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MeFiRi Ghana’s Political Corner…

Here is the fifth edition of Political Corner:



Eight Ghanaians are scheduled to attend the forthcoming G8 Summit,

Attending the Global Agriculture and Food Security to ensure crops don’t plummet.

While at the event, the representatives will promote food security,

Strengthening the relationship between Ghana at the G8 to avoid obscurity.

Mr Fenton Sands, Senior Food Security Officer of the USAID,

Told Accra journalists Ethiopian and Tanzanian personnel will also be at the committee.

He said Ghana was chosen because she had become a ‘welcome’ country to investors,

Being highly noted for her stability, dependability and a lack of regime protesters.

Madam Marjorie Valerie Abdin, First VP of Federation of Associate of Ghanaian Exporters,

Said she hoped to return with “solid contracts” to assist within the Ghanaian quarters.

The focus of discussion by the Ministry of Food and Agriculture and its political charmers,

Will be maize, soya and cassava, which Madam Valerie said were mainly grown by rural farmers.

Mr John Awuku Dziwornu, a farmer from Asutuare in the Dangme West District of Greater Accra,

Said “we need to know who is working elsewhere, to improve upon our own way” by far.

He said the area was made up of small scale farmers who produced maize,

So it was encouraging that USAID was partnering with the government to improve its ways.

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MeFiRi Ghana’s Political Corner…

Here is the fourth edition of Political Corner:




The presidential candidate and founder of the Progressive People’s Party,

Stated that the declining economy could be salvaged more smartly.

Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom noted that the country is currently in a predicament,

Adding that Ghana would have a better economy with strict political regiment.

Attributing Ghana’s development problems to ignorance, selfishness and partly greed,

Some leaders considered their interests more important the nation’s will to succeed.

Speaking at Apam in the Gomoa West District of Central Region,

He hinted the PPP would focus on four thematic areas aimed at improving the Ghanaian region.


According to Dr. Nduom, the party would introduce a free educational policy,

Starting at kindergarten all the way through the Senior High School level of literacy.

He also expressed worry about the poor educational system of the nation,

Adding “some pupils of school-going age cannot have access to free and quality education”.


Dr. Nduom also stressed that the fishing industry contributed massively to the country’s growth,

And that the industry would get an effective remedy to prevent it from collapsing if he took the oath.

Along with financial assistance, Dr Nduom indicated that fishing equipment and affordable motors,

Would be enough to revive the industry – he said while trying to win the hearts of the voters.


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MeFiRi Ghana’s Political Corner…

Here is the third edition of Political Corner:




It was recently announced that Ghana will receiving GhC17 million,

By the British government to ensure fair elections for all civilians.

According to the UK’s Department for International Development,

The money will help provide a fair election in the former British settlement.

Agencies set to benefit include Star Ghana, the Judiciary,

The Centre for Democratic Development and others in line for beneficiary.

In a statement by the British High Commissioner, Peter Jones said,

“Ghana has shown…strides forward for democracy in West Africa” and it must spread.

He added “The UK remain extremely committed to Ghana’s democratic success”,

So it’s essential that The Gold Coast lives up to its praise in the 2012 congress.

In response, Dr. Kwadwo Afari Gyan expressed the Commission’s appreciation,

Saying that “all who have received the support must endeavour to work for the entire nation”.

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MeFiRi Ghana’s Political Corner…

Here is the second edition of Political Corner:




Rev. Ben Ampeah-Badu challenged Christians to utilise Easter to spread peace,

As news broke of violence over the biometric registration which are set to increase.

Speaking at the Jackson’s Park Koforidua Zone Easter Convention,

He claimed the country was sitting on a time bomb amid all the unrest and tension.

The man of God said it was unfortunate that Ghana faced such hard times,

With reports of blackmailing, corruption and other grave crimes.

Urging Ghanaians to create an environment of love and liberation,

He said “vices were fighting against the growth and development of the nation”.

Rev. Samuel Asare added that most people failed to recognise the Easter celebration,

Resorting to merry making and other things that did not give God the glorification.

He insisted Christians should rise from their slumber and look to Jesus,

Avoiding sins such as lies, theft and deceit, all for the righteousness that frees us.

Rev. Asare latter expressed his concern over the country’s high political fraction,

Calling on political parties to use dialogue to bring about order and satisfaction.


And that’s the latest Me FiRi Ghana Political Poetry.

By Anthony Lyrics

MeFiRi Ghana’s Political Corner…



‘With the 2012 elections set to be one to remember,

VP Mahama said, Ghanaians should preserve with the biometric registration for vote in December.

He called on all citizens, irrespective of their political party at the poll,

To register for the exercise, whilst participating in the exercise in his region of Bole.

Accompanied by the Northern, Upper West and Upper East regional ministers at the polling station,

VP Mahama urged Ghanaians to uphold the country’s credentials, as a proud democratic nation.

Promising that the government would provide a free and fair Electoral Commission, with all the logistics,

Mahama queued and registered to show the nation, they CAN produce representative statistics.


And that’s the latest MeFiRi Ghana Political Poetry.

By Anthony Lyrics