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Ghana Party in the Park

All right guys, we are 2 months away from the The Big UK Ghanaian event, only coming round once a year. This event is for an audience of diversity, brings together Not only Ghanaians but Africans in general. This is an event to find a friend, to find your friends or even to join your family. This event is a the event which commemorates, GHANA:
What Ghana is!
How we celebrate!
How we eat!
How we dress!
How we sing!
How we dance!
How we talk!

If you wanna find any of the above, you need to come to this event wearing your Me FiRi GHANA Clothing:
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Ghana Party in the Park, is literally a party in the park you’ll see beautiful faces, delicious food, Sexy outfits from our traditional kente’s through to Entuma’s, you’ll view our flags everywhere, you’ll hear the vibrant

6 Hours Till Christmas UK Premiere

A very cold and frosty Friday marked the premiere of the blockbuster movie, 6 Hours to Christmas at the O2 iMax cinema in Greenwich, London. The red carpet was rolled out as people eagerly waited to see the main cast Chris Attoh and Damilola Adegebite who flew in from Accra Ghana to greet their fans and the media.

Once the red carpet frenzy was over everyone took there seats to listen to the producer and director Shirley Frimpong Manso and the actors say a few words of thanks. The film was not your typical African black magic, poor camera work and shocking special affects you normally expect, from the off you were gripped by the chemistry between the characters Reggie and Pebbles, not to mention the humor which had the whole auditorium in stitches. The twists and turns came thick and fast, the audience were gasping at each one. The predicaments Reggie found himself in were elaborate and extremely funny. So much so that it threatened to border the unrealistic then the twist of all twists came with put everything into perspective. A well made film was greeted at the end by a rousing round of applause, Shirley should be very proud of her creation and the actors for their execution.

I fully recommend everyone to make sure they watch this film during the festive season. Its sure to bring you some christmas cheer!