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GUBA Foundation Autism Awareness Seminar 17/05/2014

GUBA Foundation Supporting the community!

With three successful events already in pocket, the GUBA Foundation has responded to high demand from those living with autism for more opportunities to spread awareness. On Saturday 17th May, the GUBA Foundation will hold its fourth awareness event – a forum where specialists in child behaviour and development will engage with families living with autism.

Autism affects one in every 100 people in the UK, with over 100,000 people living with the condition come from black or ethnic minority (BME) communities. Despite this substantial figure, people from the BME community are typically diagnosed later than their Caucasian counterparts, and face an increased uphill struggle trying to seek support.


The aforementioned awareness event will connect those affected to specialists and service providers, allowing families and loved ones to share their experiences with experts in the field, share inspirational and motivational testimonials with an attentive crowd, and also help throw more light on the developmental condition. This is something that is especially required in a BME community rife with stigma and misconceptions about Autism – misconceptions which hinder efforts to manage autistic people effectively in the community.

The GUBA Foundation stands upon four defining objectives:

To connect families living with autism within the community to each other, encouraging networks of support.

To provide support and guidance to parents and carers, connecting them to services that can help.

To deliver culturally sensitive Autism training and provide awareness to the specified community

To highlight the achievements, gifts and unknown talents of people with Autism

Events such as this fourth awareness event bring the foundation even closer to achieving these goals.

While all people with autism share certain difficulties, their condition will affect them in different ways. And events like this aim to dispel harmful ideologies by showing as Dentaa proclaimed after the successful previous event that ‘having autism is not the end of the world, but just the beginning…and the inspirational testimonials from our speakers are living proof of that!’ Every autistic child is unique with a wealth of talent that needs to be identified and supported. With good coordinated support between education, family and supporting agencies, fostered by events such as this one, autistic children can thrive and achieve excellence.

This new instalment of what has historically proved to be a fascinating and engaging event will take place at the Resource for London, 356 Holloway Road, London N7 6PA, with proceedings starting at midday on Saturday 17th May. Entry to the event will be FREE.

So if you or someone you know lives with autism, please don’t miss this opportunity to attend what will be a fulfilling and extraordinary event. Visit https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/guba-foundation-seminar-for-parents-and-carers-affected-by-autism-tickets-11064246459 to book tickets, and please patronise the opportunity to spread awareness of the event amongst friends and family members.


Jermaine Bamfo (@Dr_Jabz27)

From the UK to Ghana: Bridging The Gap – Managing Autism

AACT and GUBA Foundation striving to manage Autism for the Better

Mrs Serwah Quaynor noticed something.

autism 2

She had been struggling to cope with raising a child with Autism: a developmental impairment of communication, socialisation and creative play. It is a spectrum disorder of many different subsets, which presents at childhood – a lifelong impairment of development which can only be managed, not cured. The condition affects one in every 100 people in the UK, which means that over 100,000 people living with the condition come from black or ethnic minority (BME) communities.

Autism presents many difficulties in a social context, where it is common to find autistic people display difficulty in forming friendships or even displaying affection. Autism, along with its pitfalls and difficulties, can also present with amazing nuances, with approximately 10% of autistic people excelling in a specific skill set at a level far above average e.g. calendar calculation, photographic memory or the ability to disassemble/reassemble complex constructs.

Autism is an extremely complex spectrum disorder, with an incredible amount of variation observable from patient-to-patient. This makes it a condition where a great deal of intricate specialist need is required to manage it adequately. Mrs Quaynor had become all too aware of the difficulties in managing a child with Autism; the nuances of dealing with a child with Autism; the specialist support her child needed.

Displaying Autism Photo 1.jpg

Specialist support, which she noticed was few and far between in Ghana

Many would have remained sitting down, bemoaning the deficiencies in the world around them. But like all great people, Mrs Quaynor decided that if there was a lack in the system, she would take the initiative to resolve it. To make life easier for herself, and the many families struggling with Autism.

Enter the Autism Awareness Care and Training Centre, set up by Mrs Quaynor in 1998 to cater to the needs of Autistic children/young adults and their families. She utilised her own need as a platform to reach down and help those in similar need. This organisation has done incredible work over the years to make autistic everyday life a little easier to manage. And such organisations are ably supported by ventures such as the GUBA Foundation, the not-for-profit gorgeous creation of the much-renowned and multitalented Dentaa Amoateng, who has been featured here on the Me Firi Ghana Blog.

Based in the UK, GUBA Foundation has done tremendous work in bridging the gap of autism awareness in the UK and in Ghana. GUBA Foundation’s 2014 mission is clear. It’s time for Ghana to be dragged kicking and screaming into the upper echelons of autism awareness, to create better lives and better opportunities for autism families and patients. As Dentaa points out “Attitudes to autism in Ghana remain an obstacle against empowering communities. People still have no idea what Autism is and those that do know still believe that it is linked to curses. Stigmatisation is such a problem that some parents would rather prefer to hide these special children than have them live freely within their community. It’s a really worrying situation and the main reason why the GUBA Foundation is taking the autism awareness session we have been doing in the UK to Ghana in 2014


Dentaa makes a great point, and it’s a point I have made in the past. Education is the key to change. The drive to make things better and make things happen is non-existent if people are not aware that such a need exists. The GUBA Foundation is planning to take its autism message to Ghana in a week-long campaign which will include bringing autism experts to Ghana, visiting autism schools and churches, and training workshops for parents to boost their understanding of the condition.

The AACT and the GUBA Foundation are putting in hard work to help drive out misconceptions and create a better and more tolerable lifestyle for those who deal with Autism every day. We also must strive to knock down the misconceptions about the condition which are rife in our community. We all have work to do, to bridge the gap, and help manage autism better

Jermaine Bamfo (@Dr_Jabz27)

For more information about autism, symptoms and causes, as well as initiatives you can take part in to support increased awareness and help out those with autism and their families, please visit http://www.gubafoundation.org/ & http://www.aact.org.gh/ #BridgeTheGap.


Autism awareness

GUBA to hold Autism event in London


dentaa autism


Dentaa is an active figure both in Ghana as well as the UK –  I tell you this multitalented woman deserves a round of applause , a busy woman and yet the hard work continues .  Aside from her previous acting career and presenting, she is also known as the founder of the Ghana UK Based Achievements (GUBA Awards), as well as the GUBA foundation charity. The GUBA foundation was established whilst working on the GUBA awards. Let’s just say there’s plenty more blossoms to come from this wonderful lady.

Whilst on her journey she realised that alongside the awards for recognition and celebrations , deep within the Ghanaian community lies unanswered questions regarding the needs of the people , needs important to  us all such as: :  disability, education, poverty and health.


… Why?  Her aim is to change people’s perceptions of Autism merely as a Disability, but get people to think of it as a different ability. Through this wonderful event she simply asks for: Honesty, support and for us to be open-minded, this way people can gain access to services available to them.


Connect & support families with Autism, through providing support & guidance to carers

Deliver culturally sensitive Autism training and provide awareness to the specified community

Highlight achievements, gifts and unknown talents of people with Autism


The Autistic Event

This is a family friendly event and suitable for all age groups. If you just want to gain knowledge or an insight this event would be just great for you.

Venue: Bernie Grants Arts centre

Date: Saturday 27th April 2013

For more information visit : http://www.gubaawards.co.uk/guba-foundation-autism-event/



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