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Ghanaian News: Naa Kai Laryea – Unsung Hero…

Unsung Hero:  Naa Kai Laryea

With the GUBA (Ghana UK Based Achievement Awards) just gone I thought I would bring to attention the courageous actions of young Ghanaian Londoner earlier this month. Naa Kai Laryea from Hackney is this person her brave actions resulted in the saving of a baby’s life.

Naa, who is just 16-years old, took control when she found lawyer Gianna Gudsell frantically screaming in the street, holding her 14-month old son Hector who was limp and unconscious. The 35-year old mum had been washing Hector in the bath last Monday when he slipped, hit his head and fell unconscious. Panicked, she ran screaming into Tudor Road, where Naa Kai, happened to be passing by.

Naa Kai who had completed a St John’s Ambulance first aid course at the South Hackney church she regularly attends, patted Hector’s back as he seemed to be choking, before he threw up and began breathing again. Naa said “because she knew what to do she was not scared”.

The ambulance arrived shortly afterwards, and although Hector fell into a coma at the Homerton Hospital, he is now safe and sound back at home. The ambulance had said it Naas actions were vital in Hector’s recovery. Hector’s mum was so grateful to Naa and said; “The ambulance came very fast, but it was essential that she was there… this experience gave me a nice feeling that the world is not unfriendly – you have people around who care for you even thought you don’t know them and that’s a nice feeling.

This serves as a reminder to me that I need to renew my first aid qualification as Naa’s story shows you never know when you might need it.

In a year that has seen negative headlines for our young people it’s good to see young people being so courageous, caring and responsible. Na Kai Laryea, Me FiRi GHANA salutes you!

By Ben Jk Anim-Antwi