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Nyamekye: “God Given” Talent



A Ghanaian artist by the name of Odei Green Nyamekye has a very special gift.

Odei Green Nyamekye

Nyamekye paints on beautiful canvasses with quality strokes to create pieces of great wealth and beauty.

Every single painting is rich in colour, culture, and vision.

I was introduced to this Ghanaian artist by former Ghana International and World Cup 2006 star, Razak Pimpong.

one of Nyamekye's paintings

The name Nyamekye in Akan means “God Given”

Nyamekye resides in Accra, Ghana.

“His paintings are so life like that you think you’re looking at a photograph.”

“The way he captures moments frozen in time is remarkable.”

“The way he brings his portraits to life is really amazing.”

“His talent is truly a God given talent.”


Nyamekye at work

This young man’s talent is wonderful and needs his talent to be shared worldwide.

To check out and purchase his work, log onto Real Life arts international.



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By Marfioso

Ghanaian Singer: Juliyaa Single Launch…

So after leaving a Ghana High Commission Celebration Event on Friday night, we quickly made our way down to the single launch of singing sensation “Juliyaa”. The half Welsh half Ghanaian singer has recently released her latest music video – which we must say looks incredible – to the new single “The Rhythm”, Check it out below:
(Who can spot the Adinkra symbols at 0:23???)

Back to the event now and when Juliyaa took to the main stage after showcasing her video on the big screen, we were blown away by her stage presence, elegant dress and more so her incredible voice.

As the lady of the hour sang with her heart the atmosphere changed and we could feel the air of anticipation as we (the crowd) waited on every word. There were slow songs, lively songs, deep songs and cultured songs; all of which really got the crowd pumped. The two backing vocalists and vibrant band played their part too along with the dynamic singers ability to engage with the crowd. For a new artist to pull such a large audience, it is only a matter of time before we see Juliyaa doing sell out stadium tours…

All we can say is that we cannot wit for the EP and for the release of our favourite song “Stars and Dragon” 😉

Get connected with the ‘Rhythmic Soul’ that is Juliyaa:

Juliyaa’s single ‘The Rhythm’ is out on iTunes here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/juliyaa/id453762170

Facebook Pagewww.facebook.com/juliyaamusic


Ghanaian Celebrity: Loick Essien

Essien began his musical career in 2008, when he appeared on rapper Chipmunk’s debut single “Beast”. The single, released on 8 October 2008, debuted at number 181 in the UK Singles Chart and later appeared on the album I Am Chipmunk.

Talented Essien also featured on artist Bashy’s lead single from his upcoming second album,
“When the Sky Falls”- The single was released independently on 12 March 2010, debuted at number 114 in the United Kingdom.

On 12 October 2010, Essien found his independent path, through releasing his debut solo single;
“Love Drunk”- in the UK through Sony Music, where it debuted at number 57 in the UK chart. It was then confirmed in February 2011 that Essien would release his debut album, entitled Identity later that year. The second single to be released from the album, entitled “Stuttering” was released on 6 February 2011 and featured Grime group N-Dubz, the single marked Essien’s top 40 debut, when it charted at number 36 on the UK Singles Chart.

Here is a snippet of Loick caught in the moment, answering a few Questions in an interview with MTV, so we’ll find out fresh stuff!!

Q: What were N-Dubz like to work with? Seeing as they have been doing this for a while, did they offer you any words of advice?
A: Definitely they just said that they think I’m going to do some really big things in 2011 – they’re supporting me all the way, and anything I need help with, they are there so let them know. I think that was just really nice, just to have their support and to know that they’re were on my side, and kind of want me to do well. Other than that, it was laughs and jokes, we had a good time and a good day it was a successful shoot.

Q: Do you think Stuttering and your previous material (e.g. Love Drunk) are good indications of what fans can expect from your album, Identity?
A: I think what fans can expect is a diverse album, because although I’ve done Love Drunk and Stuttering, they’re very different in terms of sound. I just feel like there are a lot more sounds on there as well, like slow jams for the girls.

There is also a party record, when you just want to go out. You might be with your boys or with your girls and getting ready to go out and you just want to get into that mood for that moment, then there’s the ballads, where you’ve got me singing my heart out about love. I think there’ll be features on there that’ll blow minds as well but I can’t really talk about them, but I think it’s going to be crazy.

Q: If you were to describe your album in three words, what three words would you chose?
A: Fresh, Current, Amazing!

Q: Are there any new artists coming up through the ranks that you think we should look out for, apart from yourself?
A: I think you should definitely look out for Encore and another band called Dutchess, they’re crazy as well.

Q: You have been named as one of MTV’s artists that we love, what can we expect from you in 2011?
A: I think more music, more music videos, more shows to see me sing my heart out, hopefully the N-Dubz tour and of course, more of Loick!

Watch out for Loick’s new single currently out now, ‘How we Roll’ ft Tanya Lacey!!!

By Trey’C.