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Inspiring Quote of the Month

‘‘Value yourself. You are all that’’

Confidence is a mind-set. It isn’t thinking of yourself as better than others, but thinking that you are everything beautiful, everything wonderful and everything worthy of praise.

Knowing your worth takes time, but it takes courage to know that your worth doesn’t depend on others, ie. relationships or expectations of you. We all have a heart and a soul. We need to continue to re- educate our minds and tell ourselves that we are all that despite our flaws or circumstances.

This is what real faith is. It’s not what you see around; it’s what you see inside of you.

Let your heart be enlightened and let people see the unique individual that is full of purpose.

You were created for a reason and you are still standing for a reason.

Keep going, you are all that!


written by Adwoa Asiedu (@AdwoaAsiedu777)

Let Hope Arise…


With so much negativity and despair, it is not surprising why society today encourages people not to love themselves. We hear it all the time. People say ‘oh he/she loves herself’.  May I pause you there for a second, who said it was a crime to love thyself?

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So what if that person loves themselves, shouldn’t you? There is freedom when we love and accept ourselves because it enables us to love and accept other people.

If you look at statistics, you will find that those with low self-esteem struggle to accept and love people. You will also find that bullies are those with low self-esteem. What does that say about the society we live in now? Many of us struggle with insecurity and with feelings of low self-worth. Acceptance is the key to freedom. We need to learn to embrace all that we are because there is no one else like us.

The truth is the way we see ourselves affects the way we treat people. If you think you’re not worth it, you will treat people like they are not worth it because that is what you know. That’s the spirit you are projecting on to other people – a spirit of worthlessness, and that spirit can spread like a virus. Before you know, you will see a generation filled with hopelessness. The only way to break this stronghold is by letting hope arise in our hearts and in our minds.


Confidence is such a beautiful trait to have. It opens doors; it enables us to make and maintain connections. When people see someone who really believes in themselves, they are immediately drawn to them.

A quote to reflect on: ‘‘A Lion doesn’t concern himself with the opinions of sheep’’let hope arise

How you see yourself and what you think about yourself is what really matters!

Let hope arise in our generation and in the next generation to come.

It starts with you and I to be that light for others.

We want to be a generation that sees hope,

A generation that breathes hope,

A generation that inspires hope.

Let Hope Arise…


By Adwoa Asiedu (@AdwoaAsiedu777)

Success with humility

Accumulate success with humility

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word success? Nice, flashy cars that will cause people to turn their heads when you drive past? Having your own business? Perhaps owning a number of mansions and properties? Or maybe you’re more focused on enjoying the simple things in life – like having time for yourself, becoming your own boss and being able to take some time off to travel and explore the world without having to fill in a holiday form to request. Regardless of what your mental perception of success may be, there is a key ingredient required to attain greater success, and that key ingredient is humility. Yes, you read that right, humility.


You may be racking your brain and probably asking yourself ‘what has humility got to do with success?’ It has got a lot to do with it and I will give you 3 reasons why it is important to remain humble as you go through the journey towards success.


1. Humility keeps you focused

A humble character is a vital component for achieving success in all areas of life. It is an unspoken inner strength that doesn’t require the need for praise. It should not be mistaken for shyness, introversion or quietness.

So let’s say you’ve worked hard to  finally achieve your goals. You’ve got the latest cars, mansions and properties and you’ve established your dream business which is now worth so much money. However one thing can make you lose it all, and that thing is pride. Being humble even after all your accomplishments will help you stay focused on things that money can’t buy and matters most in life – kind words. Just because you have achieved everything you wanted in life doesn’t mean you have the right to disregard, belittle and look down on people, because no matter how high you think you are, never forget that there will always be someone higher than you, so humble yourself. Do not forget the selfless smile and the helping hand. On the road to success, humility serves as a constant reminder that success is not only about the things you achieve, but what you give to others from the things that God gave you the strength, ability, grace and wisdom to achieve. It’s about giving others a helping hand.


2. Humility makes you educable success

We have all come across them before. The know-it-all businessman, the ‘I-don’t-need-to-learn’ type of manager and the ‘don’t-tell-me-what-to-do’ type of CEO. The kind of people that believe they have it all and therefore have no need to learn. Just imagine how far these people could go if they humbled themselves and strived to acquire more knowledge to further develop and improve on the things they already have. Humility is vital as it serves as a reminder that you don’t know it all. It creates open-mindedness, giving you the ability to learn from people around you. Humility is acknowledging the fact that true success is a never-ending journey, but rather a lifelong one. No matter how high you get in life as you pursue success, open yourself up to be teachable and acquire fresh knowledge. A wise person is the one who may be at the top but knows that there is always something new to be learned from others. If you don’t humble yourself in life, situations will teach you a lesson and cause you to humble yourself. Humility is sign of strength, not weakness.


_VictoriaFalls3. Humility keeps you happy and positive

We live in an era of entitlement where everyone is walking around thinking the entire world owes them. However, when you are humble in life you appreciate everything you possess, you begin to understand that in actual fact everything you own is a blessing. Yes, you may have worked very hard for what you have today but what you need to understand that for your ability to breathe, move and work towards your achievement is a blessing. The reality is that in the blink of an eye, you can lose the things you have worked extremely hard for all your life or lose the people closest to you. Therefore, always remain humble.

No matter what level you’re on, never think you’re above anyone and never forget where you came from. Understand the importance of humility and apply it to your pursuit of success. Humility is getting to the top and remembering that you were once at the bottom and reaching out to others to pull them up to a better position. You didn’t get to the top without climbing up step by step. You started from the bottom and slowly but surely made your way up. You’ve been low before. So the next time you think about success, take a moment to also think about humility and how far it can take you. Perhaps that will give you a different perception of the word success. In the words of C.S. Lewis,  “Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less.”


Word of advice: when you become successful DO NOT forget the people who gave up a lot in life for you and dropped so much just to give you a helping hand and push you up.

At your highest, humble yourself.

At your lowest, humble yourself.

In everything you do, humble yourself.


By Mimi (@Miminspired)