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Can YOU Ampe?

Ampe, What is it?

Ampe is a jumping/dancing/clapping game originating from Ghana.

The energetic  game helps bring communities together and develop the player’s skills of anticipation.

Ampe_DanceI vividly remember my fantastic holiday visit to Ghana, whenever visiting my maternal grandmother, the children who lived in the area would always have battle competitions of Ampe. The emotions the game would bring was phenomenal, with mainly positive emotions of laughter, joy, happiness. Upon reflection I saw how the game tightened communities together where I witnessed audiences surrounding the Ampe players; it really is a fabulous piece of entertainment to watch.

The Ampe game contributes benefits, its a physical workout (better than Zumba!), therefore its physically healthy, acts as a stimulant to the brain  as every part of the body is used.

To understand concepts about the game, including rules and tricks about the game Ampe, please click on the link below to view:


Personally I believe that as human beings the freedom of self-expression should be empowered not dis-empowered. According to ‘Right to Play UK’ a UK charity based organisation who aim to improve the lives of children in the most disadvantaged areas of the world by using the power of sport and play for development, health and peace.

Everyone as a child has enjoyed their younger days of playing, however not every child has the opportunity to play. In some parts of the world some children are forced to take part in activities that are not supposed to be carried out by a child or infact a human beings, ie. ‘child soldiers’.

I say ‘Let children play, and enjoy their childhood whilst they are still young, as childhood memories are never forgotten’.

By Trey’C

Ghanaian Dance: AZONTO Dance

Can you really dance like these guys?

This Dance is the bangers & mash or if we are keeping it real, this is the Banku & Okro Soup (Not Stew, its all about the soup)

Look out for Me FiRi GHANA Camera checking out who has the best Azonto routine

By Trey’ C