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Ghana’s 55th Independence: Indigo O2

Ghana Independence Celebrations: Azontoing at the Indigo O2


Ghana_Independence_Me_FiRi_Ghana_dot_comOhene’s & Ohemaa’s get your kente, Ntuma & Me FiRi GHANA outfits ready because this year’s 6th March Ghana Independence Celebration; “this one no be easy”. As it gets closer and closer to March I can’t help but Azonto!  Ghana has truly gone a long way. Gosh we have had 55 years of independence, having been the first Sub- Saharan African country to gain independence in 1957.

It’s going to be a beautiful sight to see different faces, different shapes and colours all come together to commemorate this day. Every year independence is celebrated and I have to say we should be thankful we even gained independence; thanks to the well respected  “Yaa Asantewaa & Dr. Kwame Nkrumah” .

This year one of the main events will celebrate Ghana’s Independence at the well-known venue Indigo2 on the 3rd March.

Whether you decide to celebrate by: Going out to eat with friends, Party, strong prayers or simply from the heart. Me FiRi GHANA wish you Ghana fuo Happy independence.. and don’t forget to AZONTO all the way!


Hiplife and Afrobeats Festival LIVE…

London Goes Afro-beat Crazy with Hiplife Festival Just weeks after Choice FM’s DJ Abrantee launched his own Afro-beats show in London, the genre seems to be having a sway on mainstream music with artists such as Snoop Dogg, Sway and Tinchy Stryder confessing to be fans. Hiplife which originally derived from Afro-beats is Africa’s version of Hip Hop.

The music genre thrives everywhere in Africa especially Ghana and is now hotting the dance floors of London. Alordia, WestCoast UK and Abrantee, the same organisers that brought the O2 Ghana Independence will be bringing you the Hiplife Festival and After Party. The 30th of September 2011 will see a line up of Ghana’s biggest Hiplife artists such as: Ruff n Smooth, Stay J, Tiffany and Kwabena Kwabena.