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Weekly Motivation: Ola The Poet…

“I saw a man once, sitting outside Hackney Central station.
He was wearing a grandad cap, beige I think, playing the Harmonica. The sounds drew me close to him so I stood and listened…

Each note felt my energy and I felt there’s.
That kind of harmony that makes your spine tingle,
simple does it” he said when he finished. He said “the moment of
truth defines itself when you define who you are, the moment you step out of your box and see the world”.

Faced down he looked up at me. He said “Ahhh Yes! I know you, I used to be you“.

My mind, body and soul lost sync, my emotions flyered up and like a raisin in the sun it dried and shrivelled. In the midst of all the
commotion when time moved like a still panther I saw him cry.
Can I ask you? “have you ever seen a blind man cry?,

They looked like pale blue, I watched as it journeyed from settling in his eyes to landing on my cheeks.

He asked me “does God still love me?” a question I ponder on ever
night as I sleep on my soaking pillow. I answered “everyday I wake up and everyday I walk, everyday I see and most days I eat“. He smiled.

He told me before the wind blew our seas away and the rain washed our sin. “in the beginning was the word and the word was with God”.

Baffled as to why he would say that he continued. The life of a man is not dependant on his material riches. The poorest man has more to offer than a man who is consumed with his riches. Wealth comes from within and prevails in what you do. Life breaths from within.

Its what you do with it. With a certain warmth he said “walk your path my child”.

As I walked the last 200 yards home I asked myself “if life is worth
living then why aren’t I living? Motivation comes from within so why aren’t I striving?”

A book has many chapters, I wrote a page on mine with the music from him and his words inked my cerebral like they were tattoos on my arms. I can see them. The transparent few who look beneath me and criticise, the ones who judge. The answer isn’t in your speech but in you steps, your stride, your grace.

Oh yes! The answer is YOU!!!”

By Ola The Poet

Twitter: @olathepoet