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Me FiRi Ghana stocked at Ghana International Airport!

It was with great pleasure that we are pleased to announce that Me FiRi Ghana Clothing will now be available for retail at Ghana’s International Airport!

It is said a journey of “A 1000 miles begins with 1 step.” Well all Glory be to God as another step has been taken on this journey

To celebrate we will:

1. Be offering discounts on ALL our products at Ghana Party in the Park

2. Anyone who comes Ghana Party in the Park wearing their Me FiRi Ghana Clothing receives a special lil something!

3. For our New Designs to be launched later in the year we are looking for ONE Male and ONE Female Model to be Brand Models, so come and get snapped at our live photoshoot at Ghana Party in the Park where the search begins


If you would like to feature on our website, send us an image of you wearing your Me FiRi Ghana clothing so we can celebrate with you too

Think Ghana! Think Me FiRi Ghana…


Ghana Fashion & Design Week Auditions!

Calling all interested in Ghana Fashion & Design and Modelling…


Ghana-Fashion-Week-Me-FiRi-GHANA-dot-COMI cannot wait for Ghana’s Fashion and Design Week to begin. The three day model casting event is set to launch on 9th – 11th April 2012 and will showcase the incredible and fresh talent the country has to offer. The annual event is aimed at developing the industry to worldwide standards, creating jobs in the fashion segment and a chance for young inspiring Ghanaians to present their work to the world. GFDW 2012 will showcase fabulous collections by selected Ghanaian designers who are established or emerging into the fashion scene. Also, the three day period would consist of an exhibition hub displaying a range of creative brands and fashion business seminars with networking opportunities. For visitors they can expect to watch the catwalk show, have consultations with top makeup artists as well as the chance to have a makeover which has been newly introduced.

With the event fast approaching, the organizers are calling all male and female models to walk the runway show. If you feel you have what it takes and are available for show dates why not apply as there are no restrictions for models that live outside Ghana. Check out below for more information or alternatively go onto the official website http://www.ghanafashiondesignweek.com/

WHEN: Monday 9th, Tuesday 10th or Wednesday11th April (11.00am-4:00pm)

WHERE: The Regus Centre, 5 Roman road, Roman Ridge, off Borstal avenue, Accra, Ghana

TIME: 11.00 am – 4.00pm

Important NoticeIt is advised that Models who do not live in Ghana email their Photos and statistics Information if they have not already done so (Please see requirements) to be considered in the process, and only attend if it is feasible for you to do so, as travelling to Ghana may incur cost for you. They aim to review all Models applications in the casting process and are happy to feature Models should they fit the criteria and are passionate to walk the runway.

Please bring with you:

* Pair of high heels (to see you walk)




If you do apply good luck and please let us know how you get on.

Ghana UK Fashion Show

Ghanaian Designers rock 1st Annual Ghana/UK Fashion Show

The first annual Ghana UK Fashion Show went off to a fantastic start on Sunday night as the best of Ghanaian UK designers gathered to showcase their best work.

The fashion show which was organised by Ghanaian Divas took place on Sunday at the sophisticated RS Lounge in London. Ghanaian designers established here in the UK such as Cedi Designs, Bubushiiky, House of Adjeiwaa, Sasaique, Adopted Culture, Jessique Design, Yaa Ohenewa Textiles, Gifted, Me FiRi GHANA,  Albliz and Yaa Ataa Bags all came together to dazzle the audience with the vivid and stylish creations.

Me_FiRi_GHANA_Ghana_Fashion_Show_Ghanaian_DivasDressed in various African print designs and hoping to get snapped by the various photographers present at the event, many people turned up for the show despite the cold. Natasha Adade, CEO of Ghanaian Divas, and the woman responsible for putting the show together said, “I put this show together to bring Ghanaian UK designers under one roof and showcase their talents.” And talented is indeed the word that best describes the designers who took part in the show. Showcasing various pieces of clothing such as trousers, shorts, evening gowns, dresses, shoes and beautiful handbags and accessories, the designers proved that their designs were indeed worthy of the catwalk. Strutting down the catwalk to excellent music, beautiful models brought their designers’ creations to life amid bright lights and cameras.

Me_FiRi_GHANA_Ghana_Fashion_Show_Ghanaian_Divas2The night was a huge success and everyone who attended enjoyed themselves immensely. Speaking to some of the guests in attendance, many congratulated the organisers for putting an excellent show together. However some were not happy with the late start and the size of the venue. But since it was the first show, they felt that the organisers will learn from this one and make next year’s how even better. Yaa Ataa, the designer behind Yaa Ataa Bags said, “It was a really great show. But I think next year the designers should have a set number of pieces they can showcase and set of models they can use.” This was because there was some confusion as to how many pieces of the designers could showcase and due to time restraints, some could not showcase all their designs.

Nana Afua Antwi of Adopted Culture also added, “It was quite stressful as I had to use other designers’ models, but it was still good for a first show”.


Hopefully the fashion show is one of the many events that will showcase the talents of Ghanaians living in the UK. Abena the Actress who was also present at the event said, “It’s about time we promote the Ghana fashion scene in the UK. If we don’t do it ourselves then who will?

By Yaa Nyarko

Ghana News: Amber Rose Supports local fashion

The beautiful Amber rose was more than honoured to host one the most biggest events in Ghana this year the “ Vodafone 020 live concert”. The jaw dropping model hosted part of the event whipped from head to toe with natural fabrics; which clearly enhanced her beautifully blessed hips.

Amber_Rose_in_Ghana_Ghanaian_CultureThe model tweeted asking for any local Ghanaian designers who’d like her to wear their garment on the night should to give her a call! If Me FiRi GHANA had seen that tweet, charleeeeeee loool we would have swam to the Dome!

However, looks like the designers KNAF COUTURE and NONTERAH headed for the buzz. These Fashion Guru’s certainly showed Amber how we “Ghanaians” do it big!! The intricate designs, exaggerated but tasteful sweet costumes certainly proved what Ghana has to offer!

I have to say, as a proud British born Ghanaian I’m proud of how well Ghana is productively producing the best of the best who are helping to showcase to the world what GHANA has to flaunt off! Yes we may be an African country, but we are certainly giving France, UK and US a run for their money in the fashion industry.

To view the glamorous African inspired outfits go to:


Image http://mrsgrapevine.com/


Ghanaian Culture: GHANA Flag – Who Designed it?


Flying high The Ghana Flag boxing gloves hanging in your interior mirrors in the car.

Flying high The Ghana Flag, in your windows!

Flying high The Ghana Flag as your wrist bracelet!

Flying high The Ghana Flag on your Me FiRi GHANA Shirt!

Flying high The Ghana Flag on your scarve!

Flying high The Ghana Flag on your key chains!

Flying high The Ghana Flag on your head scarves!

Flying high The Ghana Flag on your chains & blings!

Have you ever thought about who actually Designed our Ghana Flag?

We all go about, representing our country in diverse ways, but have we thought about who actually sat down and took their precious time to intricately and perfectly design our; Beautiful Flag GHANA?

Well, let me inform YOU……….

According to wikipedia,



*The Ghana Flag was designed by Mrs. Theodosia Okoh to replace the flag of the United Kingdom upon attainment of independence in 1957.

*The Ghana Flag was flown until 1959, and then reinstated in 1966.

*It consists of the Pan-African colours of red, yellow, and green, in horizontal stripes, with a black five-pointed star in the centre of the gold stripe.

*The Ghanaian flag was the first African flag after the flag of Ethiopia to feature these colours.

-The red represents the blood of those who died in the country’s struggle for independence,

-The gold represents the mineral wealth of the country,

The green symbolises the country’s rich forests and natural wealth,

& The black star stands for the lodestar of African freedom.

The black star was adopted from the flag of the Black Star Line, a shipping line incorporated by Marcus Garvey that operated from 1919-1922, also proudly giving the Ghana national football team their nickname The Black Stars.

Flag_of_GhanaSo we should be able to Fly High Our Ghanaian Flag, but to proudly Fly it High knowing what’s behind the colours, and acknowledge and have in mind the Designer. So if someone asks you about what the paint slats of your Me FiRi Ghana Top or Ghana Flag means, You know what to say!

I believe us Ghanaians are just blessed, I mean Mrs. Theodosia Okoh, designed The Perfect Flag for our Nation, The Ghana Flag was meant to be, and Mrs. Theodosia Okoh was gifted as well as talented, with the minds, and ideology of creating a masterpiece simple yet Powerful ..


Let us know what you think below!

By Trey’C

Miss Ghana UK 2011

We will be at Miss Ghana UK 2011 with our Me FiRi GHANA Clothing on Sale. We will be doubling up alongside Ernest Simons Photography who will be snapping away taking instand photo’s on the night.

Ladies, ensure you’ve got that pose ready and guys, practice squinting in the mirror 😉

It’s going to be a memorable night so make sure you embrace some of Ghana this Saturday

Event: MISS GHANA UK 2011
Date: 10th September 2011
Venue: Troxy
Address: 490 Commercial Rd London E1 ONX
Venue Address: Troxy 490 Commercial Rd London E1 ONX
Event Start time:  7:00 PM
Event End time: 3:00 AM

More Info: www.ghanauk.com