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Chemphe for peace


Ghanaian RnB singer Chemphe

Ghana’s King of RnB Chemphe, after a successful launch of his Double P (campaign for Peace and Against Poverty) project in Accra some months ago has also been successful in educating beneficiaries at Tema Newtown and Hasuodzi village in effective management of resources and anger management.

Chemphe who also started the development of a KVIP at the Hasuodzi village mentioned that he has made immense progress with the project mentioned above. The project which is solely sponsored by E-Jam Records also saw the commercial release of another hit single from Chemphe, “Global Citizens” which is getting good airplay in Ghana and other parts of the world.

Over the weekend Chemphe had an online communication with his fans all over the country to administer the other hand of the “Double P”, project which involves campaign for peace. Chemphe indicated that peace is a necessary condition to a nation’s development and not just a sufficient condition.

He indicated that his “New Day’’ album is currently in stores and is getting very good response for the “Global Citizens” track. E-Jam Records has built a very strong team for administering the project and is well supported by various media people in the country. He indicated that he will be online again on Wednesday 5th December 2012, a day after his birthday to communicate with fans all around the world about peace strategies and resource management. He requested fans need to follow him on twitter @chemphe, facebook at Chemphe sings or Henry sings or BB 2291ac96.

Chemphe does good deeds



Ghana’s King of RnB Chemphe, after a successful launch of his double P (campaign for Peace and Against Poverty) project in Accra a month ago, was in the central region, specifically “Nankasedo” and “Hasuodi”, both villages close to Saltpond, for the third session of his Double P project.  The musician was very instrumental in educating the populace on anger management mechanism and resource management to curb the poverty issue.

The village does not have basic utilities like water and light and it was an emotional moment for the artiste, who pledged to help them in acquiring them in the shortest possible time since it will in a long run help their business.

Chemphe added that though the project is funded by his record label (E-Jam Records), he won’t hesitate to accept corporate bodies and media who want to join the campaign since there is a lot to be done. He added that the campaign is a global one and will achieve a collective goal when other celebrities and corporate bodies embark on similar projects. Chemphe wept as a result of the rate of vulnerability of the village. Apart from providing them with basic amenities, he intends supporting them to build a KVIP.

He mentioned that though the “Global Citizen” song is getting good airplay in Norway where it was released last year, Ghana is about to experience the real outcome from the lyrics of the song. He mentioned that the project song’s video will be launched this year though the radio stations are permitted to start giving it a very good airplay to promote the project. Korsah-Brown (CEO, E-Jam Records), Mr Ebo Taylor (Ace Ghanaian Musicians), Sam Genesis (E-Jam and Waz up GH), Robert Abban (E-Jam Records) and other key people made up the research and sensitization team for the village mentioned above.

In GH music news…

Dr. Cryme to concentrate on City and Offshore Performances for Third quarter


Over the past months there have been numerous calls to the CEO of E-Jam Records to quickly hold the D-Cryme’s Hinterland Tour to enable the artiste perform at various concerts in the city and abroad. The Artiste who was signed to Samsung as a brand Ambassador in 2011 for a year and finally saw the mobile company leading sales in Ghana shifted attention to performances in towns and villages outside the city to be close to his fans. He is took the pain to reduce various performances and endorsements which will opt people asking for more in the city, to enable him to concentrate on the folks in the hinterlands.

He has successfully completed various tours in WA, Preastea, Oda, Winneba and more, and is poised for a stunning comeback. Chemphe, his label mate who has been holding the fort in his absence was impressed with the sacrifice by Dr Cryme and added that the hit single called Number One which features Dr Cryme has been on the number one spot for the past two weeks on the GH and Beyond Music Video count down. Dr Cryme’s new single “1 Step @ Back” will be released mid June 2012.

GH Stand Up Concert



Ghanaian RnB singer Chemphe


Last weekend saw the Accra International Concert Center packed again for a remarkable GH Stand Up concert which staged American artistes Keri Hilson, Bow Wow and seasoned Ghanaian artistes Chemphe, Kwaw Kesse, Rana, Buk Bak, Edem, Kaakie and Guru. The show was well organized and had a very good attendance with security and coordination at its best.

The media also had a fair share of its representation for pre-programme and post-event analysis. The Ghanaian artistes were at their best in performance to spice the show up for the key artistes from American artistes who were playing for the first time in Ghana.

Chemphe gave a grand opening to the event with performance of his Peace Song “One People” which proceeded with dance demonstrations. He further performed Number 1 and closed with “Kiss Me”, which saw 4×4’s Captain Planet jump on stage after the impressive bicycle works to finish his verse.

Chemphe’s opening was necessary to carry the peace message across and also allowed the fans to settle and get carried away with the groove. It was the first time Chemphe performed his new hit “Kiss Me” on stage but really had the crowed dance along to it. The Ghanaian RnB champ in an interview expressed appreciation to the crowed for the support.


Guess who’s famous in China?



Ghanaian RnB singer Chemphe


Ghana’s Pan African R n B artiste Chemphe has successfully penetrated the Chinese music market. He had his “Change is Gonna Come” single which happens to be on the New Day album last year in Norway go officially on Chinese TV over the weekend. Chemphe who is currently the YMCA Ambassador for Africa has performed in Hong Kong, Kenya, South Africa and the Scandinavia. Chemphe who is used to the Asian market due to services rendered previously revealed that he is impressed with the song going commercial and looks forward to further business with the Chinese people.

Chemphe is billed for the GH Stand Up concert coming off this weekend at the Conference Center Dome in Accra, which will feature Bow Wow and Keri Hilson. The CEO of E-Jam Records Korsah-Brown disclosed that the company is really working on good stage production for the artiste since it is his first major concert in Ghana after his return from the album launch in Norway. He also mentioned that Chemphe’s new single is currently getting good airplay in Africa especially in the Big Brother Africa house and housemates really love it. Chemphe’s “Purple Kiss” album will be available on August 4th 2012 together with the inspirational New Day album. Chemphe is also set to perform at the upcoming Ghana meets Naija concert later in June.

A Big Brother feature…



Ghanaian RnB singer Chemphe


Chemphe’s two new singles “Kiss Me” which features Funny Face and 4×4, and “Left Over” which features the stunning sound engineer Laxio had an airplay at the Big Brother house last Saturday 12th May 2012, which saw the housemates dance to it. Both songs were released May 1st 2012 and having very good airplay in the world now.

Chemphe who is currently preparing for his first major performance in Ghana after his return from Norway indicated that the fans have played an instrumental role in putting him back where he left off to the YMCA Concerts in Hong Kong and Norway and pledged to provide good music to the public and also be a tool for social developments.

He was very impressed during the weekend as fans started calling him and his manager about the two new singles being played at the Big Brother house. He is set to perform his new single “Kiss Me” at the GH Stand Up Concert live at the Dome of Accra International Conference Centre on Saturday 26th May 2012.

Music news…



Ghanaian RnB singer Chemphe

Chemphe successfully packed the posh Paragon Night Club in Takoradi last Saturday 21st April 2012 for the primary edition of the Oil City R n B rave. The programme was supported by Hiplife duo FOI, Nkyiraba Kojo, Yaw Berma, Stommi, DJ Nyaami and more. Prior to the event there was numerous radio interviews on various radio stations, namely Paragon Radio, Aseda FM, Twin City Radio and more.

Chemphe’s new hit single “Kiss Me”, which was officially released last week, has already started enjoying great airplay and saw the R n B artiste leverage to perform amid cheers from fans during the night. Chemphe took to the stage for over an hour on the night, performing some of his biggest hits including Why You They Beat Am, No Pampanaa, Hidden Emotions, Number 1, Deuces Mixtape, Can I Be, Charley Charley, Independent Lady, Left over and Kiss Me.

It was the first time Chemphe had performed for over an hour in Ghana, and the event, organized by E-Jam Records received a very high turnout from fans excited to see their favourite artist perform. The CEO of the record label, Korsah, expressed appreciation to all media companies and individuals who worked so hard to make the programme successful.

Music news…



Ghanaian RnB singer Chemphe

R n B is currently on a very slow pace due to few involvements as compared to Hip life and Hip-hop, and has led to the genre being sidelined by most award concerts in the country. Chemphe is very passionate about the growth of R n B in the country and has pledged to boost it to a greater height in the country this year by various R n B rave concerts. He is expected to release his double album in summer 2012. The ‘New Day’ album which was released in Norway last year was one of the fastest selling on iTunes in the YMCAs calendar.


Chemphe is set to release a full album entitled ‘Purple Kiss’ which has hit singles ‘Number 1’ featuring Dr Cryme, ‘Kiss Me’ featuring 4×4 and Funny Face, ‘Left Over’ featuring Laxio, ‘Independent Lady’ featuring
Ball J
and more. E-Jam Records, the official management team addressed the public in a separate interview that Chemphe will concentrate on performances in Ghana this year since the artiste spent most of his time performing on international platforms in 2010 and 2011. They added that the artiste has really improved on his stage performances and will be a very good addition to any world-class event.

This Saturday 21st April 2012 at the Paragon Night Club in Takoradi (Western Region, Ghana), the public will witness the official launch of the first ever R n B rave in Ghana dubbed Oil City Rave. E-Jam Records mentioned that it’s about time the country gets used to rhythm and blues to help grow and put Ghana on the International platform. Adez, FOI and Scooby Seela are just few of the artists scheduled to perform, with DJ Nyaami providing great songs for the night. The programme is powered by Jamming Spot on Zepto, Bongani Jewels, Paragon Fm, Viasat 1, stepoutghana.com, ameyawdebrah.com, ghanamusic.com, ghanacelebrities.com, Gino xxl Amsterdam and more.

By Yaa Nyarko

Ghanaian Music: D’Cryme – It’s You

Dr CrymeDr Cryme, the rapper famous for the catchphrase “you don’t need to be told” is back with a brand new single and video ‘It’s You’. Currently one of the biggest artist Tema has produced yet again, Dr Cryme has cemented his stay in the music business by collaborating with artists such as Sarkodie, Chemphe, D-Black and Stay Jay as well as releasing his own singles ‘Kill Me Shy’, ‘Mene Woa’ and ‘Fre Me’.

It’s You’ will be the fourth single from Dr Cryme’s highly anticipated album ‘Finally Finally’, which was launched at Citizen Kofi in Ghana last Friday. The twi pop singer delivers yet again and ‘It’s You’ is definitely a song to write home about! Having established himself as a rapper as well as a singer, he moves smoothly between the two in the song. His silky voice over a relaxed hip hop beat accompanied by the piano works very nicely and he switches effortlessly between Twi and English. So even if you don’t understand one or the other, you’ll definitely get the gist of what the song is about.

The video itself was directed by Nana Asihene and it’s a simple one shot in black and white. With no storyline it just features Dr Cryme alone in an abandoned stairwell and an open field. The lack of activity and movement in the video means that focus is centred on Dr Cryme’s singing and thoughtful lyrics. A definite thumps up for the song!

Check the video out!

By Yaa Nyarko

Ghanaian Music: Chemphe & Dr Cryme

Chemphe’s ‘Number 1’:

hot or not?

Ghana’s most foremost urban life(r&b +all cultures) crooner Chemphe is back with a new single ‘Number 1’. The mid-tempo r&b love song also features his label mate Dr Cryme, who adds a bit of his twi-pop to spice the single up.  The video for the song was filmed and produced by Phamous Philms and the single is making waves in the Ghanaian charts, receiving a lot of airplay on stations across the country.

So what do you think: Hot or not?

By Yaa Nyarko