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‘Wanlov the Kubolor’


‘Wonlov the Kubolor’ uncovered!

Do you know who he is?

Do you know where he hailed from?

‘Do you know Wanlov the Kubolor’?

Why the name, what does Kubolor mean?

I was quite confused with the name myself however found out that Kubolor is a Ga word and its means a vagabond.

The man himself was born as Emmanuel Owusu-Bonsu.

The Romanian born was born to an Ashanti man and a Romanian woman; he is the brother of Ghanaian model and TV show host Deborah Vanessa Owusu-Bonsu, Kubolor was born into fame.

Emmanuel Owusu-Bonsu is fluent in Twi, English, Romanian, and Pidgin. He began rapping his favourite lyrics with high school friends and performing the local circuit in Cape Coast & Takoradi in Ghana while attending Adisadel College.

Kubolor also known as Spooky, was very much known for his performances which mainly was influenced by artists such as Busta Rhymes and Snoop dogg.

His talent, charisma, and lyrical skill landed him in the United States of America (to pursue higher education), and whilst there, he proved his skills in the freestyle circuit of the south.

In just two years of residence in Temple, Texas, Wanlov won citizens of the local emcees in the Central Texas area.

Wanlov’s widely acclaimed versatility is heard on his debut album “Green Card”, released in 2007 on his return to Ghana after a 7-year stay in the States. Being nominated at the 2008 Ghana Music Awards for “Discovery of The Year”, “Record of The Year”, “Video of The Year” & “Hip Hop Song of The Year”, shows that Kubolor’s contribution has made a strong impression on his people. Already being referred to as a classic in less than a year since its release, Kubolor’s debut album went on to capture the hearts and minds of the people all over the world.

Wanlov has collaborated and shared stages with Femi Kuti, The Gorillaz, Nneka, Bashy, Zwai Balas, Reggie Rockstone, Little Brother and more. He has been featured on BBC 1XTRA, BBC World, BBC Network Africa and Al Jazeera’s “Playlist”. He is also part of an Afropop duo known as the FOKN Bois, made up of himself and M3nsa. Together the FOKN Bois wrote and star in the world’s first Pidgen Musical Film titled “Coz Ov Moni” which is touring cinemas and film festivals around the world.

To Catch With The Kubolor Himself,

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At the last year GUBA Awards, Kubolor attended the event barefooted in an Afro-Printed Wrap. In regards to his style of music, I actually found his genre quite different compared to hiplife – it is more like old school hip hop, intertwined into hiplife, I guess you will need to check out his music yourself.

MeFiRi GHANA Would like to say a BIG thank you to Kubolor for stripping the success within him, and shining what he has to offer to GHANA and the world.

We wish you all the best.

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/wanlov

Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/wanlov

FB: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Wanlov-the-Kubolor/38082860831

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/wanlov

By Trey’ C






FOKN Bois made up of duo M3nsa and Wanlov the Kubolor are back again, this time sporting a new look (M3nsa has cut off his locks!!) with their new song Only Your Walkings.

Only Your Walkings is what the comic duo call Hype Life – a mixture of Ghanaian highlife and Hip hop.

M3nsa further explains, “Hype Life is actually something we created IN the song, not that it’s an existing genre or anything, we were basically trying to understand the producer’s (Richy Pitch) direction when he was creating the beat…

And it seemed like a combination of HIGH LIFE in the purest form over some heavy HIP-HOP drums; yet somehow slightly different from the more commonly known hiplife genre. So the term should actually be HIghP Life!!”

The video for the song is a simple one but as usual shot in the FOKN Bois humorous signature style – we are shown a day in M3nsa and Kubolor’s life as they try to come up with content for song, only to be distracted by the generous behind of a passing woman.

The song itself is truly original in its concept – at a time when highlife is fast disappearing in Ghanaian music due to the rise of azonto and GH rap, it’s nice to see M3nsa and Kubolor return to the roots of Ghanaian music, which is highlife.

However the boys make the song their own by adding elements of Hip hop (they rap fully in Pidgin English, except for the random wele, sebe, kontomire in the chorus) and funk (bass guitar is prominent in the background).

Only Your Walkings gets a double thumps up for its originality. FOKN Bois have proved time and time again they are masters when it comes to fusing genres to create something original and artistic, and Only Your Walkings is no exception.

Check out the video below

Ghanaian Music: M3nsa Mango Street Review

Album Review: M3nsa – No.1 Mango Street

M3nsa_Number one Mango TreeGhanaian hip-hop artist M3nsa, who has shared stages with the likes of Wu Tang Clan, The Roots, Gorillaz and Tony Allen to name a few, has delivered an album that is truly exceptional in its artistic quality.

No.1 Mango Street according to M3nsa, is a journey back to his musical influences, experiences and life as a kid in Ghana or to sum up, back to a happy place in his mind. Music has always been a huge part of M3nsa’s life – his father Tumi Ebo Ansah was the guitarist of the legendary group Osibisa and his mother taught him how to play the guitar and piano. Having been part of the Ghanaian hiplife scene in his earlier days, M3nsa now resides in London. With a career spanning  over 12 years now in the music business , No.1 Mango Street really captures M3nsa going “forwards ever backwards never.” He shows his versatility by displaying mastery over genres such as hiplife, hiphop, afro beats and elements of soul and jazz. Where it some cases it might feel like too much was being done on the album, M3nsa blends these genres so well together that it’s hard to believe this is his first studio album.

Though majority of the album is self-produced, M3nsa got other producers to feature on the album.  He states: “I had an amazing producer called M.A who produced the album title track and ‘We Go Rock’. M.A is a childhood friend who lived a few streets away from me. He truly understood the theme of the project and apart from that I’m a big fan of his work! I’ve also got Bosco and Seven Xavier producing on there as well, and these are all seasoned musicians I’ve known from back in the day.”

The 14-track album has sharp punch lines delivered with energy and bounce and features the optimistic and vibrant single ‘No One Knows’ featuring Asa and the club banger ‘Adjuma’. Tracks such as ‘Anaa’ and ‘Dream’ reveals a more serious side of M3nsa where he shares with us life lessons and the things he holds dear in his life. However remembering that he’s the other half of comic duo FOKN Bois, the album would not be complete with playful tracks such as ‘Kekewele Pimpin’ and ‘Biribi Wom’. A delightful surprise on the album is the track ‘Fanti Love Song’. Here M3nsa displays his sensual and romantic side on this mellow track, shying away from his usual boisterous style. But the absolute gem on this album is ‘Brkn Lngwjz’ featuring Wanlov the Kubolor, the other half of FOKN Bois, a track that captures the duo at their best.

Overall No.1 Mango Street is a testament to M3nsa’s musical achievement. By masterfully fusing various music genres together, he has created an album is authentic in its creativeness. With a successful album now safely under his belt, M3nsa is now content with currently putting the finishing touches to FOKN Bois album ‘FOKN Wit Ewe’ and coming up with ideas for the sequel to ‘Coz of Moni’.

By Yaa Nyarko

No.1 Mango Street is available on iTunes and Amazon here: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/no.1-mango-street/id419939157

Ghanaian Music: M3NSA – Fanti Love Song

M3nsa, the other half of the duo FOKN BOIS has released the video of his new song Fanti Love Song from his critically acclaimed album No1 Mango Street. The song itself is a delightful surprise, as M3nsa shows that not only can he spit bars but he can sing as well and very well at that.

The fanti spoken over laid back hip hop and guitar chords works really well, and M3nsa’s mellow voice adds a touch of sensuality to the song. The simple and straight to the point lyrics makes Fanti Love Song very easy to sing along to, so makesure to add this to the playlist in your car.  So a massive two thumps up to M3nsa! Well done!

Check the video out!

By Yaa Nyarko

Ghanaian Music: Wanlov the Kubolor

Album Review: ‘Brown Card’ by Wanlov the Kubolor

WanlovThe skirt-clad and barefooted Wanlov the Kubolor, real name Emmanuel Owusu Bonsu is back with a new self-produced album ‘Brown Card’, an album that is truly worthy of note. With a lot of Ghanaian musicians keeping it safe by sticking to what they know and to a certain extent what the masses want to hear, Wanlov took risks with this album, a risk well worth it as the finished product is a highly experimental  album that is fresh and innovative.

The new album differs from his previous albums Yellow Card and Green Card, which according to him were more West-African influenced. With Brown Card, he states that he wanted to craft a sound that represented his dual identity. This is what he had in mind when he went to France in 2010 to make the album, producing all but the last track. He also collaborated with major artists on this album, such as Keziah Jones, Sena and King Ayisoba.

Brown Card is not only an experimental album, but a personal one as Wanlov digs deep into his Eastern European roots. Born to a Romanian mother and a Ghanaian father, Wanlov takes the best of both identities and makes an album that is uniquely his own: he combines Romanian lullabies with Ashanti war rhythms alongside traditional instruments such as the gonje, violin, xylophone, gypsy accordion, gome, synths, fontomfrom drums, and cimbalon. The result is a tightly balanced but eclectic mix of instruments laced with Wanlov’s sharp lyrics, voiced in Romani, Twi, Ga and Pidgen English.

Wanlov is contemplative, witty, humourous, sentimental and festive on the album. Tracks such as ‘African Gypsy’ ft Keziah Jones, ‘Spr Mi Dat’, and ‘Mapouka Soiree’ are upbeat and typical of Wanlov’s cheeky and mischievous nature, whilst ‘Pentru Mama’, ‘Come Play’ft Sena and ‘Nxt Life’ are more mellow and reflective. The album has spurned two singles, ‘African Gypsy’ and ‘Veverita’ featuring King Ayisoba,a song about an impatient squirrel.

With three albums now safely under his belt, Wanlov is looking to expand his creative horizons yet again. As part of the duo FOKN Bois, Wanlov co-starred with M3nsa in 2010 to produce the first African pidgin musical, ‘Coz Ov Moni’ and states that they are now working together on the sequel. But for now, he plans to tour Europe ‘carrying his ‘Brown Card’.

Brown Card is now available on iTunes

By Yaa Nyarko