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To be fair or to be dark…?

Colour Code: What Shade Of Black?


Last year I spent some time in a part of south central Asia. I would hesitate to call these people racists but they do have a pretty down trodden view of a dark skin tone. Everyone in the TV adverts is fair-skinned. They even have skin products that block out the darkening effects of the sun and make the skin much fairer. And it’s a thriving business. All the big western cosmetic companies that make millions from selling tanning lotions in the west make just as much money, if not more, selling products that do the exact opposite on this side of the globe.

I was not sure who was more surprised at this; me or these white Europeans I was with. They would not pass up an opportunity to lay in the sun to top up their tan. The locals however found it absurd that people in the west would even pay to go on the sunbeds. And their concern was not because of the health risk related to the constant exposure to UV rays; rather, they found a pale skin colour to be much more desirable than a tan.

Apart from Alek Wek, I am struggling to think of any other very dark skinned female fashion icon. I think our standard of beauty as Africans and black people, has a leaning towards a fair skin tone. It is what we see on TV and in the lads’ magazines that shapes this view. Beyonce, Nikki Minaj and Rihanna look whiter with each new music video. I checked the colour settings on my TV twice this week already, so it cannot be that. And I’ve had my eyes checked too – well that is only because I wanted an excuse to buy myself one of those cool Ray Ban glasses – but it turns out my sight is impeccable.

So Hollywood favours a tan, Bollywood a pale skin but what does Nollywood say? Is it Alek or Bey, licorice or caramel? Personally, I like a bag of M&Ms.

By Maclean Arthur

An unforgettable summer…

The Make Up Show Live


Amongst the 12,000 plus events taking place in the capital during the Olympic Games this season, Funmi Odegbami,  CEO of Mink London, which is the UK’s leading make-up school specialising in make-up for women of colour launches the MAKE UP SHOW LIVE on the 26th August 2012 – an event dedicated to makeup and beauty.

The Makeup Show Live 2012 is the only event of its kind, focused on giving the consumer, the latest and best beauty and makeup advice, exclusive show discounts on leading cosmetics products, hands-on workshops that will teach you how to use your new beauty goodies for maximum results and VIP treatment all the way.

Stop stocking your dressing tables with products that you don’t use or don’t use correctly and let us show you how to maximise the results of your beauty regime. Whether you want to know what products work best with your skin type; how to choose and apply foundation correctly; what to do with all of those eye-shadows; there is something for everyone at the Makeup Show Live 26th August 2012 at The Cumberland, Cumberland Place, London W1H 7DL.

On the day you can expect:   Live Education and Entertainment on the main stage – With Performances by The Queen of Afrobeats May7ven and Project G Dance Crew (Got 2 Dance).   Join Natalya Nair, celebrity makeup artist for the X-Factor and This Morning, and her friends as they unravel the art of makeup and beauty for “real” women in an entertaining and engaging way.

Enjoy stunning catwalk shows and musical performances from the world of music and fashion.  Shop til you drop. Bring your purse and indulge in the ultimate shopping experience with some of the leading brands in fashion and beauty and take advantage of their exclusive show discounts. Take part in a hands-on workshop where you will learn how to apply your makeup like a pro and find out all about the secret products and techniques only normally available to the very rich and famous.

Indulge in the free pampering and makeover sessions courtesy of the shows many exhibitors and partners and go home feeling totally spoilt. Buy a VIP ticket and get an exclusive show goodie bag, access to workshops, access to the VIP Lounge and reserved seating at the main stage events.   At the Makeup Show Live 2012, there is something for everyone!