, beige I think, playing the Harmonica. The sounds drew me close to him so I stood and listened…

Each note felt my energy and I felt there’s.
That kind of harmony that makes your spine tingle,
simple does it” he said when he finished. He said “the moment of
truth defines itself when you define who you are, the moment you step out of your box and see the world”.

Faced down he looked up at me. He said “Ahhh Yes! I know you, I used to be you“.

My mind, body and soul lost sync, my emotions flyered up and like a raisin in the sun it dried and shrivelled. In the midst of all the
commotion when time moved like a still panther I saw him cry.
Can I ask you? “have you ever seen a blind man cry?,

They looked like pale blue, I watched as it journeyed from settling in his eyes to landing on my cheeks.

He asked me “does God still love me?” a question I ponder on ever
night as I sleep on my soaking pillow. I answered “everyday I wake up and everyday I walk, everyday I see and most days I eat“. He smiled.

He told me before the wind blew our seas away and the rain washed our sin. “in the beginning was the word and the word was with God”.

Baffled as to why he would say that he continued. The life of a man is not dependant on his material riches. The poorest man has more to offer than a man who is consumed with his riches. Wealth comes from within and prevails in what you do. Life breaths from within.

Its what you do with it. With a certain warmth he said “walk your path my child”.

As I walked the last 200 yards home I asked myself “if life is worth
living then why aren’t I living? Motivation comes from within so why aren’t I striving?”

A book has many chapters, I wrote a page on mine with the music from him and his words inked my cerebral like they were tattoos on my arms. I can see them. The transparent few who look beneath me and criticise, the ones who judge. The answer isn’t in your speech but in you steps, your stride, your grace.

Oh yes! The answer is YOU!!!”

By Ola The Poet

Twitter: @olathepoet