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Emmanuel Frimpong and Lethal look DENCHHHH

Lethal Bizzle and Emmanuel Frimpong are looking DENCHHHH!


Dench_Emmanuel_Frimpong_WAM_CampaignRapper Lethal Bizzle and Arsenal player Emmanuel Frimpong have teamed up to launch their very own fashion label. The two who are second cousins started their family business in August 2011, designing T-shirts with the slogan “Dench”. The Dench T-shirt range proved to be a number one seller as within the first month 10,000 were sold. You may have already come across the brand when the Gunners’ midfielder wore a “Dench” vest top in the recent defeat to Manchester city.

The clothing line which is based on the word “Dench” is a term invented by Bizzle meaning a good or bad thing depending on the context it is being used in. It can be: ‘That girl looks dench!’ or ‘Your breath smells dench!'” explains Bizzle’s manager Nadia Khan.

The label so far has been very successful and also been very controversial. There have been speculations that the iconic British actress Judi Dench has been the inspiration behind the label.

However despite the rumours, there has been a high demand to look Dench. The pair has now expanded their T-shirt collection into designing hats, shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies.

Recently signing a deal with the Gunners, you can now purchase the garments at the Arsenal shop, on Arsenaldirect.com, or alternatively grimedaily.bigcartel.com.

By Kimberley Osei-Abeyie

WAM Campaign Ambassador: Emmanuel Frimpong

The WAM Campaign was launched at the Ghana High Commission (UK) on Friday 3rd of June. This video gives an insight into why WAM Ambassador and Arsenal Footballer Emmanuel Frimpong decided to get involved.

WAM is a Project designed to provide a gateway which connects young people to Ghana. The aim is to provide an accessible gateway to connect young people with Ghana and to give back and develop opportunities for orphans and less fortunate young people in Ghana through participating in the development programme in December in Ghana and through organizing volunteering/fundraising activities. The word WAM is an acronym which stands for “What About Me” and the slogan for the WAM Campaign is “What About Me? It’s Not about ME”.

To get involved in the WAM Campaign, please contact Jacqueline at: Jacqueline@mefirighana.com