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Ghana’s Number 1 Rapper Sarkodie…

forex handel am wochenende Sarkodie Kicks Off Tour in UK with Amazing Performance in London

Sarkodie_Afrobeats_Ghana_Music_Ghanaian_Culture_Me_FiRi_GHANAOn Friday night I had the pleasure of witnessing Ghana’s biggest rapper follow site is a type of antibiotic used for the treatment of various common infections. This eMedTV article describes Zithromax uses in detail and offers Sarkodie in action at the Cape Bar in London and I was not disappointed! Sarkodie is currently in the UK doing a series of shows in various cities and he kicked off his tour in London on Friday night. The night overall was a huge success. The venue was amazing and fans of Sarkodie turned up dressed to impress and also armed with their various is an anti-epileptic drug used to treat partial onset seizures in people with epilepsy. Learn about side effects, interactions and indications. azonto moves to impress the man of the night. Michael Essien even made an appearance. Djs for the show included DJ Dice, DJ Jobo, DJ Invisible, DJ Mensah and they did a fantastic job. They played some absolute bangers that got the crowd in the mood before the show got underway and afterwards.

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Amid screaming fans, Learn about (Carvedilol), dosing, proper use and what to know before beginning treatment Sarkodie stepped on the stage, the rapper did not let up. We all know that Sarkodie is the fastest rapper in Ghana, but to actually witness him deliver his lines with such dexterity and at such a fast pace blew my mind! He completely owned the stage and mesmerised everyone with his performances of lipitor cost at costco is used to treat congestive heart failure and to slow the heart rate in patients with atrial fibrillation. Includes digoxin side effects You Go Kill Me, Babe, Young Young Girls, Ajei, The Last Don, clarinex 5 mg tablet found in: Chloroquine Phosphate, EP, Chloroquine Phosphate, USP, Chloroquine Diphosphate, Hydroxychloroquine Sulfate, Chloroquine.. Borga Borga among others and got the crowd singing along with him. Well those who could match his pace anyway! Not only that but he bigged up other artists doing it big in Ghana such as buy micardis hct is an antiviral treatment used to manage the symptoms of various forms of the herpes virus. Order online with free delivery from HealthExpress. Castro, Dr Cryme, R2Bees, Stay Jay and As a business enabler, provides outsourced expertise that allows our clients to concentrate on what they do best – building business. Nana Boroo. During the show he invited some lucky fans up on the stage to azonto, which was pretty amazing! (What a guy…)

At the end of the show I was able to grab him for just a few minutes to ask him some questions:

La minociclina (buy arimidex for men) es un antibiótico que se utiliza en algunas ocasiones para tratar la la artritis reumatoide (AR) leve. Me FiRi GHANA: If you were president how would you help young people in Ghana?

rosuvastatina cálcica 20mg medley. 2018, Heidelberg College, Mazin's review: "Tadacip 20 mg. Only Ranbaxy Viagra watch. Friendly customer support, 24/7 online support. Top OnlineShop. Order Tabs Online Without Prescription. Without Script - best .86 per pill. Purchase cheap Tadacip online.". Sulfite sensitivity is seen more Sarkodie: I really need to think about that question. I might say something that might be incorrect!

How Nolvadex (cytotec where can i buy) chemotherapy works, side effects, interactions and precautions. Get free tools to track your health. Me FiRi GHANA: Just from the top of your head… (benazepril) is used to treat high blood pressure (hypertension). Includes Lotensin side effects, interactions and indications. Sarkodie: Umm ok the first thing I think I’ll do is to set policies. We don’t have policies in Ghana and that makes it very hard. And also we don’t have one goal and that’s very bad. Not everyone gets the opportunity to work in a bank you know. It’s not easy. You need music as well. You need different types of jobs. You know a diversity of jobs. It’s a bit of a ‘one way’ in Ghana so if I was president I’ll make policies that will allow people to end up as what they want to be.

voltaren dolo online yasmin price philippines 2013 Me FiRi GHANA: Soon after graduating you left a 9-5 job to pursue a career in music. What would say to young Ghanaians who want to achieve their dreams?

Sarkodie: Umm I think there’s more time. You might think that you’re wasting time but I think there’s more time. You know I made a mistake and I want to tell all the young ones coming up you know don’t make that mistake because there’s time. Because when you’re in school, that’s school time. You just have to concentrate on your studies and finish. With me I was combining music and education as well and that was a bad combination. But finally I’m here now and that’s what’s important. But you really have to take your education very seriously.

Me FiRi GHANA: What would you say to Ghanaians in the Diaspora to encourage them to come back to Ghana and use their skills to benefit the country?

Sarkodie: Yeah they have to. I don’t even have to push them to come you know they don’t even need to think twice about it. Ghana is where you come from and one day you have to send your children back home. And you’re limiting it to Ghana in general.  You know support your artists, like Sarkodie. When talking to others and you want to boast about an artist in Ghana tell them about Sarkodie. You’re not doing it for yourself but you’re doing it for Sarkodie. So wherever Ghanaians are start promoting your artists, your music, and your culture. Represent your country. So no matter where you are if you’re Ghanaian rep Ghana, Mefiri Ghana.

Me FiRi GHANA: Ok finally tell us 3 things you do when you’re not in the studio.

Sarkodie: Um actually I don’t have a life. Its music music music! Seriously I don’t do anything else.

Everybody, Sarkodie is one of the most talented artists to emerge from the music scene in Africa. Me FiRi GHANA encourages you all to support him and other artist as they make music relevant to our culture for the rest of the world and us to embrace. Catch Sarkodie on his tour in an area near you from now till the 10th…

By Yaa Nyarko