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The Me FiRi Ghana & WAM Campaign Story – Shared in Switzerland!

During the World Economic Forum Me FiRi Ghana’s Founder was selected to present the work of Me FiRi Ghana and the charity The WAM Campaign during the India Adda precession in Davos.

We never thought that this search for identity and the creation of this one jumper in University would allow us to educate educators about our idea and share YOUR stories to some of the most innovative thinkers from around the world; and to have one of the leading leadership and change management experts from America come to me and say after my talk “you sold it to me” was more than humbling!

Hear about the journey here:

Chemphe does good deeds



Ghana’s King of RnB Chemphe, after a successful launch of his double P (campaign for Peace and Against Poverty) project in Accra a month ago, was in the central region, specifically “Nankasedo” and “Hasuodi”, both villages close to Saltpond, for the third session of his Double P project.  The musician was very instrumental in educating the populace on anger management mechanism and resource management to curb the poverty issue.

The village does not have basic utilities like water and light and it was an emotional moment for the artiste, who pledged to help them in acquiring them in the shortest possible time since it will in a long run help their business.

Chemphe added that though the project is funded by his record label (E-Jam Records), he won’t hesitate to accept corporate bodies and media who want to join the campaign since there is a lot to be done. He added that the campaign is a global one and will achieve a collective goal when other celebrities and corporate bodies embark on similar projects. Chemphe wept as a result of the rate of vulnerability of the village. Apart from providing them with basic amenities, he intends supporting them to build a KVIP.

He mentioned that though the “Global Citizen” song is getting good airplay in Norway where it was released last year, Ghana is about to experience the real outcome from the lyrics of the song. He mentioned that the project song’s video will be launched this year though the radio stations are permitted to start giving it a very good airplay to promote the project. Korsah-Brown (CEO, E-Jam Records), Mr Ebo Taylor (Ace Ghanaian Musicians), Sam Genesis (E-Jam and Waz up GH), Robert Abban (E-Jam Records) and other key people made up the research and sensitization team for the village mentioned above.

Let’s all support…

The Meet Kate Foundation



The Meet Kate Foundation officially opened the Meet Kate Children’s Home in August 2010 in Ekwamkrom in the Central Region in Ghana.  The Children’s Home is a collaboration between the Ghanaian Philomena Fynn and the Dutch Kelly de Vries. Initially, it was meant to provide children with temporarily shelter, food and education, especially to those children whose parents were not able to take care of them financially or for other reasons. However they also started with a day care facility during school hours, providing care for approximately 65 Children in the age of 0-5 years. Furthermore, primary school education was offered for children of 6 years and older, in the hope that they eventually will be able to offer day care en education to a maximum of 200 children.

Unfortunately, the Meet Kate Foundation cannot facilitate this primary school extension in the present building of the Meet Kate Children’s Home and day care centre. Therefore, they bought a piece of land in front of the current accommodation, to be able to start the implementation of primary education. These facilities include a building consisting of six classrooms, an office and a computer/library spot, the placement of outside toilets and the construction of a sport/play area.

The realization of the new accommodation and the additional activities are taking place in three phases over the period February 2012 to November 2012. In the meantime a curriculum for the entire target group (children between 1-12 years) will be established, in order to improve the provided day care and to introduce a complete program for the primary school. In September 2012 the entire program can be put into practice since part of the new building will be finished and in use.

In order to achieve their expansion plans, the Meet Kate Foundation are applying for funds and getting involved in corporate social responsibility projects in order to raise donations for this project. With a contribution of €2.500 or more they will mention the company or firm on their website, social media and in our monthly newsletter.

If you have any questions or you would like to receive further information, please contact them by sending an email to: info@meetkate.nl or visit thier website: www.meetkate.org.

Make sure you also like their page (link below). “EVERY “LIKE” WILL TAKE THEM ONE STEP CLOSER TO BETTER EDUCATION FOR 200 GHANAIAN CHILDREN! This will take a second! Please like this page!