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Introducing…. Dr Jermaine Bamfo

From early adversity to present success

Dr. Jermaine Bamfo is a 25 year old trainee medic/surgeon of Ghanaian heritage. He was brought up in East London, the son of an acclaimed Bishop and a Senior Staff Nurse. Originally thought to be a special needs child (because all he could speak and understand was Twi & Ga, no English!), Jermaine quickly proved otherwise, becoming a mainstay of the Gifted & Talented programme through primary and secondary school level, culminating in becoming a representative of Tower Hamlets Schools & visiting the Department of Education. Leaving secondary school with 15 GCSEs, which included 5 As and 5 A* grades, Jermaine begun to pursue success across the nation, claiming a First Class Bachelors in Anatomy & Human Biology at the University of Liverpool, before entering the fiercely-competitive Graduate-Entry Medicine scheme at Imperial College London, taking his position as one of only 50 successful entrants beating out more than 1000 applicants. In 2013, Jermaine became the first ever person of black African descent to successfully graduate from Imperial College London’s Graduate-Entry Medicine Scheme. He is currently thriving training as a qualified doctor in Northern Ireland.


Jermaine has engaged many youths over the past years by being a part of many mentoring and tutoring schemes, believing in the importance of building up Afro-Caribbean youths in a difficult world which always seems determined to see the worst in them. He is very passionate about charity and is currently engaging with the Liesel Angel Trust, the British Red Cross and the GUBA Foundation.

Jermaine is known by many for his talent for art, with his drawings claiming the attention of stars such as Meagan Good. He is a fervent churchgoer, and a die-hard supporter of Liverpool FC, and has an eye for photography & design, being the moderator and designer for many social media pages and promotions for a variety of pursuits. He is also the personal manager of the current Miss Ghana UK 2013, and is the creative hand behind all her social media and promotional work. However one area which Jermaine has always had passion for is his writing, and this young Black Star hopes that his addition to the writing team for the Me Firi Ghana Blog will prove to be the perfect platform on which he can amalgamate his love for both writing and his homeland of Red Gold and Green.

Dr Jermaine Bamfo Me Firi Ghana salutes you!

As mentioned Jermaine Bamfo is a resident blogger at Me Firi Ghana. Catch more posts from this inspiring young man right here on the Me Firi Ghana blog or you can follow him on twitter; @Dr_Jabz27

WAM Campaign – Are you in Ghana this xmas?

So what is the WAM Campaign all about I here you ask? Well as most of you may know the Me FiRi GHANA team are in Ghana soaking up the atmosphere, learning more about the culture and catching the hot, yes HOT rays of sunshine. But amongst all the fun and games we will also be giving a few of our days and most importantly our time to two orphanages, one based in Accra and the other in Tamale.

We will be playing games, watching films, singing songs, teaching them life skills and taking them places they would not normally experience on a day to day basis.

We will be in the Family Outreach Centre in Accra (flower pot region, near Spintex) for 4 days however, on the 30th of December between 12pm and 3pm we will have an open day to anyone in Ghana who would like to come down and  join us by spending time and having fun with the kids. Feel free to bring with you anything, yes anything you would like to give to them, anything would be greatly appreciated.  It costs nothing to give your time to young people who don’t experience the privileges or love we once had as children around the christmas period

If you would like to join us please feel free to contact us at info@mefirighana.com of give us a call on 0549585597

So what is the WAM project? It stands for WHAT ABOUT ME? But the question you should really asking yourself is ‘Is it really about me…?

Me FiRi GHANA Inspired: Quote of the Day

Give someone a fish and they eat for a day, but teach them to fish and they eat for a lifetime

Me FiRi GHANA Inspired: Quote of the Day

The greatest gift you can give to someone is your time because  you are giving some part of your life which you can never get back

Me FiRi GHANA Inspired: Quote of the Day

Sometimes a small thing you do can mean everything in another person’s life

Have a listen to the below audio to get even more inspiration this Monday Morning…

Me FiRi GHANA Inspired: Quote of the Day

When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one that has opened for us

Me FiRi GHANA Inspired: Quote of the Weekend

“When someone tell you the sky is the limit, remember that there are footprints on the moon…”

Me FiRi GHANA Inspired: Quote of the Day

The only time you should look down on a person, is when you are bending over to pick them up! Have a great week…”

Me FiRi GHANA Inspired: Quote of the Day

Regret looks back. Worry looks around. Vision looks forward. Which direction are you looking?”