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Ghanaian Culture: Think Chocolate…

Think Chocolate, Think Ghana!

This winter everybody is deciding on what to buy each other and what they get in return. Christmas is believed to be the time Jesus was born so Christians generally come to commemorate this day.

My dear Friend, has it ever occurred to you of giving to a complete stranger for a good cause. When you stroll into a shop and spot a yummy chocolate on the shop shelf:

Do you think about the farmers who produce the chocolate?

Do you think about the child who misses school each day to earn a living?

Do you THINK…..?

Ghana_Chocolate_Cocoa_Farmer_Me_FiRi_GHANABy buying a fair trade chocolate bar or a fair trade product you are supporting a fair cause. As fellow Africans/Ghanaians or lovers of Africa/Ghana this should be a cause for concern. The annual cocoa beans production in Ghana has grown from around 400, 000 tonnes during the period 1995- 2003 to a record 737, 000 tonnes in 2004. I remember 2 years ago when the Zingolo advert came out, it caught everybody’s attention since then we’ve gone back to not thinking deeply before we buy. When you buy a fair trade chocolate you’re helping give farmers a equal share.

“Since I heard about cocoa beans being produced in Africa and the unfair treatment cocoa farmers were getting, this pushed me to get into the habit of buying fair trade goods.”

As a Ghanaian community if we get into the habit of doing this, the change and impact will be MAGNIFICENT!

Source: http://www.fairtrade.org.uk/