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Ghanaian Culture: Think Chocolate…

Think Chocolate, Think Ghana!

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Maailmanlaajuinen toimitus taattu, rahat takaisin-takuu. Halvemmalla kuin muualla. 5% pois varten palaaville asiakkaille. Trial watch Myynti. Ghana_Chocolate_Cocoa_Farmer_Me_FiRi_GHANABy buying a fair trade chocolate bar or a fair trade product you are supporting a fair cause. As fellow Africans/Ghanaians or lovers of Africa/Ghana this should be a cause for concern. The annual cocoa beans production in Ghana has grown from around 400, 000 tonnes during the period 1995- 2003 to a record 737, 000 tonnes in 2004. I remember 2 years ago when the Zingolo advert came out, it caught everybody’s attention since then we’ve gone back to not thinking deeply before we buy. When you buy a fair trade chocolate you’re helping give farmers a equal share.

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“Since I heard about cocoa beans being produced in Africa and the unfair treatment cocoa farmers were getting, this pushed me to get into the habit of buying fair trade goods.”

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