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Change in GH – Telecommunications

The rise of Mobile Telecommunication


One of the most visible changes in Ghana over the last five years has been the growth of the mobile phone industry. If the truth be told mobile communication has grown massively all over Africa with companies wanting a piece of this newest lucrative marker.

In Ghana nowadays everybody and their grand mama (my grandma literally owns one!) now has a cell phone. Sim cards cost a mere cedi. There are currently 5 cell phone networks, with MTN being the biggest, followed by Vodafone, Tigo, Airtel and Zain.

A lot of younger Ghanaians and businessmen/women have two or three handsets and news spreads fast. But the biggest effect can be seen on the streets, that is the number of young Ghanaians, men and women who make their living by selling phone credits (Street vendors). Entertainment events/shows and TV programmes are also often sponsored by the mobile phone companies.

Mobile phone access in Ghana is quickly outpacing that of landline phones and changing the nature of communication.  According to social surveys it is estimated that three quarters of the population have used or owned a mobile phone for some purpose in within the last year.

The development of the telecommunication industry in the country is one typical area among others that has flourished because of a stable working environment in Ghana. These telecommunication industries have employed the majority of youth in the country, thereby bringing job opportunities to many young people

Mobile phone usage in Ghana is likely to change rapidly over the next several years as new applications and phone models become available.

What do you think of the growth of Mobile telecommunication in Ghana? Is it good for society?

Ben Jk Anim-Antwi (Kwesi)

Me FiRi GHANA interviews Sir Richard Branson for MTV Base Africa

Me FiRi GHANA Co-Founder had the opportunity to be one of five young people who were selected to interview Sir Richard Branson for MTV Base Africa’s NEW MEETS TV Show in conjunction with MTN

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Dare to live you dreams too…

Me FiRi GHANA Meets Richard Branson – Part 1

“Screw it Lets Do It”: You never know what could happen unless you try…

So a few weeks back I was 1 of 5 young people selected in the UK to meet none other than Sir Richard Branson as part of MTV Base (Africa) Meets TV Show, in conjunction with MTN.


So let’s go back to the beginning, how did the Co-Founder of Me FiRi GHANA get to meet one of the most celebrated Entrepreneurs ever… Well, an email was circulated about an opportunity to meet a successful entrepreneur as part of the MTV Base (Africa) Meets TV Show. At this point no one told us who it would be, it was just an opportunity!

So I sent an email with some details they requested and before I know it I get an email and phone call from a number with +241 (or something like that) calling me. It was one of the producers from South Africa saying that I had been shortlisted for an interview in two day’s time!

How random is that. I have always wanted to be that person who won those tickets on radio or who got selected to win a trip to America I mean Ghana 😀 but was never proactive enough to cease the opportunity and enter. This one time I do and I get short listed. C-R-A-Z-Y, well, I guess what I’m trying to say is you never know what could happen unless you try…

To cut a long story short, I get interviewed by the amazing Producer (not sure if I’m allowed to mention your name :D) for like 4 minutes and on my way to Church the next day I receive a text at 10:47 saying I’ve been selected and will need to go that same afternoon to a hotel for a de brief to then meet and interview Sir Richard Branson the day after that; the way I could have crashed my car LOLOL.


Picture Taken by Ernest Simons

Photography Picture taken by West Coast Photography

Never would I have imagined that I would meet let alone seek advice from Sir Richard Branson – well actually I kind of did but did not think it will be at this young age! All that we the Me FiRi GHANA Team are doing is living our dream and following our passion, our love for Ghana. Never in a trillion years would we have expected such experiences to come from it. But again, I guess you never know what could happen unless you try…