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Ghanaian Fashion: Adrien Savauge talks to…

Adrien Savauge talks to CNN about his collection

Ghanaian British Designer Adrien Sauvage is what everyone is talking about, when it comes to Men’s Fashion.

With positive media attention from the likes of GQ, Esquire, Vogue, Style.com, Financial Times and the Evening Standard, Sauvage features on CNN honoring his Ghanaian roots while embracing his English culture, for the inspiration of his designs.

At just 28 years old and born in South London, Adrien Sauvage’s is one of Ghana’s talented designers of today.


Starting up his first business as a personal shopper and stylist for both men and women, his deep knowledge of menswear came from styling to designing clothes for his male clients and realising that their sartorial needs were not being met.


In 2010 the announcement of his fashion label A.Sauvage (in partnership with his former client and Muse George Lamb) thrived in London stores such as Harrods and Matches.

To run alongside the launch of his collection, Sauvage produced a short film “This is not a Suit” which generated strong attention, landing it in the top 100 selected shots at the 2011 Sundane Film Festival.


Other publicity campaigns include Captains and Natives and the latest collection Black Volta inspired from a recent trip to Ghana.

When it comes to an A.Sauvage suit you are guaranteed clean cut, simplistic, classy, impeccable tailored and contemporary clothing with a twist of creativity.

Word on the street is that he has big plans for Ghana and we can’t wait to find out about it.


Don’t you just love a man in an A.Sauvage suit!

By Kimberley Osei-Abeyie

Ghanaian Fashion: Designer works with R Kelly

R_KellyThe fashion industry is constantly developing with new styles, designs and vibrant colours, with Ghana producing some of the most competitive, consistent fashion designers of recent.

Yes we continue to wow the Nation with our young creative innovative musicians, actors, footballers and many more.

Many Ghanaians entertainment celebrities over the past decade have gone on to sign contracts; the likes of Sway, Tinchy stryder, Dizzy Rascal, June sarpong, Idris elba and many more.

From a  British Ghanaian perspective I’m bursting with pride and delight for this talented young lady, at just 23 years of age she has sealed a deal with R Kelly… yes I repeat R. Kelly.

The Wusuaah collection” owned by 23 year old Belgium born Ghanaian Contance Ama Owusuaah, this fab collection  takes a whole new twist in the fashion industry.

With the amazing New York and London fashion week  just gone, the beautiful Owusuaah managed to confirm a clothing deal with R& b singer R. Kelly. The successful fashion designer is rumoured made good sales  ( pricing from $25,000.00) of her clothing line to stars Omarion, Tyson Beckford and Solange Knowles.

The designer Owussaah emphasised her deepest gratitude to God and for Pierre – Antoine vettorello, a Belgian designer who she claimed played an important role in her success.

By Cloudia K

Ghanaian Clothing: Why Me FiRi GHANA??

I remember the first time I saw the MeFiRi GHANA brand, I thought it was just another  youth based clothing line trying to make money!  I remember seeing so many vibrant colours beaming at me at Ghana Party in the Park yet I would only associate Me FiRi GHANA with the clothing and nothing else. I sadly did not know the meaning behind the clothing and the colours. So for those of you who may not know, let me ask you one question…
Do you know how Me FiRi GHANA came about?

“The brand was developed whilst studying at University in 2008. The founder wanted to express their proud Ghanaian identity but at the time, couldn’t find any clothing that allowed them to express this!

So one day a vision came to them to design a colourful, creative vibrant jumper and before we knew it, we realised we weren’t the only ones who had that same vision”:

“We realised that a generation shift was occurring – primarily amongst the Ghanaian youth living in countries outside of Ghana.

We found that Ghanaian youths living outside of Ghana were proud to claim to be Ghanaian, yet there were no modern day methods of expressing  our culture/identity/roots in a cool, vibrant, colourful funky fresh modern day way.”
“So, as British born patriotic Ghanaians, we decided to do our part to bring about unity within the Ghanaian community  through providing products that express the Ghanaian Culture.”

“Be the change you wish to see”

–  Mahatma Ghandi
So, it is more than a clothing line. It is a product which tells a story.
So what are YOU waiting for?  Experience Me FiRi GHANA” and share the story with the world

Tell The World what the Red Gold and GREEN on your Top Stands for

Tell The World What GYE NYAME means and

Tell The World that Me FiRi GHANA

Experience Me FiRi GHANA for YOUrself…
Womens Me FiRi GHANA Clothing:

Mens Me FiRi GHANA Clothing:

By Cloudia

Miss Ghana UK 2011

We will be at Miss Ghana UK 2011 with our Me FiRi GHANA Clothing on Sale. We will be doubling up alongside Ernest Simons Photography who will be snapping away taking instand photo’s on the night.

Ladies, ensure you’ve got that pose ready and guys, practice squinting in the mirror 😉

It’s going to be a memorable night so make sure you embrace some of Ghana this Saturday

Event: MISS GHANA UK 2011
Date: 10th September 2011
Venue: Troxy
Address: 490 Commercial Rd London E1 ONX
Venue Address: Troxy 490 Commercial Rd London E1 ONX
Event Start time:  7:00 PM
Event End time: 3:00 AM

More Info: www.ghanauk.com