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Future of Ghana – Business

The Future of Ghanaian Business and Enterprise


Looking closely at the future of Ghana in terms of business and enterprise is an interesting way of seeing what could be in hold for the future of a country as a whole. The growth and development of business is key to a country’s economy and the continuing development of said country for the future.

The second Ghanaian SME (small to medium enterprise) EXPO and Conference , dubbed Business Sense 2012, has just taken place between May 31st and June 2nd and with the overall theme growing sustainable enterprise through finance and technology, the event shows how the growth of business and the future of industry, especially from a technological advanced standpoint, is something which is in the minds of many across the country. Held in Accra, the business event gave a range of both new and existing business owners to further their businesses and turn plans into realities.


The Importance of SMEs for the Future

The fostering and development of a dynamic community of small and medium sized business in the enterprise sector is an important priority for the growth of the nation as a whole. The vast majority of businesses across Ghana are considered SMEs and more events tailored to their needs are a great idea to ensure the future of Ghanaian business is prosperous and continues to develop.

The three day expo and conference gives new entrants into the business world a chance to find out more about how to grow and develop their businesses. The technology and financial services sector were at the forefront of discussions but with online marketing support, business plan writing and advice and also mobile business solutions, there was scope from entrepreneurs from all sectors to get involved. For example, the proprietors of new retail outlets, salons and catering establishments could find out more about purchase and cost management, protecting a store or unit site and also important information regarding delivery and stock level management. The business sector in Ghana is essential for the country’s economic development and therefore, insider and specialist knowledge to further the smaller growing businesses out there is always something to be praised and welcomed.


Finance and Technology for a Better Future

Organised by OML Africa, who describe themselves as your people partner in Africa, the event focused mainly on the importance of finance and technology for SMEs, across all sectors. The event was designed to equip as many SMEs as possible with the relevant knowledge and expertise to understand exactly how to integrate modern technological developments into their business to ensure future growth. It goes without saying that a strong and well developed SME sector leads to growth in employment and is the driving force behind overall economic growth, especially in Ghana where they’re said to make up such a large portion of all businesses across the country.

Financially sustainable yet modern technological developments can be embraced by Ghanaian business to ensure they aren’t left behind as the Asian and other markets continue to pick up speed. For example, sales of the K-Pad Tablet in Ghana have shown how this affordable device is preferred above the highly praised, yet highly priced Apple iPad alternative. The K-Pad is an example of a sustainable technological development that can be embraced by Ghanaian business and by using free local talent, in the form of web developers and app designers willing to trial their products for free, the innovation and entrepreneurship in the venture is even more praiseworthy. The K-Pad has been described as a device which can be integrated into many business sectors from healthcare to education and all at an affordable cost, which could be a revelation in the face of Apple’s all-encompassing product.


Ghanaian Entrepreneurs – Your Time is Now

As this conference has shown, the Ghanaian business community is in the perfect position to act and the economic situation is such that now is as good a time as any to invest, develop and grow your business. For a brighter future for Ghana and a chance to show the business world that innovation and creativity can be born from any environment, business people and entrepreneurs should grasp the moment. The future of Ghanaian business and enterprise is exciting and anybody can be part of it.

Penny Lancaster

The Future of Ghana…

Talk Shop


On Friday the 20th of April, whilst our very honourable politicians and the knowledgeable “social commentators” were busy discussing the very important issue of who said what and the meaning of treason, about 50 youths gathered at the Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence in ICT to brainstorm on the very unimportant issue of youth unemployment.

I went into this brainstorming session with a lot of scepticism. A World Bank sponsored program in collaboration with a group called Africa Gathering, the task was to come out with a report with recommendations at the end of the session for the World Bank to forward to policy makers across the continent. It sounded like it was going to be just like one of those talk shops NGOs and other international aid agencies organise just so they are seen to be doing something. It ends up being nothing but just talk, talk and talk. No action.
But I walked out of this session with a big smile across my face and a deep hope in my heart for the youth of Ghana. And it’s not because it did not end up being just another talk shop – there was lots of talking and I believe the report will be completed and sent up to the World Bank. I’m just not sure what will come of it. It may be acted upon or it may be locked up in a cabinet and forgotten about, but either way this program, for me, was a big success!

The program brought together a collection of articulate and ambitious youths from diverse backgrounds and they talked and talked. My initial fear was that, no one in a position of authority would hear them. But they were not discouraged. They talked among themselves and listened to each other. They bounced ideas off each other and at the end, they all left the conference room motivated. Motivated to go out there and make a difference, in their personal lives and in the community. They came up with brilliant ideas about starting their own businesses to tackle local needs. Young entrepreneurs linked up with the aim of collaborating and tapping into each other’s resources to advance their young businesses.

In a week when it seemed like all people cared about was petty politics, these ambitious young men and women gave me hope! And it felt very refreshing. Before I end, I must say it was not all the youngsters. Ms Eva Lokko, Director General of GBC, joined in on the brainstorming session and was a great addition to the discussion. If any of my readers ever meet her, tell her we all say “thank you” and that I will do articles on the educational system. Hopefully someone somewhere may read it and kick start the much needed reforms.

By Maclean Arthur