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DJ Aries Up for Ahlan Award in UAE!

Vote Now for DJ Aries to win Best Club DJ in Dubai at Ahlan Awards

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In the short time of DJ Aries has been  in Dubai she’s had a blast and to her surprise, the little firecracker has been shortlisted in the category for ‘BEST CLUB DJ’ in Dubai for the Ahlan Awards (UAE equivalent to Heat Magazine). Never in a million years did she think this would happen. If you could please show support for the movement of Modern African music going worldwide, she would appreciate your votes.


1. Here’s the website to vote, AhlanAwards.com, use the hashtag #AhlanAwards and tag @AhlanMagazine on Instagram and @AhlanLive on Twitter

2. Register, it only takes a few seconds

3. Go to the 7th category and DJ Aries is number 7! Then CLICK!


In the meantime, youc enjoy this mix dedicated to Dubai whilst she makes her travels elsewhere in the world. Content coming soon!


You may catch the Afrofusion DJ here in London for a spell. Or, Ghana, Europe, Thailand. Who knows…

Remember to VOTE here: AhlanAwards.com
Me Firi Ghana (@Me_FiRi_GHANA)