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Get a Mentor: Think Bigger for investments in Africa…

binäre optionen in deutschland Having a mentor is really key in this day and age for two reasons. We live in an age where everyone wants everything the day before yesterday and we have 140 characters to say something relevant (the twitter era). The second reason is personal and is an observation I made when reading about Jesus. At the age of 12 Jesus positioned himself amongst the Kings, Politicians and other influential leaders where it was said He was listening and asking them questions. Having a mentor is key to be able to also ask questions especially when they are doing or in a position that you one day aspire to be in too.

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go to link tablets contain the active ingredient flavoxate hydrochloride, which is a type of medicine called a muscle relaxant. Flavoxate works by relaxing But we digress, anywho we met with our mentor and the reason we wish to blog about this meeting is simple. We left the meeting feeling blessed yet so inspired. He made a few comments such as:

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  1. I don’t like ideas, but I do like concepts. Ideas are dreams without action! Unless we take action an idea will stay an idea
  2. There is investment readily available in Africa. The only problem is that we are just dreaming too small. Investors are looking to invest in big projects, not small projects!

source url so that your progress can be checked. It is important that your doctor carries out some regular tests if you are taking Dostinex for a long period These two comments left me with a lot of food for thought. But what good is knowledge if it is not shared.

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Letrozole (finasteride 1mg india price) is a drug prescribed for the treatment of certain postmenopausal women, or women who have been treated with tamoxifen. So ponder on these two comments and get a mentor too we say…

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