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Food for All Ghana programme in partnership with MaxMart Family shopping centre and Kwatson’s West Africa, the sole distributors of Waitrose brand of products in Ghana will from 10th December till 10 January 2017  raise funds to support children out of school due to lack of regular means of nutrition.

The 2016 Maxmart Buy More, Feed More Christmas project, in association with Waitrose is aimed at creating sustainable means of nutrition for vulnerable children and raising awareness on the economic and social impact of child under nutrition in Ghana.

The 2016 cost of hunger in Africa report  by the National Development Planning Commission estimates Ghana loses GH¢ 4.6 billion which is equivalent to 6.4% GDP annually to hunger among children and 24% of all child mortality cases in are associated with under nutrition.

Speaking at a stakeholder’s  forum to launch the  project, Founder of Food for All Africa programme,

Food For All Ghana feeding the needy

Food For All Ghana feeding the needy

Chef Elijah Amoo Addo revealed  3 out of 5 children on the streets of Accra are out of school due to lack of regular means of nutrition at a time when over 45% of food goes to waste along Ghana’s food supply chain. For Ghana to overcome child under nutrition, all stakeholders must be responsible to ensure the right to food and education of children is championed. He praised MaxMart Family Shopping centre for contributing towards creating efficiency and reducing child under nutrition in Ghana.

Marketing manager of MaxMart Family Shopping centre, Mrs. Layal Majdoub explained  that for any Waitrose brand product that MaxMart customers and the general public buy this Christmas, 3% of the  price will be donated to  the Food for All Africa sustainable farms fund which will be used to  provide a  poultry project for  a beneficiary orphanage home by March 2017.

Waitrose are active supporters of the Global “Love Food, Hate waste” campaign and therefore delighted to work with customers and Ghanaians at large to reduce food waste and  hunger in Ghana.

An invite to the longest food table on UN World Food Day

Food for All Ghana programme in partnership with Go for Hope Foundation under the auspices of the Ghana Tourism Federation and the Food and Beverage Association of Ghana is inviting you for this year’s Food for All Ghana UN world food day advocacy program.

The main objective of the Food4All UN World Food day is to recognize and advocate for the UN declaration on human right to food and ensure that the spotlight is put on the inefficiencies within our food supply chain that creates food wastage and hunger in Ghana.

The 2016 edition is scheduled to take place on the Saturday 15th October, 2016 within  La Dade-Kotopon municipality under the theme: Climate is changing. Food and agriculture must too”. An attempt will be made to break the current Guinness world for longest table while 5,000 vulnerable children and the elderly will be fed, inspired and supported. Through this project the public will be educated on the environmental and economic impact of food wastage in Ghana.

Food for All Ghana is a shared social responsibility. Hope to see you there!

Announcing the first Food for All Ghana Conference

1st Annual Food for All Ghana & Awards- Exhibition is to take place on 12th-13th May, 2016 at the Ghana International Press Centre.

UNICEF Ghana last year revealed that 1 out of every 4 child in most regions of Ghana goes to bed hungry. The UN SDG’s Goal 2 and 12 adopted in 2015 affords us the opportunity to partner and work together in addressing the inefficiencies within our food supply chain, network and work towards creating sustainable means of nutrition for all.


Food For All Ghana feeding the needy

Food For All Ghana feeding the needy

Government ministries, top level officials, farmers, supermarkets, hospitality companies and stakeholders within Ghana’s food supply system and international industry leaders will come together in Accra for the first Food for All Ghana conference themed: “SDG 2&12 Focus on creating sustainable means of nutrition within our food supply chain”.

Food wastage occurs across all segments of the food supply chain and is often the result of the complex interactions within the supply chain. Action to mitigate the amount of food wasted in one segments likely impacts the chain downstream and upstream – it is therefore critical to foster partnerships and collaborative action throughout the food supply chain.

Food for All Ghana program is a non-profit start-up launched in June 2015 to create sustainable means of nutrition through food banking, farming and forum to address issues of food wastage, hunger and inefficiencies within the supply chain.


The conference will include a high level session between stakeholder’s and government delegation on P104078212th May, followed by a media launch of #myright2food campaign, a year long fund raising program to create sustainable means of nutrition for the vulnerable in society and an awards ceremony to honour individuals and corporate bodies supporting food banking and the implementation of the UN sustainable Goals 2&12 in Ghana.

The conference will address the topical issues of food availability, losses, wastage, accessibility, stability and utilization. Ghana is entering an unprecedented period of economic growth underpinned by a burgeoning population development and execution of a core food security strategy is essential to providing a sustainable growth platform.


For more information, sponsorship or register for the Conference, contact:

Food for All Ghana Program

1 Nii Adjei Adjetety Street

Teshie Gonnor -Accra, Ghana



Website: www.foodforallghana.org

Facebook: Food for All Ghana Campaign

Twitter: @food4allgh


Creating Ghana’s first food bank


Food for All Ghana campaign, a food recovery organization in Ghana, along with The Matic Foundation, will be attempting to put Ghana in the Guinness World Record book as they attempt to break current world record for the longest table on UN world food day on the 17th October.


The current record of 1508m is held by Saudi Arabia and the group intends to break this record to raise awareness on the economic impact of food wastage in Ghana and also to raise funds towards the building of West Africa’s first food bank in Ghana.


The founder of Food For All Ghana, Elijah Addo states that, “Europe has over 500 food banks and America has equally over 374 food banks where the vulnerable in society gets recovered food. Considering the inefficiencies in our food supply chain, building a food bank to create sustainable means of nutrition for the vulnerable in society is the way forward.”


Ghana lost over five hundred and eighty four thousand metric tonnes of food in 2013, meaning each Ghanaian wasted more than $1 worth of food in a day. Meanwhile over 35% of Ghanaians cannot afford a plate of food in a day.


Mr Addo added, “We entreat all individuals and corporate bodies to join us in making our motherland proud as we set and dine on the  1600metres table on the Osu Oxford Street on 17th October. “
The event is supported by B&FT, YFM, YCares, Maggi, Bella, Sandra Ice Cream, Sadia and SAVE FOOD. More information on the campaign can be found here.