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Autism awareness

GUBA to hold Autism event in London


dentaa autism


Dentaa is an active figure both in Ghana as well as the UK –  I tell you this multitalented woman deserves a round of applause , a busy woman and yet the hard work continues .  Aside from her previous acting career and presenting, she is also known as the founder of the Ghana UK Based Achievements (GUBA Awards), as well as the GUBA foundation charity. The GUBA foundation was established whilst working on the GUBA awards. Let’s just say there’s plenty more blossoms to come from this wonderful lady.

Whilst on her journey she realised that alongside the awards for recognition and celebrations , deep within the Ghanaian community lies unanswered questions regarding the needs of the people , needs important to  us all such as: :  disability, education, poverty and health.


… Why?  Her aim is to change people’s perceptions of Autism merely as a Disability, but get people to think of it as a different ability. Through this wonderful event she simply asks for: Honesty, support and for us to be open-minded, this way people can gain access to services available to them.


Connect & support families with Autism, through providing support & guidance to carers

Deliver culturally sensitive Autism training and provide awareness to the specified community

Highlight achievements, gifts and unknown talents of people with Autism


The Autistic Event

This is a family friendly event and suitable for all age groups. If you just want to gain knowledge or an insight this event would be just great for you.

Venue: Bernie Grants Arts centre

Date: Saturday 27th April 2013

For more information visit : http://www.gubaawards.co.uk/guba-foundation-autism-event/



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We’re all ignorant… but if we take the time to educate ourselves. If we think differently we can kill ignorance.


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Not just pretty faces…

Ghana’s Top female movie stars look for more than just film-making!


The two most talked about actresses in Africa have starred in movies for years, and they keep getting better and better. But there seems to be a trend setting – they want more than just the acting and drama.

It is reported Jackie Appiah is busily working on her single in one of the reigning recording studios in the capital which will be released on the music market very soon. Similarly Ghanaian actress Juliet Ibrahim also ventures into music and signs with Nigerian based music groups called Kentro World.

So this change with our Ghanaian actresses, well let’s not say change but our women seem more empowered, determined and feel they can do anything however high or unreachable.

Young Ghanaians girls should see this as a message, no matter what you want to do where you want to go you can achieve it.


Development in Ghana

Tamale International Airport to cost US$174 million


The need for another International Airport in Ghana to complement that of the Kotoka International Airport, Accra is long overdue. This is because of the high investment of the country’s airspace. With the drilling of oil in commercial quantities and increase in the economy, more foreign direct investments are increasing on a daily basis.

In addition, Ghanaian pilgrims to Mecca who are mostly from the Northern regions always experience such terrible journeys  as every year as a majority of them do not have relatives in Accra and are have no choice but  to sleep at the airport for weeks before they actually departure . Luckily a Hajj Village has been built near the El-Wak Sports Stadium, where they are accommodated and fed before boarding on this Holy Pilgrimage.

It is stated that, Ghana’s flying and air travel industry stand out as one of the fastest developing and most competitive in the sub-region underscored by the fact that the number of commercial and cargo carriers plying in and out of Ghana has almost doubled from 15 in 2000 to 30 in 2010.

The ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) made it a campaign promise prior to the 2008 elections that, when voted into power they would build a second International Airport in Tamale to transform the savanna regions of Ghana with the view of bridging the development gap between the North and South of the country.

During a visit to Brazil by Vice President John Mahama, he appealed to the Government of Brazil to help attain this noble course. This request was agreed and the Brazilian Infrastructure Development Company, Queiroz Galvao, is prepared for the construction of the airport which is to be financed by Brazil’s national EXIM bank, BNDES.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has since been signed by Queiroz Galvao with the Ministry of Transport, and completed the necessary designs and phasing for the works.

Vice President Mahama explained that the project will start with the expansion of the runway to accommodate large body Aircrafts and also the construction of an international standard terminal building. The next phase will be the provision of ancillary services including hangers, maintenance area, catering and ground handling. The last phase will be the construction of a cargo village targeting fresh fruit farmers that are setting up camp in the Savanna regions and the various processing companies being set up in the area.

The project according to him is estimated to cost US$174 million.

Source: http://ghanaweb.com/GhanaHomePage/NewsArchive/artikel.php?ID=24174

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A strong partnership…

STRCCI teams up with its counterpart in Trinidad!!


The Sekondi-Takoradi Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry, also known as (STRCCI) is establishing links with the Energy Chamber of Commerce of Trinidad and Tabago to enable it assist its members to take advantage of the Oil and Gas Local Content Bill when it is passed into law.

Mr. Ato Van-Ess, Chairman of the STRCCI stated this at the chamber’s third bi-monthly meeting at Takoradi on Thursday.

He said the link would allow the STRCCI to benefit from the experience of the Energy Chamber of Commerce of Trinidad and Tobago in the energy sector.

Mr. Van-Ess said the STRCCI is thinking seriously about the establishment of an enterprise development centre to equip and prepare its members with skills to take advantage of business opportunities in the oil and gas industry.

He claimed there was also the need for a Skills Development Centre to train manpower for the energy sector.

Mr. Van-Ess advised members to involve the chamber in negotiations with investors in order to protect and safeguard them from fraudsters.

Mr. Cadmond Dadzie, Treasurer of the STRCCI, appealed for the speedy passage of the Local Content Bill into law, adding that it was essential that the bill is passed into law so that institutions that would be mandated to implement the law could do so.

I have to say I’m loving the partnership, working together and movement towards a better and brighter future of Ghana as well as Africa as a whole continent.

Let us move forward YENKO!!


EL drops new single

EL- ‘On a Long Ting’


For those of you who know me, its no secret I’m a big fan of EL. EL draws the line with his brand new tune titled ‘On A Long Tin’.

The tune is basically an advice to the pretty ladies who play hard to get. E.L dedicated the song to all the long long girls saying:

“this song right here goes out to all the long girls out there, Keep doing your long thing while the rest of your friends get engaged and married and sh%t…. have kids.”

I definitely know all the Guys and Girls out there, will love this tune, because it will relate to them in some way. It definitely   clicked with me when I first heard it.

Keep doing it Big E.L!!!


GH’s fastest rapper isn’t done yet!

Sarkodie is to issue Two more albums this year!


Sarkodie picking up 'Artiste of the Year' at the 2012 Ghana Music Awards


The award winning Artist of the year (2012), Sarkodie ‘opidiponbidi’, says he will be releasing two albums this year.

In a recent interview with Hitz FM, The rapper disclosed that one of the albums is ready to drop, and the other one is still in the process.

According to Sarkodie, the first album is a hip-hop themed album titled *Mind Game* a collaboration with Jay-So which is targeted for his worldwide audience as well as hip-hop lovers in GH.

The second album, he said, will be a Hi-LIFE themed album which will feature some of the BEST artistes he grew up listening to such as Kojo Antwi, Oheneba Kissi, Daddy Lumba and Daasebre Dwamena.

Unlike other artists that take a long break, Sarkodie says he’ll never rest, all he wants to do is to work to bring his fans the best of music.

He made it clear that he had plans before the 2012 Ghana Music Awards, and now that it is over, it is time to continue from where he stopped.

For his future plans, the ‘You Go Kill Me’ hit-maker said he has tours, charity events and a couple of shows ahead of him.

Sarkodie performed the second part of his Rapperholic concert in Kumasi before the awards and afte, did a couple of shows in Ghana before performing in Malaysia.

He is back and says the next step for him is to tour some regions of Ghana to be followed by a Canada tour in June.

Sarkodie has now won the Artiste of the Year twice and says being in the artiste of the year category was a blessing to him, adding that he thinks his fans and management supported him a lot hence they make sure he wins awards every time he is nominated.


Coming to a city near you…

EL’s Upcoming Tour In LONDON this June!!!

Diis is Crazeeee Chaleeee!

The “Obuu mo” artist has been making hits, after hits, after hits. Excited EL fans must be delighted to know his tour is literally just around the corner.

I’m not just a big fan, I’m a fat fan of EL, and I must say this tour is one not to be missed. The GH rapper, who simply cannot stick to one genre, is a genius when it comes to making music.

This is one Artist I can call *Versatile* with No doubt!

Check out his tour promo video:


Going to Ghana soon…?

Places you MUST be when In GH!


So I spent my Easter in Ghana. This is also apparently said to be called “SIKA FUO HOLIDAYS” and yes, I did not hesitate to explore every corner, every place and every village.

I think when everyone goes back to the motherland and the time comes to going out, they don’t even know where to start or always end up missing out on some great places.

So I thought why not make things much easier and list my recommendations on the places to be in GH!


This is a beautiful mountainous place, located in the eastern region of Ghana. The best time to be in Kwahu is during Easter, because of the festivals, loud music, paragliding, endless partying and enjoyments.

Kokodo Restaurant

This is a guesthouse, however also part of their guesthouse is a fabulous restaurant. I have to say the atmosphere was so chilled, relaxed, super quiet and just out of this world. If you live in the Cape Coast area, or you’re down there for a visit, do check this place out and see for yourself.

Bojo Beach

Bojo Beach is one of the most beautiful and cleanest beaches in Ghana. It has features that no other beach in Ghana or the world can contest with. One thing I love about the beach is that when you arrive at the entrance you assume straight away that you’re there, but a simple canoe or boat will carry you across from the land to the shores, and BOOM the beauty lies in front of you.


This is a hotel and restaurant and there’s one located in Osu and another located in Accra Mall. If you’re an ice- cream lover then I’m sure the ice cream parlour will simply blow you away. They have ice creams available in different varieties, flavours, colours, textures and smells. Just make sure you experience the delight for yourselves, but make this venue a Mighty Must.

Cape Coast and Elmina Castle

People never quite get the chance to visit our historic sites in Ghana. But trust me if you do, visit any of these castles and that will surely make your holiday worthwhile. When you arrive, there is a warm welcome from the guides and local sellers who welcome you to Cape Coast.

The tour guides are more than happy to assist you and give you information and to equip you with knowledge about the history, war, slavery and roots.


Yep KFC has finally hit Ghana, though local foods like ampesie, fufu and banku are the best. Sometimes you may feel like eating something a bit more western.

There are currently two KFC branches in Ghana – one is located in the industrial area and the other in Osu.

I have to say when I went there, I loved it! The food is much better and tastier than the UK KFC, but hey! Go and experience and see whether I’m right or wrong.

Make sure you write these down in your diary’s…

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Edem is back again!!!

EDEM “Over again” Track Hits the Airwaves IN Ghana!!


EDEM’S latest single receives Massive Hype in GH..

Edem is known for his popular  hits such as: ‘U Dey Craze’, ‘Bra Fremi Fremi’, ‘Nyornuviade’, ‘Give It Up’ and many more. Edem has done massive collaborations with other Ghanaian acts such as Ghana’s pride Samini, the tongue-twisting Sarkodie, the ‘mad’ artist Kwaw Kesse and many more.

However his fresh new track ‘Over Again’ is receiving massive hype everywhere in Ghana – Tema, Takoradi, Kwahu, Accra. This tune was played and played, especially during the Easter festivities. There have been rumours that the official video for this song is yet to be shot again due to the quality, however that is yet to be confirmed.

The rapper uses pidgin dialect in the song which gives it that fierce sound, making it easy to relate to. I love the fact that Edem does all his music in the local Ewe language and he is the most notable rapper in the dialect at the moment. Yess! “ The most notable rapper”

Check it GUYS



Europe Supports Dr Cryme 100%!

The ‘KILL ME SHY’ artist , receives tremendous support  from European fans!


Dr Cryme


The Ghanaian communities in the European countries have been eager to hear more of the young Tema boy!

E-Jam Records’ Artiste,  “Sir” Dr Cryme respectively won the most bankable young artiste for the year 2011 .

2011 has been a golden year for the young musician as he made Ghana proud by winning the Golden Heart Award in UK.  And it does not stop there – he also won Most Influential Artiste during the High School Honours 2011.

Dr. Cryme has been receiving his biggest support from Europe. The Ghana communities in countries such as Holland, Denmark and Germany were excited to see him after endless weeks of curiosity. His surprise appearances at events and support to community events have secured him the ultimate supremacy in the world of Twipop.

Some of the communities abroad that enjoyed Dr. Cryme’s support at various projects include Stuttgart (Germany), Hamburg (Germany), Copenhagen (Denmark) and The Hague (Holland), among others. His manager and CEO of E-Jam Records, Korsah-Brown emphasized that celebrities should not confuse branding with SWAG but should leverage on good corporate associations to boost their branding.

He also touched on the fact that,  Dr. Cryme’s album is doing extremely well on iTunes, RBT downloads and other music shops. He is expected back into the country before April 2012 to shoot his “More Fans” video, which will subsequently be followed by the release of his tour and videos DVD.

Source: http://www.ghanaweb.com/GhanaHomePage/entertainment/artikel.php?ID=233574