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DJ Aries Up for Ahlan Award in UAE!

Vote Now for DJ Aries to win Best Club DJ in Dubai at Ahlan Awards

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In the short time of DJ Aries has been  in Dubai she’s had a blast and to her surprise, the little firecracker has been shortlisted in the category for ‘BEST CLUB DJ’ in Dubai for the Ahlan Awards (UAE equivalent to Heat Magazine). Never in a million years did she think this would happen. If you could please show support for the movement of Modern African music going worldwide, she would appreciate your votes.


1. Here’s the website to vote, AhlanAwards.com, use the hashtag #AhlanAwards and tag @AhlanMagazine on Instagram and @AhlanLive on Twitter

2. Register, it only takes a few seconds

3. Go to the 7th category and DJ Aries is number 7! Then CLICK!


In the meantime, youc enjoy this mix dedicated to Dubai whilst she makes her travels elsewhere in the world. Content coming soon!


You may catch the Afrofusion DJ here in London for a spell. Or, Ghana, Europe, Thailand. Who knows…

Remember to VOTE here: AhlanAwards.com
Me Firi Ghana (@Me_FiRi_GHANA)

Ghana’s Music Industry: Piracy + Loss =…

Ghana’s Music Industry seems to be booming like the economy, or is it?

It is common knowledge that the music industry in Ghana haemorrhages millions of cedi every year due to illegal activities such as illegal download of music, ring tones and CD distribution. Recently, it was reported that the Ghana music industry loses over ₵5million annually due to these practises. Piracy has become a huge problem in Ghana, badly affecting those in the creative industry as well as the economy.

But what is the government doing about it?

What steps have they implemented to ensure that musicians and others in the creative industry receive the dues they deserve?

Ghana_Music_Industry_Me_FiRi_Ghana_dot_comThe music industry is vital to any given country’s economy. However, if music piracy – which is the copying and the distrubitions of works by an artist without their consent, or that of the copyright-holding record company – goes unchecked, then the losses incurred by the music industry is huge. Musicians lose their rightfully earned dues and royalties, jobs are lost and the government loses money in tax revenues. Over the years, the act of piracy has increased significantly – it is reported that piracy in Accra and Kumasi is up by 25% since 2009. In addition, the number of CDs and cassettes sold annually has decreased from 50 million to 30 million due to the illegal use of musical works. It comes as no surprise then that piracy has become a pertinent issue that musical associations such as MUSIGA (Musicians Union of Ghana) and NASGAMP (Society of Ghana Music Producers) have tried to address. However attempts to solve the problem have proven ineffective and futile. Musicians such as Gyedu Blay Ambolley and Daddy Lumba have spoken out about the detrimental effects music piracy is having on the industry. But the battle against piracy is something that musical associations cannot fight alone. They need the full backing of the government behind them. Over the years, the government have made a number of pledges to tackle the problem of piracy in Ghana. Just last year, vice president John Mahama announced that the government was to work closely with MUSIGA, currently led by Bice Owusu Kuffour (Obour), by acquiring documents from the Attorney General’s department that will allow them to implement laws against piracy.

But these are promises the government have made before. In May 2005, the government passed Ghana’s copyright law ACT No. 690, which protected the works of artists, granted copyright holders rights to the works and defined the length of that copyright duration. But despite the law being passed, it remains to be enacted. There are extremely few cases where the government have prosecuted persons for piracy. Since the copyright law was passed, there has not been a reduction in piracy, if anything it’s on the increase. Why is that?

Ghana’s copyright law was passed for a purpose – however it is rendered useless if the government doesn’t act on it. What the government needs to do is to crackdown on those who bootleg music and creative works of others. Severe punishments should be meted out to those who sell pirated goods. If people fear retribution for selling pirated music, then they will be deterred from buying from those who distribute it. The government also needs to implement a structure that allows musicians and copyright holders to receive their dues when their works are used on TV, radio, adverts and as mobile ringtones. Moreover, the practise of payola by some DJs and presenters in Ghana needs to be rooted out.

But how does the government go about implementing these changes when some players in the music industry are suspected of being in collaboration with those that pirate music? If piracy is to be rooted out, then it starts with educating the masses with active cooperation from the government. Ghanaians must be educated on the importance of the role played by creative industries. Ghanaian music is currently enjoying international attention, which in the long run will attract investors. If piracy is curbed, not only will it stimulate talent and create jobs – musicians and copyright holders will benefit, with tax revenues collected by the government profiting the economy. In addition, the government must be vigilant in punishing those who break copyright laws, because it seems that pirates are hardly ever brought forward to face the law. Let’s hope that the newly created Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO) will be successful in protecting the musicians who spend their time and money creating music for us, only to be denied the fruits of their hard work.

R2BEES Team with Wizkid…

R2BEES, Drop  new single with Naija’s Wizkid

R2bees_Me_FiRi_Ghana_dot_comOK so the “TEMA boys” who also carry the famous slogan “ Refuse to be broke” have kept on the DL for some time now, however they never seem to disappoint their fans when it comes to making music, and I mean GOOD music. The R2bees group which consist of (Paedae da Pralem) and  (Mugeez), are back with another spicy tracks creatively produced by *bows down * the Don of Dons Killbeatz. I have to say these two fellas represent Ghana and do so in style and with swag. This is not the first time they have fused together with a Nigerian artist, their previous hit single “Kiss ur hand” which featured Wande Coal, was also hitting the airwaves and was played in almost every club in town.

R2bees do a collab with the “Fine Boy no pimple”, the  new single is called “DANCE”  check it out!

Ghanaian Rapper ASEM’s back!


asem_solid_ground_Me_FiRi_GHANA_dot_comNana Wiafe Asante Mensah, popularly known as Asem who’s had hits with ‘Give Me Blow’ ‘Pigaro’ and ‘No More Kpayor’ has released his sophomore album ‘Solid Ground’. The new album, which was made available via the artist’s official website on Friday, will hit stores in Ghana and worldwide on February 17th. Speaking about the album, Asem said, “This new album ‘Solid Ground’ is testimony to my own development within Ghana music to date. It has been enduring and challenging but has been extremely important in my progression. I am now ready for the rest of the world. I am now seriously on solid ground.

Asem who left Lynx Entertainment last year has released the album under his own label WBDN Records, and plans to distribute the album through distributing partners in South Africa and the UK.

The first single off the album ‘No More Kpayor’ won Best Hiplife Video at the 2011 4syte Music Award and Best West African Video at the 2011 Nigerian Music Award. The album features an array of artists, including Kwabena Kwabena, DJ Black, V.I.P, Irene Logan and South African artist JR.

By Yaa Nyarko

Abrantie Amakye Dede Made Ambassador…

abrantie_amakye_dede_Me_FiRi_GHANA_DOT_COMHighlife legend Abrantie Amakye Dede who’s had countless hits with songs such as ‘Akwadaa Wesoa’, ‘Iron Boy’, ‘Bebrebe’, ‘Asem To Me A Kabi Ma Me’, ‘Krokrome’ and many others has been appointed as ambassador and hunger advocate. The Iron Boy musician was awarded the honour by the Alliance Against Hunger and Malnutrition (AAHM) of the United Nations in Ghana, after he was duly noted for his social commentary in many of his songs, such as achieving a hunger-free society in Ghana. Speaking to Hitz Entertainment News, Amakye Dede explained that his experience in farming and encouraging young people to make use of agricultural opportunities had helped him secure the appointment.

Though he never expected an appointment like this, Amakye Dede said he will use the opportunity to reach to the general public to come together to fight against hunger; and this would cover the young, the old or anyone so they can always get something to eat.

By Yaa Nyarko

Where is Ofori Amponsah?


OK SO With ‘VALENTINES DAY’ Fast Approaching, it got me thinking about MUSIC…

Whilst in thinking MODE the TWI Lyrics “ODO MA NIPA GYMI” from the song ”Otoolege, Otoolege” sung by well-known Ghanaian Musician Ofori Amponsah! Otoolege could mean either Stupid or Crazy Love!

OFORI_AMPONSAH_Me_FiRi_GHANA_Dot_ComNow for those of you who may not know who Ofori Amponsah is, he’s a contemporary High-life Musician hailing from GHANA. Born to Parents, Mr. John Kojo Ofori and Madam Georgina Nkansah on 2nd March 1974 at Agogo in the Ashanti Region, Ofori Amponsah is popularly known as All 4 Real!

Now back to my story, so after having sung the song I realised Ofori Amponsah actually filled the hearts of many Ghanaians with his Love Songs; especially touching the hearts of the ladies!

Amponsah’s Voice was extremely distinguishable – and probably still is. Every song had people grooving up and down, from the children up to the mummy’s, daddy’s and even Grand mamas and Grandpa’s.

But the question running through my mind now, is where’s the legend now?

The last we heard, Ofori Amponsah participated in a concert in April last year where he performed Live at his very own Concert in Chicago, and that was about it.

Yet still, I just want to take this opportunity to say ”OFORI AMPONSAH, We would love for you to Come and RELIVE Your Lovely HIGH-LIFE songs back to our EARS and SOULS, especially your LOVE Songs On Behalf OF The Ladies We Loved all the LOVE HITS  such as Abelle, Puduo, Emmanuella,Broken Heart, Atwe tan, and much more…”

This Feature Is ESPECIALLY for YOU!

You’re still will remembered

You are and still are a Legendary High-Life Musician, who proudly represented ‘GHANA’

Personally, Ofori Amponsah is one of my Favourite High-life Musicians, however we hope and pray he is doing well! Ladies & Gents, Maybe To Top Off Your Val’s Day, why don’t you head out to the Ghanaian Stores, and purchase a copy of Ofori Amponsah’s Album!

By Trey’C


FOKN Bois made up of duo M3nsa and Wanlov the Kubolor are back again, this time sporting a new look (M3nsa has cut off his locks!!) with their new song Only Your Walkings.

Only Your Walkings is what the comic duo call Hype Life – a mixture of Ghanaian highlife and Hip hop.

M3nsa further explains, “Hype Life is actually something we created IN the song, not that it’s an existing genre or anything, we were basically trying to understand the producer’s (Richy Pitch) direction when he was creating the beat…

And it seemed like a combination of HIGH LIFE in the purest form over some heavy HIP-HOP drums; yet somehow slightly different from the more commonly known hiplife genre. So the term should actually be HIghP Life!!”

The video for the song is a simple one but as usual shot in the FOKN Bois humorous signature style – we are shown a day in M3nsa and Kubolor’s life as they try to come up with content for song, only to be distracted by the generous behind of a passing woman.

The song itself is truly original in its concept – at a time when highlife is fast disappearing in Ghanaian music due to the rise of azonto and GH rap, it’s nice to see M3nsa and Kubolor return to the roots of Ghanaian music, which is highlife.

However the boys make the song their own by adding elements of Hip hop (they rap fully in Pidgin English, except for the random wele, sebe, kontomire in the chorus) and funk (bass guitar is prominent in the background).

Only Your Walkings gets a double thumps up for its originality. FOKN Bois have proved time and time again they are masters when it comes to fusing genres to create something original and artistic, and Only Your Walkings is no exception.

Check out the video below

Okomfour Kwadee To release New Album

Okomfour_Kwadee_Me_FiRi_GHANA_DOT_COMOkomfour Kwadee, the rapper who has entertained his fans through his story-telling style of music has announced that he is to release his new album later this year. The rapper, whose last album Nsem Pii (2005) spawned successful hits P1, Yeeko Yen Nim and Kawonantoso has been quiet on the music these last few years, fuelling rumours that he is suffering from a mental illness. However Kwadee released a single Afei Kora Na Mabodam last year to counter this. Speaking to Adom Entertainment News, Kwadee disclosed that he’s sure his album will do well despite how competitive the music industry in Ghana has become.

“I cannot speak more about the album but I bet you that you’ll love to listen to it over and over again when it comes out,” he said

Kwadee who in 2007 won the Best Original Song/Lyrics at the Ghana Music Awards has always rapped about issues that affected the youth and the general population since he burst unto the music scene in the early 2000s. Rapping in a humorous style that is uniquely his own, Kwadee has accumulated a huge number of fans over the years by rapping in Twi.

Some of his memorable hits include Yeeko Mmaape, Ataa Adwoa, Efie Nipa, Abrantie and Kwadee.

By Yaa Nyarko

Connecting YOU with Mark Asare…

Mark_Asari_Me_FiRi_GHANAI’m very glad to write about such a talented artist, I’ve been a fan of Mark Asari for some time now and just felt I must introduce Mark to the world. So I had a quick catch up with the wonderful Mark Asari. For those of you who may not know he is Ghanaian UK born Artist.


The interview went like this:

Ok I see your last name is Asari, are both your parents of Ghanaian Descent?
Yep both my parents are from Ghana. My surname is actually spelt Asare but for my stage name, Ive always spelt it as ‘Asari’ only because people always pronounced it wrong, and also it looks better on paper.

So how young are you?
I’m 22 years old

I’m a major fan of your music myself, and wonder what makes your style and approach unique from artists?
Thank you! I guess its my tone itself, once people hear me, they know its me. Also I grew up listening to a lot of songs produced by Rodney jerkins and written by Lashawn Daniels amongst others so their influence I guess comes out in my songs. I Don’t really think about it too much it just comes out that way.

Would you say your culture has inspired you in your music career?
Yea definitely, I love hip-life. I love the rhythms and the flow how they rap/sing, I definitely wanna incorporate that in my music, it just feels good and makes you wanna dance!

I’m sure you’ve heard about the new Dance craze Azonto, rate yours 1-10.
Yup! You know what honestly my Azonto is lacking abit, I need more practice still! I’d give myself a 5 out of 10.

You have a uniquely special voice! What actually inspired you to break out and show the world your voice.  Instead of reserving it?
Thanks again ! I just love music and singing is apart of me and it’s something I’ve always wanted to do from young. I was shy when people would ask me to sing but my friends would push me to do so and they’d say if you have a gift it’s no good to keep it to yourself, gotta share it!

When you sing does it feel releiving, does it relax and sooth you or?
When I sing I feel at ease lol

Tell your fans and the team about your latest single/ album and how we can find it?
I’m actually in a group called Encore consisting of another singer and a rapper. We’ve dropped the video for our single ‘fun last night’, and its out officially on the 26th on Feb but available for pre order on itunes..

Me FiRi GHANA are proud to say we appreciate such a unique artist, and ask Mark Asari to continue to shine !! You Guys can catch up with him on twitter @Markasari                                                       @wantmoreencore

Talent is God Given. Be humble.

Fame is Given. Be Grateful.

Conceit is self-given. Be careful.-By John Wooden

By Cloudia

Kwaw Kese UK Tour Coming Soon…



Kwaw_Kese_Me_FiRi_GHANAAs we all know March is always a month Ghanaians look forward to, after all it is the month Ghana celebrates its independence. But here’s another event to add to you diaries that’s happening that same month. Kwaw Kese has become the latest artist to announce a UK tour following Sarkodie’s successful azonto tour last year. Though set dates are not released yet, the tour is scheduled for some time in March, and the artist, who is due to release his fourth album, will be touring much of the UK to promote the album, and will be hitting major cities. The tour, named ‘For the Popping Tour’ is being organised by Kings and Queens and Mad Time Productions. So keep an eye out, as soon as Me FiRi GHANA gets hold of the dates we will let you know!

By Yaa Nyarko