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Opportunity to win $10,000 dollars!

MyAfrica photo competition

MyAfrica photo competition is an opportunity for African people of all ages and abilities to submit an image which, for them, best illustrates what they feel will shape the continent over the next 10 years.

The Mo Ibrahim Foundation (MIF) is seeking images that capture Africa in its many diverse settings and communities, depicting the developments, challenges and opportunities that could potentially characterize the next decade.

The theme is open to each person’s interpretation but the MIF is looking for beautiful, inspiring and original photographs.

Anyone can apply via mo.ibrahim.foundation/my-africa

So grab your cameras!


A winner will be selected for each category:

1st prize: Professional photographer: $10,000 USD

2nd prize: Amateur: $10,000 USD

3rd prize: Under 18s: $10,000 USD, which will be divided between the winner ($5,000 USD) and his/her school ($5,000 USD)

Entries will be judged by the MIF team. All photographs must be submitted by 5pm on 3 June 2016.