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Introducing Myra Kay and debut single ‘Dance The Night Away’

With an infectious innocent smile and voice she answered when I asked ‘how long have you been singing for? She said; ‘I have been singing ever since I was about 6 years old, whilst living in Atlanta Georgia with my family…’

‘Ms Myra Kyeremeh’ being her official birth name is popularly known as ‘Myra Kay’ in the music circles and amongst peers as her stage and artistic name was born in Atlanta, USA to Mr and Ms Kyeremeh some nineteen years ago. Myra Kay, now in her late teens, moved back to Ghana at the age of five years where she continued her education at the nursery and primary level until she was thirteen years old when she was moved back to the United States, Atlanta Georgia to stay with the rest of the family. In Georgia she completed her high school education and is currently pursuing multiple degree programmes in the States.

After realising her God given talent she made an effort to developed her vocal and writing capabilities over the years, now a solid promising up and coming female musician with a wealth of exciting musical and acting talents with lots of energy .Myra Kay’s dream, she said, ‘is to be able to influence and help people from all walks of life across the world with her music and message’. She further went on to disclose her intentions and ultimate hope to become ‘one of the biggest female musicians in Ghana and across the globe’. Myra also hinted during the interview that she will love to collaborate with the like of Efya, Raquel, Becca whom she listened to when growing up; she went on to expand the list to include Mr.Eazi , Koredo Bello, Nanso Amandi, Tiwa Savage, Wiz Kid, Davido and many many more renowned musicians across Ghana and Africa .

With a strong conviction she said, ‘Music has always been my number one passion and I put that passion and energy into every song each and every time I write music. My mother has been my biggest inspiration of all time, growing up she exposed me to many songs and artist alike due to her personal love for music, she will ask me severally to sing for her when I was a little girl, Myra Kay lamented. She intends to use her music to educate and touch lives of her small but growing following in Ghana and across the world.

Myra Kay is currently an independent artist ready with her first official single audio and video written, co-produced and directed by her, titled ‘Dance The Night Away‘. The online release was on the 13 Of April, 2017, in Atlanta Georgia and across the world via the YouTube platform and other online digital streaming platforms.

Myra Kay is currently in talks with BlackStar SR Entertainment to finalise a recording and management deal to take her to the next level of her young but promising music carrier. I got the opportunity to ask the C.E.O of the label Mr .Stephen Creppy about the possibilities of working with such a new budding talent, he said ‘Well, we are very experienced in the music industry so far us the Ghana industry is concerned and we also come with a wealth of experience from the international scene and this reflects in all our products and services, if we do reach a consensus it will be a match made in heaven ,Ghana and the world will now have another quality product musically from the camp of BlackStar SR Entertainment’.

Watch ‘Dance the Night Away’ below!


Itz Tiffany drops new video!

Itz Tiffany – Akyee Wo! (Caught Up)


It’s finally here! The long awaited video to Itz Tiffany’s hot single ‘Akyee Wo!’ (Caught Up) has finally dropped! Ghana’s hottest female MC as usual is looking on point in this fun and colourful video directed by Star Entertainment. ‘Akyee Wo!’ is the first single taken from the upcoming debut EP ‘Itz Tiffany’ soon to drop. The video also features cameos from Ghana’s finest Killbeatz, Efya and Castro.

If you want to see Itz Tiffany do the azonto then check the video out below! What do you think? Hot or not?

By Yaa Nyarko


Ghana’s Top Female Musicians at war…

Becca and Efya Clash Their Swords




From close sources it has been confirmed that Becca and Efya, both top Ghanaian female singers are at Beef anf at the edges of war.

Hearsay have piled up stating Efya apparently left her former group, ‘Irene And Jane’ to actually face off with Becca due to Becca’s success in GHANA as TOP Female singer at the time, and Efya wanted to challenge Becca for a fight in the music scene.

However hearsay also stated in Becca’s own words that, “she sees Efya as a crawling Tortoise”, as she believes Efya is trying to be her, through pure imitation.

How Harsh! 

Both strong and unique female vocalists are both at competition with 5 each nominations in the upcoming VGMA, which will be the final Knockdown in time.

Who will Be Left Standing without an Award??

We Will See Soon…

But Who Hits Their Vocals HARD??

    Becca or Efya????

Over the past years, Becca has been the highest paid female artist in GHANA, however with trouble calling, Becca’s money may soon devalue with Efya calling the shots LOUDLY; Becca Needs to come strong and hard.

With the VGMA Fast approaching, both fabulous female artists have been categorized within the same category, which will be interesting.

Personally both ladies are sexy as well as Beautiful in what they do, each vocalist have their own style of approach and swagger spice.

Becca, I believe is a much more modest and calm vocalist, has been in the making for a while now with much experience.

Whereas Efya is still young with hot Fire and flavour, with edgy style, yet has less experience in the music industry.

Both females are fighting for a distinguished place within the scene of music.

Both ladies are shocking in what they do, and Hit their vocal notes with Epic and spice, they both have superb style, but in terms of

Who is the Bestest??


Lies In your Hands.

Both these Females are Incredible, with Jazzy soulful Voices.

Well done Ladies, music will not run away, but you will meet people who are better and stronger.

Trying to be the best you can be is the KEY To success.


By Trey’C

Ghanaian Singer EFYA Shoots Video…

Efya_Ghanaian_Singer_Me_FiRi_GHANA_DOT_COMGhanaian songstress Efya, who music style has been compared to that of Fela Kuti, is shooting a video for her popular single A Moment’s Notice.

A Moment’s Notice, which featured in Shirley Frimpong Manso’s film Perfect Picture, is slow tempo romantic song guaranteed to capture the mood of upcoming Valentine’s Day. Efya’s soulful voice and her simple heartfelt lyrics accompanied by laid back percussion instruments will simply take your take your breath away.

The video concept centres on the emotions of a young man who falls in love after seeing a picture of Efya when he goes to a pub. The video which is being directed by Nana Asihene and Paa Kwesi David under One Nations Productions and Management was shot at locations such as Taverna Tropicana pub in Accra and Dei Centre in Tesano.

Efya is currently putting some finishing touches to her yet to be released album, which when released will be accompanied by a nationwide tour. She is definitely the artist to watch this year as usual, as soon the video is out Me FiRi GHANA will let you know!

By Yaa Nyarko

Ghanaian Musician: Young Ghanaian and Efya…

Style, Swag, & Attitude…
Don’t Get Her Twisted!

For Those of you who don’t this Sassy, Soul, Singer, Efya. She is Ghana’s upcoming singer. The young lady holds a voice that would surprise you, she has has been named as one of Ghana’s most powerful vocalist. Jane Awindor, known as, ‘EFYA’ in showbiz is soon to perform in all the ten major cities (regional capitals) of Ghana and ten major cities in Nigeria, South Africa and other countries.

The talented young lady, picked up talent from a young age, as being Born into a family of media professionals – Dad, a director at the National Film and Television Institute (NAFTI) and her mum, Nana Adwoa Awindor, a media mogul and host of popular TV show, Greetings From Abroad , following into their steps she learned video editing from a very young age.

Efya’s fame shot up through the first edition of Charter House’s Stars of the Future reality show in 2006 where she was a 2nd runner up, the show formed the duo, Irene and Jane (Irene Logan – winner of the reality show) lasting for three years. They released an album, Unveiled during that time.

Efya so far has several singles including ‘For You’ and ‘Little Things’ which are currently on FIRE! One thing that makes her stand out is her music background which is deeply rooted in live stage performances, Honestly she’s a ‘TRUE SOUL DIVA’ knows how to rock her voice, and rock the house!

Efya smashed the stage whilst performing at ‘The RED LIPSTICK CONCERT‘, in Ghana a concert of empowerment for women, the event hosted Ghana’s Top female musicians, a night of dedication to special women.

EFYA, In her Own Word’s breaks it down, plain & simple:

“Efya is my name. It’s who I am and who I’ve always been, but I needed to be ‘Miss Jane’ in order to discover Efya. I’ve found out what kind of music I want to do now. The ‘Jane’ from ‘Irene and Jane’ is over; that time was for us to grow in the music industry, to know the right things to do. We spent three years working hard and now I can stand on stage and do a whole one hour performance by myself and it’s because I went through that training process. Efya is ‘Miss Jane evolved”

Efya’s got the whole package, SWAGGER, STYLE AND real ATTITUDE. So Don’t Get this young soul singer TWISTED, she says it how it is!

The single I love to bits of EFYA’S has got to be ‘LITTLE THINGS‘, the song was featured in ‘The Perfect Picture‘, starring – ‘Jackie Appiah & Chris Attoh’, the song is a sexy slow jam, with some Beautiful Twi language, intertwined with English, the song is love based, and is a BIG thumbs up for valentines day, sounds Too GOOD!

Personally what I like about EFYA, is she’s not scared to strut her stuff, as well as show the world her quirky POWERFUL voice, she’s definitely a Lady to look out for!

By Trey’C