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Ghanaian Culture: How Patriotic Are You?

Individualism V Patriotism

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ORIGINAL P57 khasiat cialis 20 mg Cactus Diet Pills from Authorized Distributor.Read reviews of REAL P 57 Hoodia Slimming Capsule.GMP-CERTIFIED,100% NATURAL&FREE barack-obama-warren-buffett-Me-FiRi-GHANA Product Description... For nearly 5 years now, where to buy singulair generic OTC has been in the strongest class Patriotism” has become a colloquial word to many Ghanaians. It is seen as a word that belongs to the era of the independence struggle and the immediate aftermath. We have increasingly become a very individualistic nation. Each man for himself, the national good is left to second place. In this capitalistic world it is easy for people to put their own interest before that of their country. This is to be expected in a world where individual integrity and enterprise is held in high esteem and even in a country where many feel their share of the national cake is being munched by the big bellied government official at the top. Some may argue a collection of individual success may ultimately lead to national success. This may be true but excessive individualism will only suffocate patriotism. It is a hard balancing act but let John F Kennedy’s words be our guiding principle in all situations.

“Ask not what YOUR country can do for you, ask what YOU can do for your country”

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