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Tinchy Stryder’s Wish List…

Tinchy_Stryder_Me_FiRi_GHANAWhen Music Artists and Sport Stars come together we all know we are in for something big, and it cannot get any bigger than a song dedicated to the controversial Man City’s striker enter site Mario Ballotelli. On Christmas Eve UK artist Tinchy Stryder released a free EP exclusively to fans called the ‘Wish List’ which includes the track ‘Mario Ballotelli (featuring Ruff Sqwad)’ devoted to the Italian born Ghanaian star. The song uses a range of interview clips from Ballotelli himself and the t-shirt slogan for the chorus. ‘Why always me, why always me, why always me… Mario Ballotelli!’  Ballotelli is not the first player to make a t-shirt statement and in October he revealed the infamous slogan ‘Why Always Me’ during the 6-1 victory over Manchester United. The footballer’s antics have clearly been the inspiration behind the song.

Mario_Ballotelli_Me_FiRi_GHANAStryder is not the only one to take a liking to the striker, as other high profile fans include Noel and Liam Gallagher. Since the £24million switch from Inter Milan to City last year, the football star has built himself a reputation both on and off the field. In November, his Cheshire mansion was set on fire after he and friends allegedly set off fireworks inside. However on a positive note it’s reported that during the festive period he enthralled drinkers at a local pub in Manchester where he put £1,000 behind the bar as a Christmas treat for the patrons. Also a generous donation of £200 was given to a local church where he attended Midnight Mass with his girlfriend and family. Well despite recent incidents Ballotelli this time round has hit the charts rather than the headlines and the track definitely scores a 10 out of 10 from me.

 If you have not already heard the song, make sure to check it out now:

Weekly Insight: Ola the Poet

“Modes of Transport”

Understanding that life is what you make it and the meaning of success is how you define it.

Education of the mind whether academic or self taught via experience is not measured by your grades or what you’ve been through but by your persistence.

You see Wisdom hails where faith begins and mental strength comes from those who endure through struggle.

If what is said to be responsibility the ability to respond to situations effectively then problems shouldn’t be in existence.

There comes a time when realisation hits the frontal lobe and faces you head on with reality.

Worrying about how you’re going to reach your destination with no materialistic view of getting there, we forget that we have been given a pair of limbs which translate to modes of transport.

 So see your destination in sight and pave through your journey because as much as life has become difficult even in daily living at least we have a pair of mode of transport to get us from seeing to achieving.

By Ola the Poet

UK Chale Show: Eddie Kadi & Neptizzle

233Connect presents “The UK Chale Show” with Eddie Kadi & DJ Neptizzle on XFM 95.1

From the UK straight to the Accra-based station ‘XFM’ a new radio show called “UK Chale” is set to hit the Ghanaian airwaves.

Eddie_Kadi_DJ_Neptizzile_Me_FiRi_GHANA_dot_ComGUBA Award winning lithium meq to mg (originally branded Zyprexa) is an antipsychotic medication used to treat schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. It is usually classed with the DJ ‘Neptizzle’ and leading UK comedian ‘ source site ® is a diuretic which is an anthranilic acid derivative. LASIX tablets for oral administration contain furosemide as the active ingredient and the Eddie Kadi’ are teaming up together to provide the latest music from around the world including exclusive mixes from Neptizzle, interviews with celebrities, prank phone calls and priceless comedy by Kadi amongst his guests.

The ‘ is an antiviral treatment used to manage the symptoms of various forms of the herpes virus. Order online with free delivery from HealthExpress. UK Chale’ show according to 233Connect, is to be aired on Saturdays between the hours of 10pm and 12am. The late night show is targeted at both male and females, aged between 16-40. Aiming to attract trendy, up-market individuals who are quite knowledgeable about the different genres of music, 233Connect hopes to keep the audience one step ahead of the music industry.

Despite the fact both presenters are not Ghanaians, Kadi who is currently a presenter at the number one urban station CHOICE FM has visited Ghana on countless occasions and has an excellent rapport with international acts.

Neptizzle on the other hand is linked to the mega growth of Afro beats in the UK and has recently been awarded for his contribution and talent.

I feel both Kadi and Neptizle couldn’t have been a more perfect match. Even from the name of the show, demonstrates their knowledge and interaction with the Ghanaian listeners. In Ghana the word ‘Chale’ is commonly used when addressing a friend and the duo has used this term to state they are friends from the UK.

The ‘UK Chale’ show is a 233Connect production, with all work handled by Paper4Life studious in the UK.

By Kimberley Osei-Abeyie

Traditional Ghanaian Names

Traditional Ghanaian Names Broken Down…


If you ever wondered what YOUR name was according to the day you were born, have a look above.

Ps. Did you know that people from Ivory CoastBenin/Dahomey and Togo also frequently  Buy viagra soft tabs 100mg Without Prescription Canada! Where To Buy Lynoral In Australia [img] Want Lynoral with DISCOUNT? Buy Cheap Lynoral Online - CLICK HERE!... name their children after the day of the week they were born and the order in which they were born

Twi Teacher

We have to give our support to Twi Teacher.  A young Ghanaian man who is definately focused and doing his thing.

Listen to his distinctive flow in his first video release.

TEAM Ghana Stand Up!

If you are an aspiring artist please email us at

Ghanaian Clothing: Why Me FiRi GHANA??

I remember the first time I saw the Find great deals on eBay for and rumalaya forte. Shop with confidence. MeFiRi GHANA brand, I thought it was just another  youth based clothing line trying to make money!  I remember seeing so many vibrant colours beaming at me at Ghana Party in the Park yet I would only associate Plenty of generic misoprostol preparations are available and are labelled for use for reproductive health indications. However, the original Me FiRi Linezolid (By mouth) lin-AYZ-oh-lid. arcoxia ärzteblatt online. There may be other brand names for this medicine. PubMed Health Blog... GHANA with the clothing and nothing else. I sadly did not know the meaning behind the clothing and the colours. So for those of you who may not know, let me ask you one question…
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“The brand was developed whilst studying at University in 2008. The founder wanted to express their proud Ghanaian identity but at the time, couldn’t find any clothing that allowed them to express this!

So one day a vision came to them to design a colourful, creative vibrant jumper and before we knew it, we realised we weren’t the only ones who had that same vision”:

“We realised that a generation shift was occurring – primarily amongst the Ghanaian youth living in countries outside of Ghana.

We found that Ghanaian youths living outside of Ghana were proud to claim to be Ghanaian, yet there were no modern day methods of expressing  our culture/identity/roots in a cool, vibrant, www.quitting doxazosin 1 colourful funky fresh modern day way.”
“So, as British born patriotic Ghanaians, we decided to do our part to bring about unity within the Ghanaian community  through providing products that express the Ghanaian Culture.”

“Be the change you wish to see”

–  Mahatma Ghandi
So, it is more than a clothing line. It is a product which tells a story.
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By Cloudia

Mr GHANA: What Happened???

Could there be a potential; ‘ voveran cost uk Mr GHANA UK‘?

Guys which of you think you can; PROUDLY REPRESENT our flag, prednisolone tablets 5mg and ivf GHANA?

OK I’ve realised male beauty pageants are not as popular as female pageants, but WHY!! According to the modern Ghana website, the last beauty male pageant based in GHANA, named (Mr Ghana) (2002) was purely focused on the Ghanaian young Men body builder’s, in which they exhibited their bodies, (e.g) triceps, biceps and so on.


Currently both in the UK and Ghana we Ghanaians are not seeing any more of our young men having the opportunity to showcase to us that there are actually Handsome Ghanaians out there.
Lets talk UK now!, Miss Ghana UK (MGUK), has currently been a popular women pageant, as each year us Ghanaians receive a beautifully produced, young Lady, proudly flying our flag! Now in the event each contestant showcase to the judges and audience their beauty, not just on the outer but beauty within, these may include intelligence, talents, knowledge and so on to make  our MISS GHANA.

Now I think that young Ghanaian males have something to prove to us and show, I am sure there are young males out and about in the UK who hold GREAT beauty within and on the outside, whether it is having your own craze Azonto style dance as a talent, or even singing, or traditional dance, or even shining us with your beauty!


Now I know there are infinity amounts of young Ghanaians, with beautiful different shades of black Ghanaian tone to shine off at a given opportunity of a, MR Ghana UK.

Well you guys might be thinking;

My point is I am a Curious British born Ghanaian citizen in the UK, and I just wanted to make an enquiry, randomly out of ideology,
Has MR GHANA UK come to your attention at all?,

Don’t you think creating A MR GHANA UK would also give Black Ghanaian Handsome men the chance to prove to us Ghanaians that they’ve got good stuff to show off as well.

This could be a chance for young UK Ghanaian men to show us what their GHANIANISMS all about!

What do you think?

I mean Ghanaian human beings have created a lot of Ghanaian men who are down to earth, Handsome, know how to carry themselves well, smart, can articulate themselves, are intelligent, speak their language with pride, have talent and have the ability to REPRESENT Our flag; GHANA.

I mean its a FAB chance for all the models to shine,
for the Fine Ghanaian young male you saw at a party,
for the gentle young Ghanaian man who picked your purse up when it dropped…You know what I mean, there are so many types of young Handsome Ghanaians out there who need to be showcased.
Us Ghanaians are enriched with blessings, which need to be revealed and found!

Personally there should be opportunities where our young Ghanaian male youths can show us what they’ve got, not easy to stand on stage and nominate yourself, and display yourself in front of an audience,

Just an idea to put into consideration!
What do you guys think?
Leave your comments below please 🙂

Thank You!

By Trey’C

Ghanas Future: Helping Ghana! or Not…


How many times in your life have you heard a fellow Ghanaian say this, “I don’t go to Ghanaian owned stores”, I don’t let Ghanaians do my taxes, they can’t be trusted”, “I don’t go to Ghanaian churches they are so fake” and the list could go on and on and on.



If you could be honest with yourself, how many times have you said those exact words yourself? Many of us say we love our country the land of our birth or our parent’s birth, yet we don’t really support each other.

I will tell a story to explain what I mean about our lack of support for each other.

The women in my family love to shop. If there is a sale going on they call each other up to share the information and possibly find a date to drive to the sale together.



So, not long ago I was dragged along on one of these epic shopping trips with my mother and my aunt to check out a fabric store.

Walking into the fabric store, I saw two women in a corner talking as they looked through a pile that had a big sign that said 5 yards for $20. I overheard these women talking about how they would never go to the African stores to buy their lace ever again.

This store I had entered with my mother and aunt was owned by Indians. In the front they sold colourful saris and gold bracelets and in the back they sold lace and wax print cloths that African women love to purchase for different occasions.

We were at the store because my mother had heard about the store having a lace sale of 4 for $100. As my family looked over which four laces they would choose, the store started to fill with more African women who were eager to find a good deal on lace.

I just stood there quietly and looked around and kept wondering to myself if any of these ladies would flood a local African store if they had a sale like this.

In the car I asked my mother a simple question “Why don’t we support our own?” She responded by saying that sometimes our own cheat us. My mother went on to explain that if she and my aunt had gone to an African owned store to get this type of lace it would cost them $100 or more for one piece.

This experience has impacted the way I look at our community and our lack of support for each other. Im not saying that we never support each other, but let’s be honest, the majority of people support each other only when it involves weddings, baby naming, and funerals.

When I asked others why they didn’t support Ghanaians that often I heard answers about lack of respect, being cheated out of money in the past and not wanting to deal with inferior goods.

The mentality of not supporting our own is not only seen here abroad but also can be found back home on the continent. Many people don’t buy local items, everyone wants to buy international/foreign items. Did you know Ghana produces their own rice yet many Ghanaians would rather purchase their rice from places like America and Asia?

I read awhile ago about a Ghanaian cement manufacturer that had to close down operations because Ghanaians preferred to buy international cement instead. That is not were the lack of support ends. One of the best selling fast food restaurants in Ghana is not owned by Ghanaians, and concerts that get the most publicity and sell out are the ones that are headlined by international artists and have few Ghanaian artists partake in them.

My question is, where did this mentality of it being ok to not support each other come from?

What will happen in the future if we don’t support our own?

Will our businesses have to constantly close down because of our desire for foreign items?

Do you think the lack of support in our community is serious?

What do you think are some solutions to the lack of support amongst our people?

Have your say below

By Daniela Domfeh

Miss Ghana UK 2011

We will be at Miss Ghana UK 2011 with our Me FiRi GHANA Clothing on Sale. We will be doubling up alongside Ernest Simons Photography who will be snapping away taking instand photo’s on the night.

Ladies, ensure you’ve got that pose ready and guys, practice squinting in the mirror 😉

It’s going to be a memorable night so make sure you embrace some of Ghana this Saturday

Event: MISS GHANA UK 2011
Date: 10th September 2011
Venue: Troxy
Address: 490 Commercial Rd London E1 ONX
Venue Address: Troxy 490 Commercial Rd London E1 ONX
Event Start time:  7:00 PM
Event End time: 3:00 AM

More Info:



Ghanaian Dance: AZONTO Dance

Can you really dance like these guys?

This Dance is the bangers & mash or if we are keeping it real, this is the Banku & Okro Soup (Not Stew, its all about the soup)

Look out for Me FiRi GHANA Camera checking out who has the best Azonto routine

By Trey’ C