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Event review – FashionMist 2013

Fashion Mist 2013


1st June 2013 marked the 3rd running of Fashion Mist, and the weather was as fabulous as the event as guests were welcomed at London’s luxury high end Hotel Russell in London.

This year Fashion Mist chose to support the cause of GUBA’s award winning Best Charity WAM Campaign, via supporting their aims of raising funds for 90 young students in receiving NHIS card standing for Ghana’s National Health Insurance Scheme. WAM supports orphans and vulnerable children in Ghana by providing flexible volunteering programs in Ghana during December, as well as fundraising opportunities in the UK.

From 12.30pm, the Fashion Exhibition opened the floor.

MUA Director and one of FM’s casting Directors Chanel Boateng, a well-known YouTube makeup guru hosted a 45 minute seminar during the exhibition, empowering women who wanted to break into the industry and teaching a basic tutorial from face chart, preparation and insight in the colour wheel.

On display were beautifully intricate product designs, bought to us by a stream line of fashion designers, and product designers flaunting colourful and distinctive items to arriving guests. The building hosted London based designers, as well as internationals that flew in from Ghana and Belgium all in the name of a beautiful cause. Items on display ranged from Arhin Armah handmade kente cushions, special mineral formulated jewellery, lovely ntuma notebooks, House of Aranu clothing, Ntuma baby clothing and more. Eyes shone at the creative beauty and vibrancy of the printed fabrics and at the unique diversity of the displayed items. It was a beautiful way to showcase and expose Africa’s fashion and those behind the work.

Towards the early evening, doors opened, with a musical interlude of drinks at reception, and the night commenced as guests arrived to witness the fashion showcase. The evening’s showcase was Egyptian themed, which was finely positioned and articulated with large roman styled golden pillars at the entrance of runway.

The evening was hosted by Nigerian comedian/ entertainer A. Dot, who was accompanied by Fashion Mist 2013 Brand Ambassador/ International Commercial model, and first ever Miss Black Britain Rachael J Williams.

With guests seated, the night kicked off with guest artist performance by TWI Teacher, who hyped the audience up into mode. A Dot and Ms Williams then introduced the designers as models smashed the runway. The runway hosted the collections of ten top notch Ghanaian fashion designers showcasing both women’s and menswear. The models ripped the runway as they cat walked in their distinctive styles of walks, in 7 inch plus heels. MUA Designers and stylists did an excellent job with the models, who came in all shapes, sizes and built. Our Fabulous designers in the house were as follows;


1st Collection – Sarfo

2nd Collection – Miss Ray Couture

3rd Collection – Tribellery

4th Collection –MAF Couture

5th Collection – Kolture Apparel

6th Collection – African Apeiron

7th Collection – SA4A

8thCollection – Nkya Designs

9th Collection – Wusuwaah

10th Collection – Acote

Halfway during the night, Mr Arnold Sarfo–Kantanka an entrepreneur, operations director of WAM Campaign and global poverty ambassador took to the stage and shared the of WAM. Mr Kantanka enlightened the audience on the journey of WAM Campaign and described the types of children WAM worked with and conditions they resided in. Furthermore he outlined the visionary aims to tackle the issues witnessed in Ghana – cleaner water via a water tank, classroom furniture and equipment, NHIS cards(30GHcedi), and paint for classrooms. He finished off with a viewing of his MTV base interview, after having met Sir Richard Branson.

Following from the inspiring talk, an auction and raffle was held, and items up for grabs included an Atlantis Necklace made of Onyx labradorite and Rose Quartz stones worth over £150, Sa4a handbag, sparkly high heels and a Size 6-8 evening gown wear with a fish tail dress detail. The raffle session drew five lucky prize winners, who collected their special treat which included a pair of Beautella Boutique donated earrings & dinner for two and more. The night then continued to round two, with more collections on the runway. Then followed a comedy act by A Dot, which seized the moments of laughters and smiles amongst the audience. Towards the evening an astonishing Man ‘The Photographer’ from the audience volunteered to enlighten the prospect of the night by revealing his current living condition, as well his contribution of amazing historic work of talent. The Gentleman initiated shots across Africa to include Ghana and Nigeria in his visionary Shots: ‘The Moment of The Photographer’.

Finally the evening rounded with special guest performance from Ghanaian artist Praye, who whipped up the audience with their ‘Angelina’ hit. At the end of the show everyone networked and mingled with models and designers alike.

Events such as this are wonderfully fabulous to come and witness – it really is about seeing our true potential, raising the profiles of every individual, from models on runway to MUA’s stylists, artists, hosts, photographers, assistants, managers and managing team, directors to those in training as well as guests. As attendees you are building a bridge of networks and connections towardsthe next future steps in life.

All in all together, we helped support the Cause of WAM Campaign!

WAM Quote: We believe in “People, helping people”

Fashion Mist 2013 was a success, and definitely looking forward to next year’s event!

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By Trey’C

Change in Ghana – Fashion

Me Fira Entoma




designs from Burberry SS 2012 collection

My mother has a cupboard full of amazing Ankara fabrics. Her favourites are those with the age-old proverbs and bold old skool prints covered with browns and reds – they transport her back to her youth. The moment I spot anyone wearing a particular type of the fabric (or Kente of course), I immediately know or assume they’re Ghanaian – and it can sometimes hint at the event they’re off to, be it a funeral, wedding, church etc. So for me, at first sight – right or wrong – it’s my familiarity with the shapes, patterns or colour and how it’s worn that will often tell me if it’s Ghana Entoma or not. Everything I’ve learnt about these fabrics I acquired from my mother, and by being immersed in stories on visits to Ghana. Without realising it, I know a lot more than I thought I did about ‘Ghana fashion’, and the recent obsession with African-inspired prints has conjured up everything I unconsciously grasped when growing up.


Not so long ago, wearing ‘traditional dress’ below 15 degrees Celsius was usually a mega sign that you were on your way to any of the following: a party, a wedding, a funeral or just

Burberry SS 2012 collection

off the plane back from Ghana… Yet these days the same full-on traditional look would be considered ‘on trend’ and the head wrap gets you bonus points! I’ve seen more ‘traditional dress’ on the streets of London recently than ever before and designers quickly picked up on this by showcasing prints and textures inspired by Africa for the Spring/Summer 2012 collections. Of the shows, my personal favourite was by Burberry. Their use of Ankara-inspired fabrics for wax print skirts, dresses and even accessories were precisely on point and exactly what consumers want to buy right now. Although the collection became a controversial topic, I totally loved everything and it gave me a couple of ideas on what to do with some of my own fabrics! Away from the argument of ‘was it or wasn’t it African fabric’ and ‘can Africans claim ownership of the idea?’, I felt the strongest point was made by Hannah Pool in the Guardian. Her piece encourages us to step away from the generalisations of placing all ‘African prints’ under one umbrella. We ought to do better by identifying the amazing proverbs and traditions spoken through the cloth we all love so much. If there is a name, and connection to a specific country or village we need to make that connection known.


Burberry SS 2012 collection

I love it that it’s now deemed super cool when I wear my tulip shorts made from Ankara cloth. When I got it at Ghana Party in the Park about 3 years ago I thought it was fun, not fashion-forward! African-inspired anything is so cool right now that wearing anything hand-dyed or wax print could be a clever move to get your picture on a fashion blog. Africa continues to inspire fashion – growth in the right direction – let’s not deny that, but I personally agree with voices like Hannah Pool in that I would like to do better and take it a step further. Non-Africans or non-Ghanaians should know what’s truly special about our fabrics. The trend goes beyond the ‘African print’ label, learning and sharing the names and tales associated with the cloth is our fashion moving forward. Talking about the eras they come from is our personal connection. That’s what my mother still loves about her fabrics and it’s how she clings to her youth back in Ghana. It’s also what makes Ghana Entoma valuable to me. The fabric and the way we wear it speaks about our culture. Without those stories, it’s just good fabric with a great print.

Adjoa Wiredu

Introducing you to…

MeFiRi GHANA Talk With ‘Sir Joseph Asamoah’ The BMOP Founder


The Modelling industry has and will always be discriminatory, as of owning the perfect figure and features in order to Model. Modelling companies and Agencies have classed us humans as being Too fat, Too Stubby, Too Short, or even Too Curvy to MODEL…

MeFiRi GHANA proudly introduce Sir Asamoah, the chain breaker of this trend….

BMOP Models

 Mr Asamoah, of 30 opened up his own doors for a much varied audience of MODELS regardless their features and figurations. We introduce to you ‘Blessed Models of Purpose’

Founder Sir Joseph Asamoah, also known as DJ Blessings, was born in Ghana and raised in London. Hailing from Ghanaian parents Asamoah describes himself to us as ‘a man of many trades’. As we Spoke with The Ambitious Man himself, he tells us more..


1. Tell us your Company Name?

Bless Models of Purpose Modelling Agency, BMOP and The ‘Virtuous Women’.


2. Please Tell Us the Aims of your company and what you wish to provide?

The Bless Models of Purpose (BMOP) Modelling Agency [and its BMOP Models] are based on the Proverbs 31 Woman: modest, reliable, hard-working, tenacious and shrewd. BMOP plans to [and will] take the Modelling industry around the world by storm.

Our common goal and vision is to include young ladies who never believed they could make it into any Modelling Agency because they were against the odds. We have a strong team behind our young and ambitious beautiful models who are the backbone of our Agency.
BMOP promote a positive and pressure free working environment for our Models where they can feel loved, accepted and be safe. We believe that God has made every Model uniquely and we want to represent them knowing this also encouraging them to embrace this.

3. What/who influenced you to do what you do? How did it start?

The Bible is what influenced majorly, and purely by brainstorming business ideas, and then it came to me.

Mr Asamoah expressed to us his love for what he does magnificently and he also shared with us some words of motivation…“God is in control and He will send the right people and remove the wrong people from the business because BMOP is the hear to stay and it shall prosper by God Grace.”

4. What do you Love About GHANA?

GHANA’s pure Beauty, it’s a beautiful country.


5. Why Do you love being GHANAIAN?

I believe that God has blessed Ghana hugely.


6. Have you heard of MeFiRi GHANA?

Yes of course. You guys are doing great stuff in the community. Mr Asamoah tells us his Future Aspirations…“I can’t say but I do believe it’s going to be prosperous with loads different businesses worldwide by the Grace of God”


7. What Have You Got To Offer GHANA?

 “Prayers and for God peace will continue to be upon the nation and its people”.

8. Where Can we catch up With your latest Movements?



*MeFiRi GHANA Would like to say a Massive Thank you to Sir Asamoah, your unique creativity in uprooting your company is a blessing. We thank you for breaking the chain of repetitive rejections of models due to the high specific expectations required from models. Our society is becoming discriminatory in itself to create pure perfection in the circle of a good eye, all to better our TV’s and magazines and opinions, but why?? Mr Asamoah has answered that why, in establishing his company by having his models for a huge purpose. It tells you in the company name…..‘BLESSED MODELS OF PURPOSE’*

By Trey’C

Fashion news…



Accra Ghana, April 23, 2012 – Ghana makes fashion history. The organisers of Ghana Fashion and Design week (GFDW) event are pleased to announce Vogue Italia as their international media partner for the upcoming event scheduled for the 5th -7th October 2012 at the Moevenpick Ambassador Hotel in Accra, Ghana. The digital luxury fashion publication has joined forces with GFDW to bring exclusive coverage of the event to the world.

This collaboration is truly one-of-a-kind – with Vogue Black Italia’s high readership from all over the globe, GFDW’s mission is to provide international journalistic coverage of the fashion event. Making history for Ghana and the African continent, such collaboration has never happened before and we hope this partnership leads GFDW commitment to the promotion of designers, ensuring international publishers are able to easily access official, sought after GFDW images, content and enabling designers to promote themselves to a global audience.

Vogue Italia will exclusively be covering the runway shows, with special backstage features and interviews. It is with great pleasure to add Vogue Italia to GFDW list of global partners, including luxury brands such as L’oreal and Porsche. This partnership provides participating fashion designers, models and sponsors with brand coverage in key markets; allowing them to be discovered by new contacts globally.

About Ghana Fashion & Design Week

Ghana Fashion & Design Week® is a contemporary international platform envisioned to direct, lead and promote both emerging and established designers to a global audience.

GFDW brings together creatively talented fashion and accessories designers in Ghana, and in the Diaspora alongside international designers, to showcase their collections to local and international retail buyers, Africa’s neo-fashion consumers, influential press, media, and fashion savvy celebrities. The event incorporates outstanding display of fashion shows and a creative Exhibition hub that gives fashion and creative businesses in Ghana, and across the globe the opportunity to exhibit their collections and related creative business services alongside the catwalk shows.

The annual event celebration of Ghana’s Fashion and Creative business industry is set to epitomize the fashion scene in Ghana, with platforms that celebrates Ghanaian and international designers. The organisation is structured with an aim to develop and educate emerging talents in Ghana through its mentoring platforms and inspirational industry seminars to involve internationally. GFDW is strategically placed to support and strengthen the fashion, textiles and apparel manufacturing industries in Ghana.


Email: show@ghanafashiondesignweek.com

Website: http://www.ghanafashiondesignweek.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Ghanafashionweek

Twitter: @ghanafashionwk #GFDW

Blog: http://ghanafashionweek.wordpress.com/

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/GFDWTV


Ghanaian Clothing Line Launch: Me DoR GHANA…




Faces of Me FiRi GHANA Competition Winners

Faces of Me FiRi GHANA Competition Winners


See all pictures from the photoshoot by clicking on the link below.
Models were as follows:
Male: Norris Emmanuel, Andrew, Jaime (Face of Me FiRi GHANA 2011)
Female: Juliyaa, Joanna, Edma, Hannah (Face of Me FiRi GHANA 2011)
Ps. Juliyaa is a rising superstar singer who is soon to release her EP. Catch up with her and stay connect here:

For more of Juliyaa catch her on:  
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/#!/juliyaamusic
Twitter – www.twitter.com/juliyaamusic  

Oswald Boateng: Profile

Having ruffled through my wardrobe this weekend I suddenly realised I could do with a new suit. I have a number of functions to attend this month and my suit collection is not what it used to be.

Swift action needed to be taken and I made my way to the House of Fraser store on Oxford Street in London on the Sunday afternoon. I was 20 minutes into wandering around the men’s suit section when I clapped eyes on my desired ensemble; an Ozwald Boateng bespoke suit!

I’ve never purchased a Boateng suit, but I was glad I did (thank god it was on sale!), The style and design was really something to admire, had me thinking style just runs through Ghanaians genes.  So happy was I with my purchase I have decided to pay homage to Mr Boateng, here is his story;

Ozwald was born in Muswell Hill, North London; his parents had emigrated from Ghana in the 1950s. His father continued his career as a teacher, while his mother who was in the fabric trade in Ghana became a seamstress in London. Boateng was inspired by the immaculate suits his father wore, and received his first suit from his mother aged 5. At fourteen, he found a summer job sewing linings into suits.

While studying computing at Southgate College aged sixteen, he was introduced to cutting and designing clothes by his girlfriend. Using his mother’s old sewing machine, he started designing and selling clothes to his fellow students, and switched to graduate in fashion and design. Boateng helped a friend to make clothes for a fashion show, and after receiving praise for his work, sold his first collection to a menswear shop in Covent Garden. This enabled him to open his first studio in Portobello Road in 1991. In 1994, Boateng staged his first catwalk presentation during Paris Fashion Week in 1994, the first tailor to stage a catwalk show in Paris.

The Paris success enabled Boateng to open his boutique on Vigo Street, the south end of Savile Row (world famous shopping street in Mayfair, London), in 1995.His ready-to-wear business went into receivership in the spring of 1998, but he saved it by entering into a deal with a Debenhams to design a moderately priced line of men’s clothing. Boateng’s contemporary approach to menswear design helped to forge a new appreciation for Savile Row, and draw in a younger demographic. Boateng moved fully into Savile Row in June 2002 with London Mayor Ken Livingstone crediting him with making a vital contribution to the promotion of creative talents in the capital.

In 2004, Boateng designed new amenity kits for Virgin Atlantic’s Upper Class. Critically claimed to be the most stylish first class kits available to travelers on any airline, the design increased pick rate fivefold.

In 2005, Boateng was honoured with a major 20 year retrospective event at the Victoria and Albert Museum. The exhibition recognized that Boateng had by combining the highest standards of execution with a fresh, vibrant design philosophy, successfully captured the imagination of both the media and the public.

2006 saw Boateng awarded an OBE, for his contributions to the tailoring industry. Boateng was later commissioned by John Agyekum Kufuor, President of the Republic of Ghana, to design and orchestrate a show at the 9th Annual African Union summit in 2007. Held in Accra, it coincided with 200 years since the cessation of the transatlantic slave trade, and 50 years of independence for Ghana.

In 2008, Boateng was appointed to the REACH committee, as part of an independent panel to identify and recruit national role models who work to help raise aspirations of black boys.

A man whose extrovert persona and flamboyant tailoring have drawn a stellar list of clients (Samuel L Jackson, Lennox Lewis & Michael Essien to name a few) and huge fan base (which now includes me). There can be no doubt that Ozwald Boateng is among British menswear’s most influential names.

Ben JK Anim-Antwi