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Introducing YOU to Adam Bubz

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Specializing in Film & Video productions area. I have to say I am very honoured to write about this young talented Gentleman. I managed to catch up with the man himself and share with you guys a bit about him…

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Learn about herceptin xeloda 150 mg®, an anti-dandruff shampoo treatment that helps to control scalp flaking, scaling, and itching when used between regular washings.  1) So tell us Your real name & The name you work with if different?

My real name is Baba Adam Aminu.

And I work with the name Adam Bubz.

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I am currently building up a production called “Dcypha Films” where I could offer services like music videos, documentaries and shoot short films.

Frequently Asked Questions On http://mledutech.com/cheapest-doxycycline-uk.html - What is Himplasia, benefits of Himplasia Results, Administration and Dosage, Side Effects, Precautions, Storage 3) What is their Aim/mission?

Our aim is to be able to offer services to established and upcoming artists, actors and people trying to get into the media industry.

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I direct, shoot and edit music videos and short documentaries.

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I cant see myself doing anything else, I have a Massive passion for filming!

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My Dad played a big part in it because he use to be a film maker and I guess that’s what inspired me to take it from a hobby to a profession.

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Yes! He took me to most of his video shoots and showed me what to expect and how to achieve it. He knew that was what I was interested in and that made me more confident in pursuing it.

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Its helps a lot. Its makes it easier for me to network.

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I enjoy making a plan go well! The process of making a video. You have an idea then you film it, then once you edit it seeing the idea you had put into film is the best feeling.

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lol!! I would give myself a 6 but hopefully it will be a 10 before Ghana Independence.

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Adam_Bubz_Sway_Me_FiRi_GHANA_2WoW ‘ tricor price walmart tires Iv Cost. 1availableOnline: Friendly customer support, 24h online support. #1 Top OnlineShop. Order Tabs Online Without Prescription. Without Me FiRi GHANA‘ Salute You Adam Bubz, We must say we are proud and honoured to have you on board As A Creative ‘Rising Black Star’. Personally I believe this young gentleman is creating a rich vibe of himself. Adam’s creativeness is positively feeding and catering services for our community, which I must say is inspiring. To be able to stand up and put your hand out onto the fire is bravery, not everyone goes ahead to make their dream/or hobby come to life, some lack self-belief and therefore back out. Whereas this young gentleman, stood up strong and decided to let the ball roll, and look at where his ball has landed now. His ball will continue to roll effortlessly, and shine in prosperity!!


A Big Thank You for your time and co-operation, keep doing what you do, Never Give up, the sky’s your limit!

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