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Another azonto banger!!

T.O & Stunna Kid – ‘Shigege’


As we all know azonto is reigning supreme in Ghana music scene at the moment, and over the past few months we’ve seen the azonto flag being raised by Ghanaians everywhere, be it in the UK, Europe or US.

Two artists currently representing Ghana music and azonto in Germany is T.O and Stunna Kid with their latest video ‘Shigege’. With a banging beat by Mox Kito and production by DannySoundz, ‘Shigege’ is a very catchy azonto banger that is guaranteed to get you moving wherever you are! The azonto track is set to be very popular indeed, having received over 3000 views on YouTube in just one day.

In the video, we see T.O and Stunna Kid hit the streets of Hamburg doing the azonto! They even have a ‘shigege’ dance for chorus which one can easily learn in no time. As artists the boys also have great chemistry and their swagger in the video is on point! ‘Shigege’ also features cameos from Ghanaian/UK artists Mista Silva, Kwamz, Flava and Skob, who are currently flying the flag for Afrobeats in the UK.

A Mefiri Ghana interview with the boys will be coming soon but in the meantime check out the video below!

Downlaod ‘Shigege’ on Soundcloud:

By Yaa Nyarko

Ghana Independence Celebration @ O2

Ghana’s 55th Independence Celebration:

Riding on the huge success of the last Ghana Independence Day ABM, Alordia and West Coast UK have come together to create an ostentatious Ghanaian Independence Day Party, better than any other previous & present Ghana Independence Day event EVER to be held in London

Ghana_Indepedence_Indigo_O2_Me_FiRi_Ghana_dot_comCelebrating The Black Star of Africa is turning 55 held at the Indigo 02 Arena on the 3rd of March with SPECIAL LIVE GUEST PERFORMANCESNo other Independence Day event can boast up to 2,500 ravers attending their last event partying and dancing till the 4AM, our latest Ghana Independence Day has been tipped to break this record and reach over 3 THOSAND ravers to descend on the Indigo Arena 3rd March 2012.

Hosted by Choice FM’s DJ Abarantee, the event will have a strong, fantastic line up of Ghanaian talent. Already confirmed are LIVE PERFORMANCES from WORLD FAMOUS R2BEES head-lining the event, as well as Stay J, UK AfroBeat Artists Vibe Squad, May7ven, Mista Silva, A-Star, Flava and Kwamz.

London is hosting the World Olympics soon so why not begin celebrations by attending the most talked about event on the AfroBeats calendar. Ghana has produced the most amazing AfroBeats talent that are already creating headlines all over the world and gaining Ghana international recognition on the music scene. With such talents like UK Ghanaian artists like Vibe Squad who are well known for their smash hit WADI MI SIKA (see link below), recently Vibe Squad were featured in a 2 spread in the Evening Standard with other UK artist May7ven. Another rising talent of Asamoah Gyan a professional footballer who performed his song AFRICAN GIRLS at HipLife Festival and had it broadcast on Sky Sports News, or the popular dance called the AZONTO taking the UK and world by storm created by Ghanaian artist Sarkodie which had UK artist Wretch 32 and Chipmunk doing the moves and collaborating on remixes as well as people from all nationalities and countries doing the AZONTO. Ghana is a country on the rise with huge talents and big movements in the year 2012.

Ghana 55th Independence event will be held at the Indigo Arena 02 celebrating in true Ghanaian, fashion, style, and flavour as well as the huge achievements of Ghana with both Afrobeat lovers and Ghanaians all over the UK under one roof.

So if you thought that the last Ghana Independence day event was good you will be blown away for the Ghana 55th Independence event on the 3rd March 2012 at the Indigo Arena will sure be a ground breaker putting Ghana on the map for many years to come.

Artist Links

R2BEES Ft WANDLE COAL – Kiss Your Hand – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yK-BcCkg-F8

 R2BEES Ft WizKid – DANCE – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kNMXfBQd0UI

 VIBE SQUAD – Wadi Mi Sika – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YBElLYottKk

ASAMOAH GYAN – AFRICAN GIRLS – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QzfEZ4YxszM

MAY7VEN – TEN TEN – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CK8oo3lvhEs

SARKODIE – U Go Kill Me – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5QPqJ_Mfzd8&feature=fvsr

AZONTO – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XK23zvgtJfA

Tickets are available at www.ticketmaster.co.uk or Advance Tickets and Table

Call or Text: 07506 903 204

For press coverage/press/birthday booking email: abmukentertainment@gmail.com

Introducing YOU to Richard Kojo Asante

Me FiRi GHANA Proudly presents……Richard Kojo Asante

Young Inspirational Footballer!

I feel extremely honoured to write about this humble young Ghanaian, Richard Kojo Asante, who also goes by the name spitzke!! Richard was Born to Ghanaian parents, born and raised in Germany, Hamburg where he then moved to England at 11 years.

At just 19 years of age, things seem to be gong spectacular for the young footballer. Having been asked to play for the *GHANA’s UNDER 23’s Football Team* this summer, Yess! certainly nothing can stop him! I’m bursting with excitement for this young footballer because of his determination and motivation to strive to be the best of the best!

I had a lil catch up with the inspirational young footballer:

What is your aim or motive?

My aim is to be a role model to young Ghanianas and to achieve all my dreams I’ve always wanted to achieve. I want to make sure the younger generation can look up to me. I wanna give everything back to my mum, she’s sacrificed a lot for me, I owe her a lot.

Tell the team how did you get into football?

Well it started from when i was 4 years old and my dad discovered that I had a gift and talent so my sister Vesta kept taking me to football training even when it was raining really hard and struggled to get to training and she was always there for me.

What team do you play for ?

Well at the moment am on loan at Northampton own reserves till the summer and will be returning back with an option to have a trail in the summer at Fulham FC which I am quite excited about. Also I have been asked to play for Ghana under 23s in the summer so maybe that might just happen if I think I am ready.

Do you look up to any footballers and why?

Yes there are a few players I look up to like my all time hero Thierry Henry and Michael Essien and Andre Ayew. They are great players and I learn a lot from watching them play each week in the top leagues and champions league. I get inspired by them and watching them live. Especially Thierry Henry, he has made me want to play football even more. The passion in English football is incredible to watch that’s one of the reasons why I love football.

Who/what influenced you to your chosen pathway? Where did your football passion start from?

I was influenced by my dad and everyday I played football in school I got in trouble sometimes for playing football way too much lol but yeah that’s how much I loved it when I was younger.

Can you imagine yourself doing anything else apart from football?

Ermm well no I don’t think so, all I wanted to play is football, especially when I was younger, so I had no other dream other than playing footy, I had the faith and belief that I will become a footballer and maybe one day, the greatest, who knows .

Share with the team your best motivation line?

Never give up and give 100%.

Are you proud to state ‘MeFiRi Ghana’?

Yes I’m very proud MeFiri Ghana am blessed to be from there, I love everything about Ghana.

Do you think your culture has inspired your chosen pathway?

Yeah, I think it did because my parents kept pushing me into football and I just want to inspire the young Ghanaian kids out there.

Are you doing anything positive outside your football career?

Well hopefully soon I’m going to start my charity to help get kids off the streets in Ghana and get them into schools. My ultimate dream is to open a football academy in Ghana I have faith that this will come true.

I’m sure you’ve heard about the new Dance craze Azonto, rate yours 1-10

Of course I’ve heard of Azonto well I’ll rate myself a 10 out of 10. I am the Azonto king lol well am pretty good so maybe a 8 out of 10 to be fair, I have been doing it a lot.

Any last words from you?

I wouldn’t be here without the help of God he kept beside me ”

All you young Emmanuel Frimpong, Micheal Essien and Asamoah Gyan’s.. follow him on twitter @AsanteS23

By cloudia


Ghana’s 55th Independence: Indigo O2

Ghana Independence Celebrations: Azontoing at the Indigo O2


Ghana_Independence_Me_FiRi_Ghana_dot_comOhene’s & Ohemaa’s get your kente, Ntuma & Me FiRi GHANA outfits ready because this year’s 6th March Ghana Independence Celebration; “this one no be easy”. As it gets closer and closer to March I can’t help but Azonto!  Ghana has truly gone a long way. Gosh we have had 55 years of independence, having been the first Sub- Saharan African country to gain independence in 1957.

It’s going to be a beautiful sight to see different faces, different shapes and colours all come together to commemorate this day. Every year independence is celebrated and I have to say we should be thankful we even gained independence; thanks to the well respected  “Yaa Asantewaa & Dr. Kwame Nkrumah” .

This year one of the main events will celebrate Ghana’s Independence at the well-known venue Indigo2 on the 3rd March.

Whether you decide to celebrate by: Going out to eat with friends, Party, strong prayers or simply from the heart. Me FiRi GHANA wish you Ghana fuo Happy independence.. and don’t forget to AZONTO all the way!


Donaeo & Lethal are NOT Saints…

We can expect to see more of Donaeo this year as he has linked up with Lethal Bizzle once again to produce the hot new single ‘Not A Saint’. The duo who in 2009 released the club banger ‘Go Hard’ have this time incorporated a dubstep genre for their latest track. Donaeo says “When I produced the beat for ‘Not A Saint’ all I thought was I had to get Lethal on the riddim and being that we already did Go Hard the chemistry was instant. I had the hook melody, he had the concept”.

Also earlier this week Donaeo has released his cover of ‘Give Me All Your Luvin’ by Madonna ft M.I.A and Nicki Minaj, where we see the artist incorporate the infamous Azonto dance moves. Like I’ve stated in earlier blog posts http://mefirighana.com/blog/?tag=donaeo Donaeo is not playing this year as he keeps on producing bangers after bangers.

Why not check out the video below and remember to cop your copy of ‘Not A Saint’ when released on 19th March.

When Sarkodie met Chipmunk & Wretch 32…

When Sarkodie met Chipmunk and Wretch 32…

Sarkodie_Chipmunk_Tim_Westwood_Me_FiRi_GHANAGhana’s fastest rapper Sarkodie has proved that his talent knows no bounds as during his UK tour he’s managed to collaborate with not only two of the leading UK artists Chipmunk and Wretch 32 , but also got interviewed by two of the biggest stations in the UK, Choice FM and BBC Radio 1Xtra. Obidiponbidi met Chipmunk in a secret studio where he impressed the UK artist with his trademark fast flow. So amazed was Chipmunk that he requested Sarkodie to do a remix of one of his songs. And we can’t wait to hear it! Not only that but Sarkodie also taught Chipmunk how to azonto, something I’m sure will come in handy for Chipmunk when he headlines the ‘Ghana Rocks’ concert in Ghana on the 27th of December.

Also blown away by Sarkodie was Wretch 32, who was quick to add his magic touch to Sarkodie’s azonto anthem ‘You Go Kill Me’. And again we can’t wait to hear what that sounds like! Sarkodie was interviewed by Choice FM host Eddie Kadi, making him the first ever African guest to achieve that feat.

Sarkodie_wretch32_Me_FiRi_GHANANot content with that, the rapper also scored an interview with Tim Westwood, whose show on BBC Radio 1 Xtra has helped break artists such as Tinie Tempa and Wretch 32. It was on Westwood’s show that Sarkodie set the record straight on his musical relationship with Akon’s label Konvict Africa, stating that he was not signed to the label.

All this is thanks to AfrobeatsUK, a newly set up company and lifestyle brand in the UK whose main aim is to promote African music on the international stage as well as connecting African artists with the mainstream. With their help Sarkodie is now not only a household in Ghana but has been exposed to UK audiences as well. We’re sure there’s more great things lined up for the rapper in the near future. So all in all it’s been one very successful tour! Well done Sarkodie!


Below is Sarkodie in the studio with London Rappers Chipmunk and Wretch 32 via AfroNews

By Yaa Nyarko

Azonto Invasion Mix – FREE DOWNLOAD…

BiGxGh Azonto Invasion Mix Vol. 2


Azonto seems to be the “iish” now and the 1st “Azonto” mix had 32,000+ downloads. No doubt people loved it. This one should get more than that as it’s way better than the 1st one as confirmed by lots of DJ’s. It starts with popular dancehall tunes that goes well with the “Azonto” dance and ends in one as well. You know how I does it already. I won’t talk much. Check out the track listing, listen and download for your listening pleasure. My gift to you. And don’t forget to thank me later.



Fuse ODG Azonto: FREE yes FREE Download


This song has been making lots of noise on twitter. Nice piece from “Fuse ODG”. The Azonto craze is getting out of hands and the dance is off the hook which is danced everywhere even in churches. It’s the biggest Gh “movement” we’ve ever seen. The song features singer Tiffany and was produced by Kill Beatz. Now let’s get our Azonto’s on and dance to this hot track and get it on mainstream radio and TV internationally.



Sarkodie – You Go Kill Me (Azonto)

Ghana’s fastest rapper Sarkodie has finally released the video to the azonto anthem ‘You Go Kill’ featuring EL. The song which came out some few months ago generated a lot of hype for new dance craze in Ghana, AZONTO. Subsequently videos of people doing the azonto appeared all over the internet, with a compilation video of senior high schools in Ghana doing the azonto and Afro Mask Azonto in London on youtube proving to be the most popular videos around.

The official video of ‘You Go Kill Me’ was shot by Phamous Philms and sees “you know say money no be problem” rapper putting on his swag for a lady who seems uninterested in his advances and girls and boys doing their own versions of azonto behind a colourful graffiti backdrop. The video is well shot and includes cameos by Sulley Muntari and Castro among others doing the popular dance.

I think the boys did the azonto better than the girls?

What do you think?

Check the video out below:

By Yaa Nyarko

Ghana vs Nigeria: 11th October 2011

Ghana vs Nigeria

vs OmO Naija
Banku vs Moi Moi

Basmati Rice vs Long Grain

Don’t miss out on seeing the BIGGEST Match in West Africa

Date: 11th October 2011
Venue: Watford FC Football Stadium
Address: Watfod Football Club, Vicarage Road Stadium, Vicrage Road, Watford, WD18 0ER
KO:  7:45 PM

Buy Tickets HERE: https://www.eticketing.co.uk/watfordfc/details/event.aspx?itemref=3805