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The Ama.K Abrebese Foundation…. Say No To Skin Bleaching & Skin Toning Campaign

Ama K Abrebese launches anti Skin Bleaching Campaign



After reading a report on ‘Skin Bleaching’  by the former Director General of the Ghana Health Service, Professor Agyeman Badu Akosa, and his call for an anti skin bleaching campaign to be launched. Ama K Abebrese decided to heed to that call with the Love Your Natural Skin tone… Say No to Skin bleaching and Skin Toning campaign. She has enlisted the help of fellow media personalities singer and actress Paulina Oduro, actress Nana Ama McBrown and model Hamamat Montia

Skin Bleaching is highly prevalent in Ghana and seems to be on the increase, it has over the years come to be rebranded as skin ‘toning’.  However skin toning is no difference from skin bleaching.

untitled 1The campaign brings together these personalities with different skin tones that range from darker skinned to lighter skinned.  The aim of the campaign is to encourage Ghanaians to love their natural skin tone they were born with, and resist the practice of skin bleaching. To highlight the risks and dangers of using different chemicals, lotions pills etc that are associated with decreasing the melanin in the skin by bleaching. To also get as many discussing the topic of skin bleaching/toning and incite debates about the issues regarding bleaching. This campaign is not about judgment or pointing fingers as to whom has bleached or has not bleached, but about uplifting the beauty of the  natural African skin and rejecting the notion that black skin in all its different shades is not beautiful.

The campaign  created by the Ama K. Abebrese Foundation,  is supported by DDP Outdoors Ltd, RVQ Visuals Studios, Dzidzis, The Wolfpack Life, Signature Qlass and media support from TV3, Citi FM, Daily Guide, Newsone, The Mirror and The Finder.

It has already been launched online, and there billboards that have been mounted in various streets in Accra and Kumasi. You can join the campaign here – https://www.facebook.com/ilovemynaturalskintone

Check out the promotional video below

Follow the official  campaign hashtags – #ilovemynaturalskintone   #saynotoskinbleaching


Ghanaian movies…….

The parallel between local and English ones

If you have travelled to Ghana before, you would know it is quite impossible to take a walk around the city centres and not come across a Ghanaian movie shop of some kind. The movie shops often small, cosy and yet packed and filled with movies on the floor, on the shelves, everywhere.

The Ghanaian movie industry often known as ‘Ghollywood’ has become one of the most well recognised industries in Ghana. An industry that has evolved and flourished over the years, it has become a large platform fit to promote Ghana to the world, and tell African stories.


The term ‘Ghanaian movies’ when looking at it without ambiguity is easy to understand, but when looking at the industry acutely, I want to say there are two sides of the same coin.

I came to this realisation, whilst during a holiday in Ghana, an uncle and I had for a task to buy a movie the whole family could enjoy, and we ended up arguing on which movie is best to buy. I wanted to get out of the shop and step into the sunny daylight with a Twi movie featuring Agya Koo, while the latter wanted to enjoy a Ghanaian English movie featuring Majid Michel.

We ended up buying the one my uncle chose, a movie that actually became one of my most favourites. If a movie is well produced, it could appeal to anyone, even to Ghanaians not so keen on watching non-local movies initially.

As a Ghanaian living in the diaspora growing up, watching a native movie, would mean watching one in the local language, I enjoyed them, be it the scenery set for the scenes or hearing the intonations of the spoken Twi through the various characters. There are others, who as much as they love the local language would prefer to watch a Ghanaian movie in English instead, the reasons may be that these movies suits their tastes, expectations or interests better.


Local movies and Ghanaian English movies, I believe should equally be on the same level in terms of promoting Ghana to the world or improving the industry. A local movie subtitled in English, if produced properly has a chance of being liked by non-Ghanaians also. A movie produced well with a good plot cannot be limited to a language, if it is interesting, people would watch it.

Now, I believe many producers and directors are becoming more aware of this fact, as the number of Ghanaian movies featuring Ghanaian actors known to act in local movies and actors kn own to act in the English sector are increasing.

An example of such movie is the 2012 movie ‘Joni Waka’ produced by Van Vicker, featuring Agya Koo and himself as the two main characters.

And a new Venus Productions film titled ‘Bachelors’ starring Liwin, Nana Ama McBrown, Jackie Appiah and others.

The Ghanaian movie industry is one that is embellishing, giving way for variety and originality.

Myriam Osei @AngelPeaceJoy

Ghana Music Awards Europe 2013 Review

Ghana Music Awards Europe 2013 – a major disappointment

 gma 2013

So its safe to say that the 2013 Ghana Music Awards Europe that took place on Friday 9th August at the IndigO2 was a major flop. I made the really bad decision of attending the event, thinking I was in for a great night – how wrong was I!

I must say that I had misgivings about going. I mean, Ghanaian events in the UK don’t exactly have a great track record when it comes to being organised. However a friend told me last year GMA Europe was quite good, and looking at the artist line up this year (Sarkodie, Kojo Antwi, Fuse ODG, Pat Thomas, Atumpan and others), I thought I might as well give it a shot.

I got to the venue just after midnight and to me the turnout was quite disappointing. After this event being billed as the biggest night in Ghanaian music in Europe, I expected to find a packed venue. But the VIP area had plenty of empty seats, and the standing section was barely filled. This did not bode well , and the night progressively got worse from there.

I had expected to find the show under way when I got there, but the host for the night DJ Abrantee didn’t come on stage until almost 1am. And the show was supposed to have started at 9pm…I must say co-host Nana Ama McBrown was a pleasant surprise – her rendition of R2Bees hit ‘Walahi’ showed that not only was she a talented actress but she can hold her own on the mike as well! But she only came on for about 5 mins at the start of the show and the was it – I didn’t see her on stage again.

The event finally got under way and when it was time to give out the awards, guess what? The winners were not even there to collect them. Which is understandable – I mean not everyone nominated could fly here for the event right? However none of the artists based in Ghana nominated were present, a fact that was not well received by the crowd, who subsequently booed every time it was announced that the winner unfortunately couldn’t make it.

The only thing that could have saved the night was the performances from Sarkodie, Kojo Antwi and Pat Thomas. Not to say that the other UK based Ghanaian artists weren’t good. I regularly see Fuse ODG, Mista Silva, Skob, Kwamz, Flava, Gizmo and Sonni Balli at Ghanaian events all the time, the most recent being Ghana Party in the Park just last week, so I wasn’t really looking forward to their performances as much I was to Sarkodie, Kojo Antwi and Pat Thomas (and I’m sure I wasn’t alone on this). But surprise surprise they were a no show. No explanation was given as to their absence – I later learned that Kojo Antwi had turned up too late to the venue so security did not allow him in.

By now it was around 3am and I had had enough. Even though the event was still going on I left feeling like the event organisers had cheated myself and others who attended out of our money. The main artists that were supposed to perform didn’t turn up, the show started late and dragged on for way too long and the overall organisation of the night was extremely poor.

However the evening wasn’t all bad – I did enjoy Charsay‘s , Fuse’s and Mista Silva’s performances. But based on what transpired on Friday night will I go to next year’s GMA Europe? Right now the answer is a resounding no.

By Yaa Nyarko