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Your One Stop for ALL Ghanaian events!

With new media and modern technology, people are turning more and more to the internet to access information. But with the internet, unless you know where to go, you may miss the information you’re searching for.

As an Event Organizer, you want your advert to reach the maximum number of people. But with so many TV and Radio stations, websites and apps, how can you be sure your audience hear your message?

www.ghanaeventsguide.com is the only website and app dedicated solely to Ghanaian events globally. So if you’re organizing a Ghanaian fashion show in Italy, a Ghanaian music event in UK, a Ghanaian business conference in Botswana, etc., wherever, and whatever your event, as long as it’s Ghanaian, you can submit it to www.ghanaeventsguide.com

Guaranteed access to your target audience

I. People who visit www.ghanaeventsguide.com do so for one reason, they’re looking for a Ghanaian event to attend. These days, Ghanaian movies are popular and premiers are held outside Ghana. Imagine the costs the organizer of a movie that’s premiering in Ghana, Nigeria, UK and USA will save simply by advertising on www.ghanaeventsguide.com. Instead of advertising in each country, the Event Organizer will save costs by submitting all their premier dates to www.ghanaeventsguide.com. Fans from all the over world can simply visit www.ghanaeventsgudie.com and viola – all the information will be readily available. No fuss. No having to type in several searches.

II. With so many TV and radio stations, how can you guarantee the station (including time and show) you choose to place your ad is getting to your audience? There are many people who would like to attend your event but may not be listening to the station or show you choose to advertise on.

III. How many events, although well-organized were considered flops simply because of low attendance? Low attendance due to the fact that people didn’t hear about the event until after it had taken place?


Benefits to the Event Organizer

As an Event Organizer, you’ll benefit from advertising on www.ghanaeventsguide.com because:

I. You’ll be hitting a direct target of event goers who are visiting www.ghanaeventsuide.com /using the app because they want an event to attend.

II. The cost of advertising on www.ghanaevents.guide.com is competitive

III. By listing your events on www.ghanaeventsguide.com, you’ll be saving the costs involved with advertising on several radio and TV stations simultaneously.

IV. People can schedule your event into their plans. Especially when travelling. For example booking their travel ticket to coincide with your event. Imagine for example, somebody sitting in Canada, planning on visiting Ghana. They realize you’re about to organize a conference on investment opportunities on the day they’re planning to leave Ghana. Because they want to attend your event, they change their ticket and leave a day later. If this person comes to Ghana before seeing your billboard for example, it may be too late and costly for them to change their tickets. Yet this is the person you want at your event.

V. SMS reminders sent directly to our database of clients. We have a database of visitors to the website who have opted for event reminders to be sent to their phones. Advertise on www.ghanaeventsguide.com and have access to this service.

VI. Competitive rates. Compare our rates to others and you’ll find our rates truly affordable.


Easy to use website and app

www.ghanaeventsguide.com stays true to its objective of being a solely eventslistings guide. So visitors won’t be distracted by news, gossip, videos etc. Visitors to the website can use it in two quick steps:

I. Click onto the country of their choice.

II. Click onto the date. This step is made even easier on the home page where visitors can access the events diary directly.


How to advertise on www.ghanaeventsguide.com

Event Organizers can submit their events on www.ghanaeventsguide.com directly or by sending it to events@ghanaeventsguide.com



Email: info@ghanaeventsguide.com

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