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J Appiah ‘Rabbit Hole’ Single Review

Discovering a new sound. His name is J Appiah


East London rising star J Appiah is making waves in the music scene with his smooth vocals, musical talent and raw lyrics.

Drawing on his folk, RnB, rap and reggae influences, J Appiah offers 4 exclusive tracks in his classic sophomore E.P: Travelight which includes the lead single ‘Rabbit Hole’.

The music video for ‘Rabbit Hole’ is thoughtful and engaging. The visual concept of the video is impressive as the video shows a determined Appiah running a steady pace for 3 minutes through deserted London streets. The video begins with viewings of London estates, and then we see J Appiah running across the street and running facing the camera. After some time, we see J Appiah facing the camera singing whilst running in a much slower pace. The effects of Appiah running close to the camera and further away are obvious. It all adds for dramatic effect and projects the emotion of the song very well.


The hackney born singer and song writer takes the listener on a journey with his captivating single. The song is stunning and simple. It is also thought provoking. I see the song and video as a story of running towards a goal or dream and running away from that place of comfort which is a hindrance to our progress. J Appiah’s transparency is what sets him apart. He is an authentic artist who has grasped the key of connecting through his vocals and lyrics by simply being honest about who he is and that comes across in his music.

Check out the video for yourself. What message do you think he is trying to convey.


Adwoa Asiedu (@AdwoaAsiedu777)

Introducing Gifty Anti….

The Fabulous Mrs Anti – Champion of Women’s Rights

Indisputably one of Ghana’s finest broadcasters, Gifty Anti is famously known for her popular show The ‘Standpoint’ and her burning passion for women’s rights.

It has been reported that Gifty has resigned from the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) after serving as a host for 16 years. She also announced that as from the 1st January 2014, she will be the chief employer of Gifty Dansoa Anti (GDA) Concepts Ltd.  It is believed that her show ‘The Standpoint’ will continue to appear on GTV. Having recently celebrated her 17th  anniversary as a presenter, Gifty wrote some encouraging words on the Standpoint facebook page inspiring the young people to be focused and zealous about their work. She recalls how she wept after being given a brutal critique when she first appeared on GTV’s breakfast show. She was told: ‘‘She was beautiful enough to decorate the set, but not intelligent enough for the programme.’’

Those motivating words stuck with her for the rest of her life. She went on to develop a successful TV career for an outstanding 16 years at Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC). Today the unstoppable Gifty is working for the Gifty Dansoa Anti (GDA) Concepts Limited, s rights hosted by Dr Gifty and is aired on Ghana Television. The show deals with issues affecting women in social, political, cultural, traditional, health, and leadership areas.

The Standpoint is unique in its own right and is highly rated amongst Africans and other nationalities because not only are the issues talked about, but support and help are sought for the victims or survivors of abuse and societal injustice. The show has won many awards deservedly so.  As  the host Gifty was honoured in June 2013 with an “Excellence Award for Giving Women a Platform and a Voice,” at the African Women in Leadership Organisation (AWLO) conference in Akwa Ibo, Nigeria. She was also given the title as the “Influential woman of the Year” award in 2012 by the African women of worth awards and Queens Magazine.

Mrs Anti has inspired a generation of Ghanaian women during her time in media. Here are some further words of motivation from her;

‘‘The question is: What are people saying about what you do? Do you love what you do? With God, nothing is impossible. You can achieve your dreams only if you believe, work hard and stay focused and trust God… My journey continues… Will you continue yours? On my 17th anniversary as a presenter, I hope my story inspires and motivates you to do what you love to do despite the challenges.’’

What one can learn from this inspirational lady is that destiny is a journey. Along our journey, we need to take the time to find out what really stirs us. When we figure out what it is, we discover our purpose.

Adwoa Asiedu  (@AdwoaAsiedu777)

Introducing Kwam Korsa–Acquah Aka Dum Doodles….

A Star is born



Say hello to this talented and unique rising star from London. He goes by the name of Dum Doodles and is an independent underground cartoonist, character designer and animator.

2013 was a terrific year for this gifted young man. He has achieved so much and continues to have a brilliant impact in the world of animation thanks to his passion for art and his ability to revive the concept of cartoons back to life. Dum Doodles shows us an edgy side to his drawings making art relevant and exciting. Besides, the name Dum Doodles carries an intriguing fragrance on its own and makes you wonder who the real Dum Doodles is.

One word that comes into mind is Character. After taking his GCSE’S, he took a short course in flash animation, then sent an email to UK Grime artist Bashy an through MySpace and asked him if he could do some art for him. Destiny awaited him. He took a step of faith and that ‘one’ step changed his life forever.


Highlights of his credentials include producing his first music video for Bashy’s remix video of Amy Winehouse Rehab, where he had his first taste of success after having over 55,000 views on YouTube in just five days. Like the saying to never despise small beginnings, there was a great hype surrounding his work and it spread to the ears of the RnB singer Chris Brown. A door opened for Dum Doodles work to be published on Chris Brown website, for his project called Young G’z, which celebrates young talent. As if that was just the icing on the cake, more opportunities came for the British Ghanaian star. Through word of mouth, UK girl band Stooche contacted Dum Doodles and he did some doodles for their video ‘Ain’t No Other Me’. This was also a significant time as Warner Music discovered his work and Dum Doodles was commissioned to work on Stooche debut album ‘London with the lights on’ cartooning the girls in the deluxe edition lyric poster and in their music video for their single “Slip”.  To see and hear more from Dum Doodles, Why not connect with the star himself?

You can connect with him on twitter: @Dum_doodles ,  Facebook.com/DumDoodles. or Email: Bookings at Dum-Doodles@hotmail.co.uk

Dum Doodles is  a wonderful role model for young people. His story is inspiring and his boldness will undoubtedly encourage others to take bold steps for their future. We can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store him. Kwam Korsa–Acquah Aka Dum Doodles, Me FiRi Ghana salutes you!

Last month Me Firi Ghana conducted a brief interview with Dum Doodles. Below is an insight into how it went;

MFG: What is the inspiration behind the name DUM Doodles?

DD: “Stop-doing-those dumb doodles”.. My school teachers, siblings, aunties and uncles used to call the doodles ‘dumb’ ALL the time because they would appear on walls, homework, text books & every unconventional place.  So for me taking the “B” off DUM and making Dum-Doodles a brand was a pun but also changing a negative to a positive.

MFG:  Did you always know you would end up being a cartoonist?

DD: My dad’s babysitting method was to stick me in front of the TV after his 12hr shift to watch cartoons for hours day after day. What did my parents expect a doctor?! Did I laugh at things most wouldn’t? Yes. Did I draw those things? Yes. I loved stories, and my imagination sees life as a movie.

MFG: How would you describe your journey so far as a cartoonist, animator and character designer?

DD: Transitional. I started drawing and animating sequences on computer in 2005 on windows paint and posting on MySpace. I thought my drawings on windows paint were DOPEEEE back then. Looking back I can’t even make out if my characters were human! In 2013 seeing the doodles now blown up 6ft on a bowling alley for a Warner Brothers music video…I had a classic Ren&Stimpy moment of insanely chuckling to myself because it’s cool that black cartoonists are being recognized by the mainstream movement. Growth is my buddy. So is God.

MFG: Can you define your style as an artist in 3 words?

DD: Urban, African, Disney.

MFG: What do you love most about being a Ghanaian?

DD: I can’t wait to be a future Ghanaian parent and traditionally make my kids suffer, they will never trust ice-cream containers again and I won’t have to stretch for the remote, only press a buzzer and they will come downstairs to pass it to me.

 I love our music, food and art- I grew up listening to high-life, hip-life and remember heavy tunes from Tick Tock, Tiny & VIP . I’m also loving the new Africa movement that Fuse ODG is bringing. Guvna B in gospel, Phillip Butah the artist who did Ed Sheeran’s album art and Alex from Stooshe are all Ghanaians doing well in the U.K scene-. I am proud to be a part of this. We also have the best football team in the world!!

MFG: What advice would you give to any young person who wants to succeed in their field or craft?

DD: Get inspired, continue to be the master of your craft, Dream Big and never ever stop believing….


Adwoa Asiedu (@AdwoaAsiedu777)

Message From The Editor: Vote Me Firi Ghana for the UK Blog Awards 2014

We Need your vote!


I have been involved with the Me Firi Blog blog from its inception and I can honestly say that this year the quality of the content being published and the frequency of posts is at its highest level since its creation. This is due to the fantastic team of bloggers we have at our disposal. They have pushed the boundaries of  our content and delivered the stories and information you want to know/hear in order to facilitate the conversations that need to be had within the Ghanaian community in the UK and beyond.

Put simply the blog exists to connect the UK and the wider world with Ghana through relevant news and information. We do this in four ways;

Through our GHRBS (Ghana Rising Black Star) section we profile, highlight and interview Ghanaians under 35 who are pioneering in their field or simply doing great things in their community bringing you inspiring stories wherever we may find them. Our NEWS section reports on current news & sport headlines, promotes events all over the world and ensures you receive the information you require. Within REVIEWS our bloggers review books, music albums, restaurants and attend Ghanaian/afrocentric events to report on these also. Lastly within the FEATURES section we give our bloggers the freedom to write about absolutely anything and regularly touch in local and national issues affecting people in Ghana and UK. This is definitely the most emotive section and posts are written to entertain and or inform the reader in a conversational tone to present the reader to evoke an emotional response.


Next year is set to be an even bigger year of for the blog as we continue to challenge ourselves to improve our content. Thus we have entered the UK Blog Awards 2014 for  best Art & Culture and Most Innovative blog categories for a company/organisation blog. The public vote is now under way from now until 26th January 2014. The shortlisted blogs with most votes will then be judged by a panel in each industry category from Monday 3rd February 2014 – Monday 24th February 2014.  With the Awards Ceremony on Friday 25th April 2014 and god willing we will be there to pick up an award but in order for that to happen we need your votes!

You can vote by clicking the following URL links;

http://www.blogawardsuk.co.uk/?s=Me+Firi+Ghana+Blog – Lists both entries so you will need to vote twice

Your support is much appreciated as we continue to make Ghana relevant in 2014!

Ben JK Anim-Antwi (@Kwesitheauthor)

CHINUA ACHEBE Collected Poems….

The beauty of Creative Writing

‘Creative writing is writing that expresses the writer’s thoughts and feelings in an imaginative, often unique, and poetic way’. (Sil.org – What is Creative Writing?)

Creative writing is also about being free to express ourselves using style, humour and adding our own distinctive touch that makes our writing rightly inimitable.

When we write, we leave small imprints of who we are to the unknown.  There is a vulnerability that comes particularly with creative writing. We are vulnerable because strangers get to see the core of we are. Our walls are breaking down and we are letting people see things we wouldn’t dare to reveal to even those who are closest to us. That is the beauty of creative writing. Behind every word, there is a mystery, because you are writing a story in part, the only person who knows the full story is you!

A poet who does this effortlessly is the very gifted Chinua Achebe. Father of African Literature and undoubtedly one of the most exceptional writers of our time. Achebe is famously known for being cited in the Sunday times as one of the 1,000 makers of the twentieth century, for defining a ‘modern African literature that was truly African’ and thereby making a ‘major contribution to world literature’.

Recently, I have been reading CHINUA ACHEBE Collected Poems. I am astounded by the way he writes. He was a way with words like no other. Reading his poems gives you an insight into his world by subtly informing the reader about Igbo traditions, war and culture. His style of poetry is nonetheless ironic yet humorous, Fascinating and thought provoking.

Achebe engages the reader with politics confronting Africa’s severe realities of violence and exploitation.  There are some Igbo influences in his writing used to depict a picture of what he wants to stress. For example in his poem ‘A Wake for Okigbo’ Achebe does a sound transliteration of an Igbo funeral song into the English language and the poem evokes the feeling of mourning and grief.  Poems like ‘Love Cycle’ and ‘Love Song’ ‘(for Anna), are beautifully written evoking the feeling of romance and the purity of falling in love.


‘1966’ and ‘Remembrance Day’ are impressive as they are all war poems written to remind us about the Nigerian Civil War.

A personal favourite ‘Beware Soul Brother’ can be called the poem of wisdom as it speaks about being prudent and the reader can easily identify with him. The poem is engaging and the language is tailored to the understanding of the reader.

I would highly recommend CHINUA ACHEBE Collected Poems to all poetry lovers. To all those who would like to be challenged creatively, this is a must have for you, as it broadens your mind to experience another level of poetry and it is indeed a true masterpiece.

Chinua Achebe is able to draw you into his creation showing, there is no shame in using our heritage or roots to influence our writing and use it to portray what we want to portray to the world. Achebe is a genius and uses his unique gift in a profound way with the purpose of having a huge impact in the world of poetry which he has brilliantly accomplished.

Chinua Achebe, on behalf of all writers and aspiring writers, we salute you for being truly outstanding and for being an inspiration to many. May your soul rest in peace.

Adwoa Asiedu (@AdwoaAsiedu777)