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Introducing…Aisha Ayensu

The owner of the fashion brand making waves in Africa and beyond !

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The spotlight of MFG’s ‘Introducing…’ series falls on the owner of one of the largest fashion brands on the African continent – Ms. Aisha Ayensu (nee Obuobi)

Fashion designer, creative director and owner of acclaimed all-female fashion label Christie Brown, Aisha is making waves on the international fashion scene. A fashion line which while being ‘proudly African’ also manages to ‘speak to the world’, her gorgeous cosmopolitan African prints have found their place on the front covers of magazines and underneath the spotlights of sold-out concert

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Christie Brown is a monument of love which finds its foundations in Aisha’s childhood, where she watched on adoringly as her seamstress grandmother Christie Brown weaved rich and vibrant garments. The fashion line was turned from dream-to-reality as Aisha had a ‘passion for fashion’ stemming from those early memories.

She acknowledges that she originally lacked business acumen and has grown with her business, learning to use investments to be able to stand on her own feet. At the onset, Aisha didn’t know how to use a sewing machine – all she had were her dreams in her heart, and the fervently vivacious design ideas on the walls of her mind.

Completing a Psychology degree in the University of Ghana, Aisha completed many apprenticeships at various fashion houses in Ghana, eventually settling at the Joyce Ababio School of Creative Design. She endeavoured to learn the tailoring trade in order to be in a position to be able to train her future employees to be able to execute her vision. She admits to having made many mistakes along the way, but appreciates how she has been ‘learning on the job’ and appreciates the wisdom which her experiences have handed her.


Christie Brown was eventually founded by Aisha in 2008, a manifestation of a long-held desire to revamp the Ghanaian fashion industry and the use of African wax print, a medium she has deep love for. Described as ‘a representation of the understated, sophisticated and modern African woman’, the Christie Brown brand aims to produce ‘practical, functional clothes which can be worn anywhere and everywhere, extending onto accessory lines’ with ‘every piece aiming to tell a positive story!’ She has a fervent desire to portray Ghanaian culture in the best way possible and drag it kicking and screaming onto the international scene of the world today.

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Christie Brown won the ‘Emerging Designer of the Year’ award at the inaugural Arise Africa Fashion Week in 2009. In 2012, Aisha was the sole Ghanaian representative at the International Visitors’ Leaders Programme. A platform for international entrepreneurs, it was here where she felt the business got the fuel to reach another level. Since then, her work has graced fashion publications such as Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue Italia. Multi-award winning sensation Alicia Keys wore Christie Brown pieces for a recent VIBE magazine shoot. And at the end of 2013, Aisha collaborated with stylists involved in Beyoncé’s much-acclaimed ‘Mrs Carter World Tour’, with Katrina Hernandez claiming that ‘working with the design team at Christie Brown for Beyoncé’s Mrs Carter World Tour was an absolute dream come true.

While putting her all into thrusting her fashion house into the stratosphere, Aisha holds a strong desire to pull her generation along with the ride, hoping to inspire young Ghanaians in Ghana and the diaspora to take the world by storm. She advocates business-mindedness, and is urging young Ghanaians and burgeoning designers to see the business opportunities which can come from their talents and gifts, rather than living content with those talents in the guises of mere hobbies. ‘Do you have staying power?’ she encourages today’s youths to ask themselves when considering their future pursuits.Do you love it enough to want to plug through the hard times? Are you willing to persevere? What is the message you want to put across? Tell it the best way possible! Be patient, be grounded, know your craft – the success will come!’

Aisha has fearlessly built a brand for the ‘savvy, self-assured, internationally exposed, inspired, empowered, and confident.’ She wants the brand to be internationally-recognised, without losing the essence of what Christie Brown stands for. To quote the brand’s official website, ‘after only a few of years in the industry, Christie Brown has created a strong presence for itself, reflecting the personality and inspiration of the founder, with a continued promise of effortless sophistication in each design.

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GH Fashion Arise!

GHANA Takes the STAGE As It Hosts Africa’s Biggest & Baddest Fashion Show!


Ladies and Gentlemen!

If you love FASHION in any capacity and form, this event is a total must.

If this summer you know of any FASHIONISTAS, heading out to GHANA for the SUMMER Fiesta, then Please do share this Event, as it will be A BIG WINNER!

Glitz Africa Magazine, who are a Ghanaian owned celebrity/lifestyle magazine, and embrace and celebrate fashion designers across Africa especially in GHANA, have announced that its inaugural Fashion Week will be held in GHANA’s Capital ACCRA from August 17- 19, 2012

The Week Will Not Disappoint Guests At all, it will be highly enriched with Fashion POWER!

The Glitz Africa Fashion Week is tailored to provide a platform for Africa’s Fashion industry to showcase and flaunt its talents, network, celebrate each other and expose them to unchartered markets. It will be a 3 day international event at the Accra International Conference Centre from the 17th, 18th and 19th of August 2012.

The week will open plenty opportunities for young designers & models as well as increase visibility and promotion of brands associated. Glitz Africa Fashion Week will be produced by Big Ideaz Consult and Media Republic.

The Publisher of Glitz Africa Magazine, Claudia Lumor, in an interview said

 “We are one of the biggest and the fastest growing industries in the world in the fashion industry, WHY, well we have the most daring and dynamic young talents who are not shy to push the boundaries of creativity in the industry”.

The Fashion Industry needs various platforms like fashion weeks to sustain its rate of growth and for various brands to leverage and draw synergy from the glitz and glamour to help promote.”

The Glitz Africa Fashion team will be selecting from a list of top designers of African origin from Ghana, United Kingdom, United States of America and the entire African continent to showcase at 1 venue, with 10 fashions shows in 3 days, 40 international models, Seminars /Exhibition and International press.

The WEEK Will BE Blown UP with Fashion Amazement.

The event will be produced by Big Ideaz Consult, one of the leading event support and branding specialists in Ghana. The Glitz Africa Fashion week promises an unrivalled opportunity for various brands to draw affinity with their targets.

The week will unravel with plenty and glorious activities, and so much delight, in store!

An experience not to be missed!

Fashion is a beautiful art of creativity, embracing and celebrating fashion produces positivity and light.

If you do know of any models, designers, tailors or seamstresses heading out towards GHANA around the time, please do share this event.

MeFiRi GHANA, are proud to see GHANA’s Capital, taking responsibility to host this HUGE fashion mist.

Well Done GHANA! We LOVE You!

By Trey’C

Ghanaian Clothing Line Launch: Me DoR GHANA…




Faces of Me FiRi GHANA Competition Winners

Faces of Me FiRi GHANA Competition Winners


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Models were as follows:
Male: Norris Emmanuel, Andrew, Jaime (Face of Me FiRi GHANA 2011)
Female: Juliyaa, Joanna, Edma, Hannah (Face of Me FiRi GHANA 2011)
Ps. Juliyaa is a rising superstar singer who is soon to release her EP. Catch up with her and stay connect here:

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