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A NIGHT WITH THE COMPOZERS – 19 December 2013, Bernie Grant Arts Centre, Tottenham

A warm & intimate evening with musical genius

Like many of you, my first exposure to The Compozers came at the Grand Finals of Miss Ghana UK 2013. Intrigued by a name which declared ingenuity & class, I was blown away by the eclectic acoustics and superstar swagger of this band of Ghanaian talent who breathed new life into yesterday’s Hiplife classics and today’s Afrobeat bangers. Social media blew up with excitement in the following days as The Compozers were elevated to a brand new level of exposure.

Following an extremely busy few months, Thursday 19th December was another platform for these exceptional young Ghanaian musicians to deliver, as they took to the stage for an intimate showcase wholly dedicated to those who have supported them so diligently so far.

It was impressive to behold the following that the Compozers have cultivated. To be able to draw such heaving numbers on a rainy weeknight, pushing the capacity of the venue to its limit and beyond, was an incredible feat. The Bernie Grant Arts Centre bustled with the bold and the beautiful of the young African community, who all bristled with anticipation as The Compozers prepared away from view.

When they finally appeared, it was worth the wait. The Compozers exploded onto the scene and left their mark, parading through a cascade of slow jams & hip-hop tunes with effortless swagger. Throughout the night, they were supported by various performers such as afrobeat artist Chuks, the emotive acoustic guitarist Cameron & dance troupe Afrika – the free mic providing an ample breeding ground for up-and-coming talent.

This was the Compozers’ night however. They brought gargantuan energy and awesome vibe as the arena trembled with tunes which played to every emotion, taking the audience for a walk down memory lane and a spin through the chart-toppers of today. From Aaliyah’s Rock The Boat, to Lethal B’s Pow! (which was so good it almost damn-near caused a riot!), from Blackstreet to Drake, from the dance tunes which are ruling the chart to the afrobeat sounds they are renowned for, every rendition was pitch perfect, flawlessly formed for maximum impact.

The Compozers had even mastered a track from Beyoncé’s new album which had just been released exactly a week prior to the event! Amazing. The acoustic banter between David, bassist Nana & guitarist Ben was a sight to behold. Audience members couldn’t even stop themselves from showering Charlie the keyboardist with money notes during the rendition of Ciara’s Body Party, it was that good!

When the highly-anticipated Afrobeat set finally dropped as the grand finale of the night, the Compozers ensured every single soul in the building lost composure. The afrobeat playlist was relentless, every hit colossal in impact – and the Compozers’ prodigiously talented & popular drummer Stephen ensured that every beat forced even the dullest of bones to submit.
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The masterful Compozers had a trick up their sleeve which unfolded throughout the night – this night was one where the audience were the vocalists, co-stars, just as much a part of the show as the band themselves. The crowd swayed, and azonto’d, and sung every note – and they finally became one with The Compozers during the Afrobeat set, with the stage heaving with throngs of people skanking and dancing as hit after glorious hit were dropped with no mercy.

This was a night which surpassed all expectations; and the frightening thing is that The Compozers are only going to get better – the only way for these exceptional Black Stars is up! This runaway success of a showcase left every single person in attendance already anticipating the next time they will spend A Night With The Compozers.

Jermaine Bamfo @Dr_Jabz27

For excerpts of the night, check out the official Compozers Instagram at @compozers, and my own personal Instagram @jabz27. And for consensus from those who attended, check out on twitter the hashtag #anightwiththecompozers